Best beaches in Rincon, the surfing capital of Puerto Rico

Surfers Paradise: Discover The 14 Best Beaches In Rincon Puerto Rico (2023)

Rincon is often referred to as the surfing capital of Puerto Rico, situated on “the corner of Puerto Rico” along the western coast. There are beaches all along the coast on the western shores, and here are the best beaches in Rincon for all kinds of activities – including surfing!

The beaches stretch from way south of the town, passing the center of Rincon and along the shoreline to the north of the town.

They continue passing the iconic old lighthouse (that is still active) and turning the “corner of Puerto Rico,” where you can see both the Caribbean and the Atlantic sea, running even further to the northeast.

Rincon: The Western Corner Of Puerto Rico

The center of Rincon on a rainy day in August
The center of Rincon on a rainy day in August

Rincon is a small coastal town on the western coast of Puerto Rico, and the most famous thing about Rincon is (drumroll…) its beaches!

Rincón is also considered the surfing capital of Puerto Rico, as the beaches on both sides of Rincon town have good swell for surfing.

There are a lot of beaches along the coastline, so let us dive into all the wonderful beaches of Rincon. On the days I was there to visit, there also was a lot of weather, which you can see from the force of the waves and the color of the sky!

Also, at the end of the article, you will learn a little about other things to do in Rincon when you visit.

14 Best Beaches In Rincon Puerto Rico

Let’s see what beach vibes you can expect; here are the best beaches in Rincon along the northwestern shores of Puerto Rico.

1. Playa Rincon Public Beach

The northern part of Rincon Public Beach
The northern part of Rincon Public Beach

Playa Rincon public beach starts a little to the north of the center of Rincon, and you can drive down to a parking lot here that is quite spacious.

Here, you also find Taino divers, a few restaurants and cafes, and the beach bar The Ancla, as well as Rincon Paddleboards, situated on the beach.

The stretch of sand goes on more or less uninterrupted from here to the south, past the center of Rincon and beyond.

The sand is golden yellow, the waves are gentle, and there is easy parking, a variety of activities, food, and even a bit of party vibe at the beach bar!

2. Dona Lala’s Beach

View of Dona Lala Beach with heavy waves coming in!
View of Dona Lala Beach with heavy waves coming in

Playa Dona Lala is considered the 10th most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico, with soft golden sands (no need for water shoes) that are partially covered by vegetation for some soothing shade.

The beach is just outside the center of Rincon, and there is a beach restaurant here, restrooms, and a variety of beach activities to attend, like jet skis, sea kayaking, SUP, or even heading out for a catamaran trip.

And of course, you can just walk up to the center of Rincon for a variety of restaurants, shops, and bars!

If you feel like stepping up your sporty side a bit, there is also a beach volleyball net on Dona Lala’s Beach!

3. Canal Beach

View towards Canal Beach from Dona Lala Beach
View towards Canal Beach from Dona Lala Beach

Just south of Dona Lala beach, along the same stretch of sand, is Canal Beach, a small five-star rated beach situated just where a little canal is opened into the mainland of Rincon.

Canal Beach is situated just outside Econo Supermarket, and there are several restaurants nearby.

The closest hotel to Canal Beach is Sea Beach Village, which also has great reviews.

4. Domes Beach

Domes Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico on a rainy day
Domes Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico on a rainy day

Domes Beach is located right above the lighthouse in Rincon, and the Ola Lighthouse Cafe and Bar is a short drive north of the center of Rincon.

There are no cafes or restrooms directly on Domes beach, and it has a bit of a secluded feel to it, but it is close to the lighthouse parking.

Domes Beach is considered better for surfers than for leisurely swimmers, especially in the late summer and early fall, and has great reviews for waves, tranquility, and beauty!

The sands are soft and inviting, and the beach is also great for sunsets for anyone who loves the sunset from the beach!

5. Spanish Wall Beach

Around the corner from Domes Beach, you will discover Spanish Wall Beach!
Around the corner at the top of Domes Beach you will find Spanish Wall Beach

The Spanish Walls Beach in Rincon is a “secret beach” that can only be reached by walking from Domes Beach!

Located on the western corner tip of Puerto Rico, you can see the Atlantic to your right and the Caribbean passing by in the area called the “Shark Trap.”

This beach got its name after the Spanish built a railway that used to run along the coast here, and you can still see traces of the railway today.

The Spanish Walls beach is considered to have the best waves in Rincon and, hence, the best surfing spot in Rincon, with great surf breaks during the winter season.

6. Central Sandy Beach is lively

Sunset over the western Sandy beaches in Puerto Rico
Sunset over the western Sandy beaches in Puerto Rico

The most popular beach in Rincon is Sandy Beach, located about a mile northeast of the lighthouse point in Rincon. It is next to Domes Beach along the coast, right in front of the Taboo Tavern.

Sandy Beach is also great for surfing for all level surfers and is best when there is a northwest or northeast swell. Be aware that there is an undertow here.

Great for sunset as well, as the beach is facing the north. There is a parking lot.

7. Steps Beach

Steps Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico
Steps Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico

Just north of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve is Steps Beach, which is home to marine life like hawksbill turtles and parrotfish.

The beach got its name for being quite rocky, and it has sharp sea urchins along the beach shores, so bring your water shoes! This beach is not ideal for little kids, but a great spot for anyone who wants to experience marine life.

Right on Steps Beach, you find the Barefood Yoga Bodega, a great place to start your day with a wonderful yoga session with the sound of the waves right behind you.

Parking is limited here, but you can park along the street and walk out to the beach.

8. Corcega Beach

South along the coast from Rincon is the more quiet Corcega Beach, a private beach that also has a common area.

