Best Caribbean islands for solo female travel

5 Best Caribbean Islands For Solo Female Travel By An Expert (2024)

When picking the best Caribbean islands for solo female travelers, I have included a few key aspects that matter most to solo traveling women.

These include overall safety, how locals typically treat female travelers, the prevalence of issues like harassment or catcalling, and the general risks of theft and robberies.

I have traveled extensively on three of the islands in the last five years, and for the last two, I have conducted thorough research from other travelers to make sure this advice is sound and accurate.

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This list of the top five Caribbean islands considers all these factors, helping to ensure that solo female travelers can have a fantastic and worry-free experience.

You can also check any destination you might be interested in in the solo female travel safety index for yourself.

1. British Virgin Islands

In the British Virgin Islands you can feel safe traveling alone as a woman, end enjoy the beach worry free!
In the British Virgin Islands, you can feel safe traveling alone

The British Virgin Islands’ low crime rate and laid-back atmosphere make it a top choice for solo female travelers.

The islands score a 1 on the solo female travel safety index out of 4, where 1 is the top score for a safe destination!

The friendly locals and beautiful scenery create a welcoming environment where women can feel safe and relaxed.

Plenty of group activities are available here, providing opportunities to connect with fellow travelers of all genders and explore the islands together.

2. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Go on safe adventures on Grand Cayman traveling solo
Go on safe adventures on Grand Cayman, traveling solo

Grand Cayman is generally known for its safety and pristine Seven Mile Beach, making it an ideal destination for solo female travelers. The island also scores 1 (best) on the solo female travel safety index!

I traveled here for over a month and asked for advice from locals about traveling as a solo female.

Everyone I met boasted about the island’s safety, and my own experiences also aligned with those statements; I felt safe both day and night, with no catcalling or unwanted attention!

The island’s well-developed infrastructure and modern amenities ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience.

And the abundance of group activities and tours allows female travelers to explore the island with like-minded adventurers.

3. Puerto Rico

Hike El Younke National Forest in Puerto Rico
Hike El Younke National Forest in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a lively and colorful destination that solo female travelers will love, and that also scores the best grade, 1, in the solo female travel safety index.

The rich culture, engaging nightlife, and welcoming locals combined with low (and declining) crime rates create a comfortable atmosphere for solo female travelers.

Located in the northern part of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is particularly famous for its nature reserve, El Yunque, and the fact that they have 300 miles of stunning beaches, perfect for nature lovers!

It is also the world’s oldest colony and home to exciting festivals like Fiesta de Reyes Juanadina and the San Sebastian Street Festival in January.

A well-developed public transportation system also makes it easy to explore its many attractions safely when you travel here solo.

Puerto Rico has actually stated a designated commitment to safety, which ensures a secure and comfortable experience for women traveling alone!

4. Aruba

Make new friends on the beach in Aruba traveling solo!
Make new friends on the beach in Aruba, traveling solo!

Aruba is an excellent choice for solo female travelers due to its low crime rate (although petty crime does exist), friendly locals, and stunning natural beauty.

You will not get a lot of unwanted attention in Aruba, and you do not need to be very conservative in your clothing as the general dress code is very casual and beachy throughout.

Several solo female travelers report walking alone at night feeling safe, but as always, take normal precautions like you would anywhere, considering things like alcohol intake and general vigilance.

The best thing to do, as always, is to stay alert!

Aruba’s extensive range of group activities and tours make it easy for solo female travelers to connect with others and make lasting memories!

5. Intriguing Cuba

Las Terrazas freshwater pools in Cuba

Cuba is a completely unique destination, and it is also safe for solo female travelers who want to explore this amazing place as the crime rate in Cuba, in general, is very low for tourists.

After traveling here for four years, in all transparency, some areas of Cuba may feel more challenging for solo female travelers, as the Cuban culture has a touch of “machismo.”

You will notice that “catcalling” and attention from strangers on the street is completely normal here, at a level many US, Canadian, and European women are not used to.

Yours truly traveling solo in a classic American car in Havana Cuba!
Yours truly traveling solo in a classic American car in Havana Cuba!

Especially in the tourist areas in Old Havana, you will experience this. This is not dangerous, as it is limited to words, no touching, or other physical attention.

But it can feel a bit overwhelming and annoying for those not used to it.

Having said that, you will meet lots of friendly locals and learn a lot about Cuba from actually being there (not just through the news), and there are countless opportunities for places to stay and do group activities.

I can promise that your Cuba holiday will be a unique and unforgettable destination in so many ways for you as a solo female traveler!

Wrap-Up Best Caribbean Islands For Solo Female Travel

Even if you feel like the Caribbean is very far away, the culture is very different (from yours), you don’t speak the language, or whatever you worry about – don’t worry!

Many Caribbean islands are very safe to travel to, both for solo travelers in general and female solo travelers in particular.

Do your research (which you obviously are doing, as you are here), plan well, ask the locals for advice, and have fun!

The Caribbean is an AMAZING place in the world, so get ready for sandy feet and too much sun 🙂

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