The best Cuban coffee is ground like this!

8 Best Cuban Coffee Ground Brands You Need to Try Out! (2023)

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a coffee rut? Are you tired of the same old brew every morning? In that case, it is time to really shake things up and explore the world of Cuban coffee!

Before I stayed in Cuba, I had coffee like a typical European; black, unsweetened, and a lot! Now, however, coffee is not coffee without a bit of sugar – and I often get it from a ventanita in Havana.

With its rich history and culture, Cuban coffee is not just a caffeine fix – it is an experience. In this article, I have compiled the top 8 Cuban coffee blended brands you need to try.

Take this journey to discover the perfect cup of Cuban coffee and indulge in its unforgettable taste and aroma.

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The Best Cuban Coffee!

Cuban coffee is more than just a beverage – it’s a cultural phenomenon! As with any rich culture, the history of coffee in Cuba is fascinating and worth exploring.

From the Spanish colonial era to the revolutionary period, Cuban coffee has been an integral part of the country’s identity.

In this article, I’ve got you covered, from the best Cuban coffee beans used for blends to the most sought-after brands.

The Best Cuban Coffee Beans Used for Blends

Cuban coffee served with the Cuban lunch in the Sierra Maestra mountains in Cuba in 2022
Cuban lunch with Cuban coffee in the Sierra Maestra in Cuba 2022

But what makes Cuban coffee so unique? It’s all in the coffee beans.

Cuban coffee blends typically combine a combination of arabica and robusta beans, with some varieties incorporating a small number of peaberry beans for added complexity.

The best Cuban coffee beans used for blends are typically grown in the eastern part of the country, around the Sierra Maestra mountain range, and Pinar del Rio in the west.

These beans are known for their velvety texture, bold flavor, and sweet aroma.

The beans used for Cuban coffee are usually medium to dark roasted, which gives the coffee its signature strong, smoky flavor!

Next time you sip on a cup of Cuban coffee, take a moment to appreciate the history and culture that go into each blend. The beans may be small, but their impact is mighty!

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Brands For Cuban Coffee You Need to Try!

Take-away coffee Cuban style in Havana
Cubita coffee to go Cuban style in Havana

As you venture into the world of Cuban coffee, there are a few brands you definitely need to add to your list.

Delicious Cuban coffee brands are not necessarily produced in Cuba, but they are roasted and ground for the perfect Cuban coffee taste!

  1. Cubita is a coffee brand perfect for Cuban coffee, as these beans are roasted and ground in Cuba! If you visit Cuba, you can have this! However, due to sanctions, this coffee might be hard to find in the US, as importing anything directly to the US from Cuba is not possible.
  2. Naviera Cuban Style Dark Roast was produced and sold in a shop for many years in Florida. Although today the shop is closed, you can still get this US-produced Cuban-style blended and ground coffee online.
  3. Cafe Bustelo is another popular option for its rich, strong flavor and also a decent price.
  4. Pilon is another brand that many Cuban coffee enthusiasts swear by, which has a smooth, suave taste with hints of vanilla.
  5. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try Cafe Pilon’s Espresso Style blend, which promises an extra intense flavor that’s sure to wake up your tastebuds?
  6. If you’re looking for a more traditional Cuban coffee experience, La Llave (the key) is a great choice, with its bold taste and even bolder packaging!
  7. For those with a taste for something a little different, there’s also Cafe Sello Rojo, which offers a unique blend of Colombian and Cuban coffee beans for a truly one-of-a-kind flavor.
  8. Mayorga is a 100% organic brand, using beans from various coffee farms across Honduras, Peru, and Nicaragua. The roasting is perfect for Cuban coffee brewing, although the beans are exclusively from Arabica.

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With so many excellent Cuban coffee brands available, it can be hard to know where to start.

But don’t worry – in the next section; you will find some tips on finding the perfect Cuban coffee blend for beginners.

The History And Culture Of Cuban Coffee

The best Cuban coffee requires Cuban coffee style grounding!

