67 Genuine Havana Cuba Photography Moments 2023!

After traveling to Cuba for more than three years, and living in Havana for over one and a half years, my number of Havana Cuba photography moments is starting to pile up by the fall of 2022!

If you have not visited Cuba yet, seeing photos from a unique destination like this might be a great source of inspiration and information, especially if you are a visual person.

A picture says more than a thousand words, right?

I thought I’d share some of mine with you, showing a variety of good, bad, beautiful, and strange things in Cuba!

Havana Cuba Photography Moments

The outdoor part of the Museum of the Revolution in Havana
Havana Cuba photography from the rooftop bar at Galiano 212
Galiano 212 Centro Habana rooftop bar
Havana Cuba Photography from the outdoors part of the Museum of the revolution
Salsa Night for the locals
Tropicana dance show in Havana
Havana Cuba Photography from the Tropicana Dance Show
Tropicana dance show in Havana 2
Havana Cuba photography series - from scuba diving at Habana del Este, East Havana.
Scuba diving Habana del Este East Havana
Havana Cuba photography series - El Dandy cafe by el Parque Cristo in Old Havana
El Dandy in Old Havana by Parque Cristo
A terrace in La Guarida Restaurant Central Havana
Havana Cuba photography series - the rooftop view over the Caribbean from Malecon 663.
View of the Caribean from Malecon 663 rooftop
Havana Cuba photography series - the view of the nightfall over Havana city.
Almost nightfall over Havana
Havana Cuba photography series - The welcoming bar at Michifu restaurant where you can wait for your table to b ready in Central Havana.
Michifu bar in Central Havana
Havana Cuba Lighthouse and El Morro fortress mirroring in the Caribbean Sea
Havana Cuba photography series, El Capitolio on the border between Old and Central Havana
The Capitolio along Avenida Prado
Havana Cuba photography series, the entrances to the Callejon de Hamel cultural center on the edge of Central Havana towards the Vedado.
Callejon de Hamel
La Casa del Son dance school in Old Havana
Havana Cuba photography series - parade in the lower part of Obispo street in Old Havana
Parade in lower Obispo Street
The Floridita restaurant and bar | Hemingways favorite place
Havana Cuba photography series - Obispo street, or Calle Obispo.
A busy day in Obispo street
Havana Cuba photography series - vegetable seller and his cart filled with tomatoes and yukka.
Vegetable seller and his cart what is for sale is what is in season
Havana Cuba photography series - the grand entrance to the University of Havana, the oldest university in Cuba.
The entrance to the University of Havana
Plaza de Armas in Old Havana
Inside the bar Floridita where Hemingway is still at the bar
The backyard of a classic Cuban apartment in Old Havana
Walkway under the road to a Malecon viewpoint
Sculptures along the Malecon
The small Old Havana has a population of over 300 000 residents
Fusterlandia Art Center in West Havana
The venerable Prado Avenue
The Malecon at sunset
Castillo de la Real Fuerza de la Habana
Old Havana night street with a classic car
Plaza de la Catedral at night
Next to the Capitolio is the Grand Theater
Tide coming into the Malecon at night
Shops in Obispo street
Havana cathedral
Aerial view of the Vedado at night
Capitolio dome from a distance
The small China Town in Central Havana
O Sole Mio Bar in Old Havana
O Sole Mio Bar in Old Havana 2
Playa del Este Havana
Playa del Este Sunbeds Havana
Saratoga Hotel after the horrible gas explosion in the summer of 2022
Battered bus outside Saratoga Hotel after the gas explosion
Grand Theater from Parque Central
Old Havana on a rainy day
Havana Fortress
Malecon towards the Vedado from above
Lunch in the Vedado
The Havana Forest in the wet season
Capitolio in the sunset
Basketball court Old Havana
Abandoned bici taxi in Calle Lamparilla
Boardwalk art
Colonial buildings along the Prado
El Morro from the end of the Malecon
Hop on hop off bus from Parque Central
Perfume shop along the Prado
The door to a local pork shop
a windy and wavy day along the Malecon
The boardwalk towards the inner harbor of Havana
Havana cathedral
Old Havana Mural
Collapsed houses in Old Havana
The tomato guy passing under my balcony
Frisky day in the Caribbean sea

Taking Pictures In Cuba Respectfully

When you are wandering the streets, towns, natural parks, and beaches of Cuba, you are bound to find photo opportunities almost everywhere. People, architecture, details, and light – there is something every 10 meters!

In order to make sure you behave respectfully when taking photos in Cuba, and also stay out of trouble, there are a few pieces of advice you might want to follow.

According to Cuba-based photographer Louis Alarcon, these are a few rules of thumb that will ensure your Cuba travel photos are hassle-free!

  • Don’t take pictures in Cuban airports or close to official governmental buildings
  • Don’t take pictures of police of official-looking persons in the streets or anywhere else
  • Show discretion when taking photos of “Cuban problems”, like collapsed buildings, empty run-down stores, or long lines of people. It is not illegal but may be perceived molesto, as disrespectful behavior from a yuma, a foreigner.
  • Of course, always ask before taking pictures of someone!
    • People dressed in all white clothes are in their first year of initiation into the Afro-Cuban religion Santeria and live by a strict set of rules. They might not accept being photographed.
    • Very colorful people on the streets may have it as a job to be subject to photos and will want money to be your objective.
  • Don’t take pictures of religious ceremonies (unless accepted, which it normally is not). Religious ceremonies are often conducted in private houses, and you can recognize that it is happening by the enduring drumming and music from the inside through open doors and windows.
  • If you are a photojournalist, make sure you have the correct visa to take photos for your work in Cuba! If not, you might run into some issues.

Photo Tours | Taking Pictures In Cuba

If you are a keen hobby photographer, into street photography, or like to portray people and find unique magic photo moments you might like to take your Cuba photos to the next level.

In that case, you might want to participate in one of the Cuba Photography Tours Louis Alarcon is offering in Cuba!

He will take you off the beaten track, and offer photo opportunities you would not be able to find without a bit of local professional assistance.

Wrap-Up Havana Cuba Photography Moments

Hopefully, you have got a small impression of the Havana ambiance in this Havana Cuba photography series from my “home away from home”.

If you also would like to read about Havana, or Cuba at large, I have a lot to show you! Follow some of the links below for starters, and maybe I’ll see you in Havana pronto?

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