When you are deciding on where to stay in Havana for your holiday, the most important thing is that your holiday home gives you what matters to you!

Do you want a rooftop pool, a divine spa, or on a cozy terraza in a classic Cuban casa?

Although I live in Old Havana, every now and then I take a mini-holiday to different neighborhoods in “my own city”, to check out the standard, amenities, and service.

There are several 5-star hotels in Havana that meet high standards, the last one opened as late as April 2022.

You also find a lot of casa particulares, boutique hotels, and hostels among great places to stay in Havana, in various neighborhoods with different ambiances.

The article was first published in January 2022, and updated in August 2022.

Streets in Old Havana

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Where To Stay In Havana By Neighborhood

A quick intro to the different city districts in Havana might come in handy, so you know what type of neighborhood you are deciding where to stay in Cuba’s capital!

The most important (for you) city districts to know about in Havana are Old Havana, Central Havana, The Vedado, Miramar & Playa, Habana del Este (east Havana), and lastly Plaza, where you find the Plaza de la Revolucion.

If you are an American citizen, be aware that there exists a list of hotels and institutions that are prohibited for you due to US regulations on travel to Cuba for Americans.

The Ambiance Of Old Havana

Old Havana, or Havana Vieja in Spanish, is the original part of Havana. Here you can walk narrow streets, take in the old-city-vibe, eat and drink, and try to notice all the magnificent details that are everywhere.

Founded 500 years ago by Spanish colonialists, Havana, and Cuba was built in the architectural styles popular in Europe in that period, the neo-classicism and baroque styles.

Cuba remained under Spanish rule for a staggering 400 years, Havana being an important port for the trade route between the “old world” (Europe), and the “new world”; The Americas.

When pondering where to stay in Havana for your holiday, Old Havana will give you immediate access to the city buzz, classic arcitecture as well as lots of bars, museums and historic sites.
One of the beautifully restored streets in Old Havana

Not only is Old Havana super charming, but it is also noisy, and full of people and dogs, rubble, and art.

You will be close to “everything” here, all of the beautiful plazas, cafes and bars, old original fortifications, and museums and historic artifacts.

Expect that the life of the streets merges with the life inside your casa particular when you are staying in Old Havana, you will not miss anything going on outside even if you wanted to!

Where To Stay In Havana Old City

Luxury Option: A beautiful hotel situated on the verge of Old Havana, right next to Prado Avenue, is Iberostar Parque Central Hotel, a stone’s throw away from El Capitolio and Old Havana’s main street Obispo.

The rooftop pool at Iberostar Parque Central

The hotel has a beautiful airy foyer, several restaurants, a rooftop restaurant, and a bar with a lush pool and lounge area, perfect for winding down in the afternoon.

▶️ Book your stay at Iberostar Parque Central Old Havana here!

Budget option: A budget boutique hotel with excellent reviews, beautiful eclectic interior details, and elegant rooms in Old Havana, right next to the Havana bay and minutes from Plaza Vieja is Residencia Santa Clara.

Continental breakfast is included, and there is a coffee shop, rooftop terrace, and bar. Guests can also connect to free WiFi in public areas, which is a treat in Cuba!

▶️ Book your stay at Residencia Santa Clara in Old Havana here!

Cheap option: The highest-ranking hostel in Old Havana on Hostelworld is Hostel Mango, situated a few minutes from Plaza Vieja, the Old Square.

The Hostel Mango has a mixed dorm, private room, cozy common areas, and a lofty terrace for chilling in the afternoon. And the cobblestoned streets, plazas, and nightlife are right outside your door!

▶️ Book your stay at Hostal Mango in Old Havana here!

A frisky taxi driving along the Malecon

Things To Do In Old Havana

✔️ Walking tours in Old Havana are a super way to get to know the city, and learn about the history and special buildings and places in the old city at the same time!

✔️ While in a city where music and dance are everywhere, why not take a dance class? The Cuban salsa-style Salsa Casino is super fun, and will prepare you for a night out in stilettos later!

What are you going to do in Havana?

Conglomerate Of Central Havana

Central Havana, Centro Habana in Spanish, is the first expansion of the original city towards the west along the Malecon.

