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Best Adults Only Resorts Varadero Cuba By A Local (2024)

Varadero is the absolute number-one destination people choose when opting for a Cuba holiday, in addition to sizzling Havana, of course. That is a no-brainer!

I was based in the historic district of Old Havana, Cuba, for over two years and have traveled the island extensively. Although I do love Havana, I have traveled to Varadero regularly to get some pampering, peace, and quiet for a few days (Havana is loud!).

Travelers like you often have a lot of questions about Varadero adults-only resorts, trying to find out which ones would be best for them for their personal holiday.

I travel mostly solo, and personally, I also prefer to find the best adults-only resorts when I go for a pampering resort vacation. Here are four really good options for your pampering Varadero holiday!

What Are The Best Resorts In Varadero For Adults Only?

Best adults only resorts Varadero Cuba. Varadero beach was voted the second most beautiful beach in the world by TripAdvisor in 2019

If you prefer your Varadero Cuba holiday to be a tranquil experience, I get it. As an avid adult solo traveler, I do love my peace and quiet.

So here are four top-rated adults-only resorts in Varadero, Cuba!

1. Mystique Casa Perla Varadero Adults-Only Varadero Resort

If you’re looking for an extraordinary escape, Mystique Casa Perla is a one-of-a-kind, adult-only (16+) boutique hotel that might be perfect for you.

Here, you will live in the timeless Cuban 1940s architecture of the mansion, and combined with the sandy beaches right outside, it will probably make it a stay to remember!

You might even feel a little Cuban’ish, staying in a historic property steps away from all the best that Varadero can offer you, as it is quite close to Varadero Town!

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Paradisus beach in Varadero

2. Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort & Spa Adults-Only

Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort & Spa is a serene oasis recommended for adults only (18 and older).

With a total of 630 rooms with lots of modern amenities, there’s plenty of leisurely space to relax.

This TripAdvisor-certified 5-star resort also has a variety of culinary options, daytime activities (if you are not a couch potato), and of course, pools and a spa to pamper you.

Basically, everything you need to escape the hustle and bustle for a while!

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Playa Varadero Beach

3. Melia Las Americas Adults-Only

Melia Las Americas is an excellent choice for those seeking a luxury, all-inclusive experience.

With 340 rooms that all have stunning views of the ocean (or Varadero golf course) and 90 comfortable The Level Suites in the garden area, this hotel can offer pretty much everything you need.

As it is adults-only (18+), it is a great splash-free place (apart from the splashing you make yourself) for weddings, honeymoons, or simply a relaxing vacation!

Lots of fun things to do in Varadero, also outside the beach! Book a catamaran trip from Varadero to Cayo Blanco!

4. Royalton Hicacos Varadero Resort & Spa Adults-Only

At the Royalton Hicacos Varadero Resort & Spa, you might find everything you need to relax and rejuvenate amidst a stunning natural landscape.

The Royalton claims to be one notch above everyone else when it comes to amenities, facilities, and service, but don’t take their word for it!

Like all other resorts in Varadero, it is close to the amazing beach and has lots of all-inclusive features, but check out what other guests had to say by following the link below!

Wrap-Up Best Adults Only Resorts In Varadero Cuba

This list is not very long, but the featured adults-only come highly recommended by many travelers, including myself.

There is no lack of high-end luxury resorts in Cuba, and the service and amenities available are getting better and better.

Most resorts are not strictly for adults, however, so this list provides four really good options if that is a traven criterion for your Varadero Cuba holiday.

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