Art Galleries are all over Havana, which is super famous for its art scene. Not to mention the street art that you can see everywhere if you have a curious eye! 

Often walls and structures in the city are covered in small and large surprises of artsy details, ornaments, a mix of modern murals, and architectonical gems from the colonial era!

The typical Cuba colorful pieces are peering at you from little galleries and shops all around the city. 

Wandering around the city you can find the whole range of Cuban art. From really touristy stuff that you find 13 by the dozen, you can get really cheap, to seriously high-quality pieces of amazing art.

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Art in Cuba
The Havana art scene is colorful!

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The Old Havana Artist Dieguez

At the end of Calle Cuarteles, 4b between Cuba and Aguiar is a small one-room studio that Luis Angel Gonzales is sharing with an arts college. 

His artist name is Dieguez, which is his mother’s maiden name, which is how he feels he can bring her into his artwork. 

Luis Angel is an inspiring person, talking super enthusiastically about how he wants to express what is happening in the world, and the way he sees it. Drop by when you are in Havana, it is a small street and a small door, but you can just ask your way!

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Diegues the Artist in his studio
Diegues in his studio slash shop
The artists studio

Gallery Forma In Obispo Street Old Havana

Towards the end of Obispo street, you find the Forma Galeria, a mix of a gallery, arts and craft center, and tourist shop.

Displayed are a variety of applied art, colorful paintings and sculptures as well as pots and pans, and bags and accessories. 

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art in havana

I ended up buying a happy handbag and two plates in different colorful designs in the middle of the pandemic close-down, as I needed a bit of color!

I think the plates are meant to be hanging on the wall, but I am going to let them make all my meals brighter in Old Havana instead.

Now my Cuban dinners (normally rice and chicken, which is what you can get these days) are served on seriously colorful happy plates!

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havana art gallery
habana art gallery
havana art

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Art And Politics In Cuba

As with sport, art and politics are not very far apart in Cuba. For decades, both have been entangled in the revolutionary mindset. Art is either pro-revolution or contra, as is sports.

Yet, there are so many beautiful pieces in more or less well-known galleries around the island. 

Although still subject to regulations even on the art scene, Havana, in particular, is home to some international happenings like the Havana Art Biennial!

What are you going to do in Cuba?

Havana Art Galleries List Overview

Admiring art in Cuba is easy, it is everywhere, not just confined to galleries. With an artsy eye, you will see shapes and forms and shadows and fine details throughout the city. Old Havana has its style, the Vedado has its.

The hardest thing might be to find something that you can bring home if you want to purchase!

Unfortunately, many galleries or artists are still not online in Cuba. Very few have their own web page, but some are on Facebook with their information.

Below is a listing of some art galleries in Havana that you might find useful and interesting, updated online at the beginning of 2022.

Buying Art In Cuba

Normally the art scene is buzzing, and hopefully, the list above gave you an impression, and maybe inspiration for your Havana art travel. 

During the pandemic, a lot of art galleries, shops, and also museums had to shut down and the status is still unclear in June 2022.

What are you going to do in Havana?

Hopefully, this is temporary, and you can contact the galleries or artists directly to find out if anyone or anything interests you greatly. 

The problem is not finding beautiful or interesting pieces of art in Havana. More so, you have to figure out how to transport it home, if you fall in love with a piece and buy it on this island! 

Chances are, it will not fit in your pre-booked hand luggage.

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Do you have any questions about Cuba? Leave a comment, or send me an e-mail! Happy to help!

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havana art

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