Still classical houses, you will see more decay all around, as Central Havana has not been subject to the same restoration effort as the old city.

Central Havana is similar to Old Havana but bigger, and easier to get lost in! Today it is also where you will see the more authentic life in Havana in 2022.

Central Havana is the most contemporary authentic you get!

Here you find some of the most spectacular restaurants in Havana hidden in the conglomerate streets, as well as a number of bars, and the Casa de la Musica.

All along the outskirts of central Havana runs the Malecon, the city boardwalk. This is also where you find a number of hotels, with a breathtaking uninterrupted view of the Caribbean Sea!

Where To Stay In Havana Central District

Luxury option: A stunning, light modern hotel located on the brink of the Malecon is Havana Iberostar Grand Packard, just where Old Havana ends and Central Havana starts.

One of the best day spas you find at the Iberostar Grand Packard on the edge of Old Havana
Night view from the Grand Packard to El Morro fortress

From the infinity pool at the Grand Packard, you see straight over to El Morro, the old fortress protecting Havana, as well as the Malecon and the Caribbean Sea horizon.

The list of amenities at the Grand Packard is long, with several restaurants, bars, a spa, and a gym, as well as the elegant pool and pool bar on the third floor surrounded by delicate lounge furniture.

▶️ Book your stay at the Iberostar Grand Packard here!

Budget option: Closer to the Vedado along the Malecon you find Malecon 663, a boutique hotel over several floors filled with colorful details, fun interior artifacts, and elegant salons with a Cuban touch.

Sunset at the rooftop of Malecon 663

At the very top is the rooftop terrace, sitting on top of the Malecon where you can enjoy an afternoon aperitif or even dinner. And of course try out the glass jacuzzi in the middle of the terrace, cocktail in hand!

▶️ Book your stay at Malecon 663 Central Havana here!

Cheap option: In Central Havana there are a myriad of casa particulares, so even if you have nothing booked, you can easily find a bed with a roof for the night walking the streets here.

Casa Zeila is a top-rated casa located in Central Havana’s heart, just around the corner from Casa de la Musica. From the balcony, you also have a view of the Malecon.

Breakfast is included, and the casa has air conditioning for the hot Havana nights!

▶️ Book your stay at Casa Zeila in Central Havana here!

Things To Do In Central Havana

✔️ Experience an incredible Buena Vista Social Club tribute concert! This iconic member’s club and music venue from the 1940s from which the famous Cuban band that took their name is honored in a show at the Legendarios del Guajirito​, one of the most popular venues in the Cuban capital.

The Vedado In Havana

The Vedado is constructed differently than Old and Central Havana. Here you have wide avenues, open spaces, parks, and plazas.

The Vedado “downtown” is considered a business district, you find shopping malls, lots of restaurants and bars, nightclubs, and foreign embassies here.

The Vedado was originally built as a military district, reflected in the name, as “vedado” means forbidden (to enter) in Spanish!

If you want to live in a more modern and uptown sphere, with a downtown ambiance, and still be connected to the city vibe, the Vedado is the place for you!

What are you going to do in Havana?

Where To Stay In Havana The Vedado

Luxury option: Located within walking distance from the Museum of Decorative Arts, as well as several bars and restaurants, is Havana Riviera by Iberostar Hotel.

The Riviera is between Miramar and downtown Vedado, sitting on the Malecon with beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea, a taxi ride away from Calle (street) 23 in Downtown Vedado, also called La Rampa.

▶️ Book your stay at Havana Riviera by Iberostar in Vedado here!

Budget option: The Luxury Neptuno Apartment in the Vedado is a casa particular, in a more high-end modern style than most you find in Old Havana. The Neptuno has 2 bedrooms, offers in-room WiFi for a charge, and beds that most guests love!

There is staff to help you on-site with tour bookings or advice, 24 hours front desk, satellite TV and kitchen amenities, and a long list of amenities at a decent price!

▶️ Book your stay at Luxury Neptuno Apartment in Vedado here!

Cheap option: Casa particular El Cuarto de Tula is situated a couple of minutes from the University of Havana and the Malecón close to downtown Vedado.