The coffee industry in Cuba has deep roots going all the way back to the 18th century when Spanish colonists ruled the island and brought their knowledge of coffee cultivation.

The first coffee plant was brought to Cuba in 1748 from the Dominican Republic by a guy named Jose Antonio Gelabert from Barcelona, Spain.

Today, coffee is an integral part of Cuban culture, and the country is known for its unique brewing method and bold flavor profiles.

Cubans generally refer to a small cup of coffee as a cafecito (a small coffee), while we, from the outside, call it “Cuban espresso.”

Creating a cafecito involves brewing finely ground coffee with sugar and a small amount of water, creating a thick, sweet paste known as “espuma in Spanish.” This paste is then mixed with more water to create a small, potent shot of coffee.

Cuban coffee’s flavor profile is quite bold and strong, with chocolate, caramel, and tobacco notes. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for early mornings or mid-afternoon slumps.

And with so many Cuban coffee blends and brands available, there’s no shortage of options to explore.

Now that you have a deeper appreciation for the history and culture behind Cuban coffee, it’s time to try some of the best Cuban coffee blends and brands on the market!

The Perfect Cuban Coffee Blend for Beginners

If you’re new to the world of Cuban coffee, it can be intimidating to choose the perfect blend to start with. Fortunately, there are a few brands that are particularly beginner-friendly.

One such option is Cafe Bustelo, which offers a rich and smooth flavor that’s not too overpowering. Another good choice for novices is Cafe La Llave, which has a slightly milder taste. 

When trying a new type of coffee, it’s always a good idea to start with a small bag or container so that you don’t waste too much if you don’t like it.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different brewing methods! The connoisseurs like to use a French press or drip coffee maker to find the perfect preparation for their tastes, why not give that a go?

Once you’ve found a Cuban coffee blend that you like, you may want to explore the different regions in Cuba where the coffee is grown.

Understanding the unique flavor profiles that come from each region can help you to hone your preferences further and choose the perfect cup of Cuban coffee every time.

Coffee Regions In Cuba

Some of the bests Cuban coffee is made here, in the vast Sierra Maestra mountains in Cubas eastern part.
The vast Sierra Maestra Mountains in Cuba 2022

Understanding the different regions in Cuba where coffee is grown can add a whole new dimension to your experience with Cuban coffee.

Each Cuban region has its unique climate, soil, and altitude, which can lead to distinct flavor profiles in the coffee. 

For example, the eastern regions of Cuba, in the Sierra Maestra, a few hours outside Santiago de Cuba, are known for the fruity and floral notes in their coffee.

The central region of Villa Clara produces a more balanced and full-bodied coffee, while the western region of Pinar del Rio is known for its strong and bold flavor. 

Exploring the different Cuban coffee regions can be an educational experience for any coffee lover, allowing you to discover new and exciting flavors. Plus, it’s a great way to impress your friends with your knowledge of Cuban coffee! 

Now that you know a bit more about the different regions of Cuban coffee, it’s time to dive into the most sought-after Cuban coffee brand.

The Most Sought-after Cuban Coffee Brand

Now that we have explored the various regions of Cuban coffee, it’s time to take a closer look at the most sought-after Cuban coffee brand.

This brand hails from the Sierra Maestra mountains and is known for its bold and rich flavor, with notes of chocolate and a slight smokiness.

The coffee beans for this brand are carefully selected and roasted to perfection, creating a complex and intense flavor profile that’s hard to forget.

Its popularity among coffee connoisseurs and casual coffee drinkers has made it the go-to brand for those seeking the quintessential Cuban coffee experience.

If you’re looking for a strong and flavorful cup of coffee that embodies the spirit of Cuba, this brand is definitely one to try.

And for those who prefer their coffee in the form of espresso, keep reading to discover the best Cuban coffee brands that cater to your specific taste buds.

The Best Cuban Coffee Brands for Espresso Lovers

For the espresso lovers out there, there are specific Cuban coffee brands that are perfect for creating a rich and strong shot of espresso.