Close to Corceba Beach, you will easily find Airbnb holiday houses for rent, as well as mobile homes if you like the camping vibe!

Many people come out here for the weekends, and it is a casual and laid-back beach area.

It is easy to get from local eateries and services from the beach, and it is a gated area, so you can feel completely at ease.

9. Maria’s Beach

Maria Beach is a small but beautiful beach with great views not far from the lighthouse and Domes Beach. Parking can be tight, so prepare to park along the road and walk out to the beach.

There are rocks and sea urchins here, so be careful and aware.

Bring your water shoes, and you can enjoy the marine life, sea urchins, and the epic sunset from from Marias Beach!

Maria Beach is great for surfing, and the waves here can get quite big. There are a few places to rent gear in the area as well if you’re planning to go surfing for a day.

10. Pools Beach

Pools Beach, just next to Sandy Beach, is a beautiful stretch of soft yellow sands scattered with rocks here and there.

The beach is somewhat secluded, and nearby, there is only one holiday home for rent if you want to stay only steps from this lovely beach.

Above the beach, you find the laid-back food truck Jack’s Shack with outdoor seating, which generally has great reviews from guests and serves good food at super reasonable prices.

The Red Flamboyant restaurant is also nearby.

11. Playa Almendros

Almendro’s Beach, or Playa Los Almendros, is located a short drive to the south of Rincon, popular for its tranquility.

You will see gulls flying around and pelicans diving into the water for food, and the beaches are lined with coconut palms for a stunning framework.

Playa Almendros is a great place to spend a day with friends and family.!

12. Black Eagle Beach Marina

Wet season over Black Eagle Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico
Wet season over Black Eagle Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico

13. Antonios Beach

Antonio’s beach is the furthest from Rincon Town, situated east of Sandy Beach, and this is a really great surfing spot.

You will find great waves here breaking over a long reef. The pros say you better get here early, as in the afternoon, the winds change!

This is what they say: “Antonio’s breaks best on a Northwest or northeast swell and winds from the south, which produces very fun, workable rights that peel down the beach!”

14. Desecheo Island

Taino Divers center in Rincon Puerto Rico
Taino Divers center in Rincon Puerto Rico

Desecheo Island is actually a whole island that is a national wildlife refuge off the western coast of Puerto Rico, right outside Rincon.

The Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge is a 360-acre island in the Mona Passage.

There are beaches out here, but currently, people are not allowed to step onto the island due to remnants of the Second World War.

However, a variety of coral reefs surround the tiny Desecheo Island, and it is a great destination for snorkelers and scuba divers.

If you want to go snorkeling or scuba diving out here, contact Taino Divers at Balneario de Rincon!

Things To Do In Rincon

Annual Events In Rincon

  • Surfing season is all year long.
  • Whale watching in January and February.
  • Traditional Festival of the Humpback Whale in March
  • The Ultimate Dirt Challenge in March
  • Rincón International Film Festival in April
  • Coconut Festival in May
  • Rincon Triathlon in June
  • Patron Saint Festival in August

Visit The Punta Higuera Lighthouse

The Punta Higuero Lighthouse is located a few miles north of Rincon town and is a great lookout point to the ocean.

On a nice summer day, this park is great for picnics and family fun, and there is also a lookout point to the sea and the stars at night!

From the lighthouse park, you have great views of Domes Beach with its pounding surf, and the lighthouse is also not far from Sandy Beach and Spanish Wall Beach.

And there is a small bar and restaurant that will keep you full and hydrated!

Getting to Rincon

The best way to get to Rincon in Puerto Rico is to rent a car if you are already on the island.

Puerto Rico has no public transport, so taking a bus is simply not an option.

If you are flying into Rincon, the nearest airport is Raphael Hernandes Airport (BQN) in Aguadilla; several East Coast airports offer direct flights to Raphael Hernandes.

Once at the airport, you can get an airport shuttle or a taxi to your final destination.

FAQs About Rincon Puerto Rico

The little bar at the Punta Higuera Lighthouse
The little bar at the Punta Higuera Lighthouse

Is it safe to swim in Rincon Puerto Rico?

Yes, there are places where it is safe to swim in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

However, many of the beaches in Rincon are better for surfing than swimming, especially in the winter season when the waves are high and the undertow can be strong.

So, ask the locals for advice on where to go whenever you are visiting if your goal for the day is a leisurely swimming day at the beach.

Is Rincon Puerto Rico worth visiting?

Rincon is one of the most popular places to visit in Puerto Rico because of its stunning beaches and charming atmosphere.

Rincon is especially a good destination for avid surfers and is referred to as the surfing capital of Puerto Rico!

Is Rincon Puerto Rico expensive?

Prices in Puerto Rico are generally lower than in the United States, and that includes Rincon.

Prices for transportation in Rincon are influenced by the fact that there is no public transportation in Rincon or Puerto Rico, which means that you need to get a taxi or rent a car.

You can normally rent a car for around $30 a day in Puerto Rico.

Stays in a dorm start at around $34 per night, and a double room at around $60 if you stay at least two nights.

Is Rincon better than San Juan?

Well, that depends on what you prefer. If you like to spend your vacation in a small town with a laid-back atmosphere and great beaches, Rincon is probably perfect for you.

If you, on the other hand, prefer to stay in a city with more services, Uber, restaurants, and nightclubs available, and still great beaches, San Juan is probably better for you!

Wrap-Up Best Beaches In Rincon

Generally, in Rincon, there can be a bit of force with the waves hitting the beaches and also a bit of undertow, so the beaches on this side of Puerto Rico are great for surfing.

The sands are also fabulous for a lounging beach day out, so if that is what you prefer to do on your holiday, don’t worry!

Ask the locals what beaches are best for your beach goals for the day, and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

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