These brands are known for their bold and complex flavors that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest coffee drinkers. 

One brand that stands out for espresso is Cubita, which is made in Cuba. Its dark and bold flavor profile is perfect for creating a strong shot of espresso that packs a punch.

Another great option for espresso lovers is Sello Rojo from Colombia, known for its rich and full-bodied flavor that is perfect for creating lattes and cappuccinos. 

For those who prefer a smoother and sweeter taste in their espresso, Cafe La Llave is a great choice for you as well.

Its unique blend of Arabica and Robusta beans creates a smooth and creamy espresso that tastes great on its own, or with a dash of milk. 

These Cuban coffee brands are perfect for espresso lovers who want to experience the unique flavors and aromas of Cuban coffee.

And for those who prefer a darker and stronger flavor, the next section will highlight some of the best dark roast Cuban coffee brands to try.

Dark Roast Cuban Coffee Brands for Strong Flavor

If you are someone who craves bolder and stronger coffee, then you’ll love the dark roast Cuban coffee brands available in the market.

The dark roasted coffee beans bring out the natural flavors and oils of the coffee beans, providing a robust and intense flavor profile. Here are some of the best dark roast Cuban coffee brands that you need to try:

Cafe Bustelo: This dark roast Cuban ground coffee is made using a blend of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans. It has a bold and strong flavor with low acidity, making it perfect for those who love their coffee strong.

Pilon: Pilon is another popular Cuban coffee ground brand known for its rich and dark roast. It has a strong and full-bodied flavor that is sure to satisfy even the strongest coffee cravings.

La Carreta: This Cuban coffee ground brand is known for its dark roast that provides a rich and bold flavor. The Carreta is made using 100% Arabica beans, which produce a smooth and creamy finish.

Cafe Santo Domingo: This dark roast Cuban coffee ground is made using carefully selected Arabica beans that are roasted to perfection. This bean has a strong and intense flavor with a hint of sweetness.

By trying out these dark roast Cuban coffee brands, you can enjoy a much stronger and richer flavor that will take your coffee experience to the next level.

And once you have chosen your favorite brand, the next section will provide you with tips on how to prepare and enjoy your Cuban coffee.

How to Prepare and Enjoy Cuban Coffee

Making and savoring a cup of Cuban coffee is an experience that should not be rushed; you do it tranquilo.

The traditional preparation method involves a unique brewing process that gives it a distinct and strong flavor, commonly referred to as “cafecito” or “cortadito”.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare and enjoy your Cuban coffee to fully experience its rich and bold taste.

First, start by selecting your coffee maker carefully. For the perfect Cuban coffee, a stovetop espresso maker (also called a moka pot) is the most common and traditional option.

Measure two to three tablespoons of coffee grounds per cup of water, depending on your preference for a stronger or milder brew. Unscrew the container, remove the filter basket, and fill the bottom chamber of the pot with water.

Then put back the filter basket, add the grounded coffee, and screw on the top chamber.

Next, place the pot on the stove over low to medium heat and allow the coffee to brew slowly. The process should take about five minutes, and you can tell it’s done once the pot produces a gurgling sound.

It’s done, ready to serve in tiny little cups! 

To enjoy the full flavor of your Cuban coffee, it’s customary to add a teaspoon of sugar to the pot before brewing.

Some people prefer to mix the sugar with a bit of coffee in a separate container and then pour it into the cups before adding the hot coffee to create a layer of froth.

Finally, take your time to savor your cup of Cuban coffee. It’s customary to drink it slowly and in small sips, chatting with friends or family while enjoying its bold and rich flavor. 

Wrap-Up Best Cuban Coffee

Coffee in Cuba is more than just a beverage; it is a cultural experience!

After exploring the history and regions of Cuban coffee, the top eight blended brands, and how to make Cuban-style coffee, you might decide to change your morning coffee habits.

From the suave beginner blend to the dark roast option, these coffee blends will transport you to the heart of Cuba.


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