There is a restaurant and a shared lounge, and every room has a TV, AC, minibar, and 24 hours room service, but no kitchen amenities. El Cuarto de Tula is a great cheap option in one of the two most popular areas of Havana!

▶️ Book your stay at El Cuarto de Tula in Vedado here!

When wondering where to stay in Havana, if you want the grand historic feeling, Hotel Nacional might be for you!
The venerable Hotel Nacional in Havana Cuba

Things To Do In The Vedado

✔️ Take a tour of the Christopher Columbus Cemetery, El Colon! This cemetery was founded almost 150 years ago and is famous for its many elaborately sculpted memorials and more than 500 major mausoleums.

✔️ Spend an evening at the magic Tropicana Cabaret! This sparkling spectacle of dance and color is a great option for a night out, and included in your ticket is an aperitif, a three-course dinner, and after the show, you can stay as long as you like!

✔️ Visit the Almendares Park located right next to the Almendares River, also called Parque Metropolitana or even an “urban jungle”. The park was designed by the French city planner Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, who also designed the Eiffel Tower’s Champs-de-Mars gardens in Paris!

✔️ The Parisien Cabaret was opened on the Malecón below the Vedado in Havana in 1930 and has since then been the venue for cabarets bringing together the influences of Hispanic, African, and Indo-American culture on stage.

A night at the Parisien Cabaret is budget-friendly, but also receives mixed reviews. The pro-tip seems to be to book a show & cocktail, and get your dinner somewhere else!

✔️ Take a walk around Calle (street) 23 in Downtown Vedado, also called La Rampa! See the Cine Yara cinema, try out the famous Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor and visit the University of Havana campus, the oldest university in Cuba.

What are you going to do in Havana?

Miramar And Playa

Miramar and Playa (often referred to as one district) are the westernmost highest-end districts in modern Havana.

This is where the Cuban VIPs live, there are large conference hotels here, international hospitals, and lots of space, parks, avenues, and embassies.

The Miramar and Playa area is calm and tranquil, not within walking distance to almost anything, but then again the distance with a taxi to Old Havana is really not that far.

When you stay in Miramar Havana, you are close to the beautiful church of Jesus which is the second largest church on the island! where you can visit daily!
The church of Jesus in Miramar Cuba is the second largest church on the island!

Where To Stay In Havana Miramar And Playa

Luxury option: At the Melia Habana in Miramar, you will get the resort feeling while still in an elegant urban hotel in Havana! At the Melia Habana, you have a tropical garden outside with three lush palm-strewn pools, bars, and a chill ambiance.

After a long day out, you find a spa and fitness center returning to the Melia Havana, several restaurants and bars, and if you want a little extra book your stay with The Level Service!

The Melia Havana in Miramar is for you if you like the resort feeling combined with city life when deciding where to stay in Havana!
The elegant lobby in the Melia Havana in Miramar

Budget option: The Alahabana Boutique Hotel in Miramar is a lovely 4-star highly rated bed & breakfast with access to an outdoor pool, a beach bar, fast wifi, and a stunning rooftop terrace for guests.

Beautiful modern, spacious rooms to come back to at the end of the day, and a lovely garden outside. The rooftop patio is perfect for morning coffee and an afternoon cocktail, and the service is rated top-notch!

▶️ Book your stay at Alahabana Boutique Hotel Miramar here!

Cheap option: Almendares Hostal is a super cheap option located in a beautiful colonial house just across the Almendares river on the Miramar side, in one of the best residential neighborhoods in Havana.

The hostel has a garden, patio, and terrace, and you can order breakfast for an extra fee. This is a great cheap option in a very quiet and nice part of the city.

▶️ Book your stay at Almendares Hostal Miramar here!

Things To Do In Miramar & Playa

✔️ Visit the Fusterlandia art center at the edge of Miramar & Playa! The Fusterlandia is an exceptional neighborhood created by the late Cuban artist José Fuster, who was renowned inside and outside Cuba.

Inspired by among others Picasso, Fuster created an art piece with tiles and colorful artifacts in his old neighborhood Jaimanitas over a period of 30 years. Today it is a spectacular display of his work well worth your time!

One of the best things to do in Havana is visiting Fusterlandia in west Havana
The Fusterlandia Art Center in Jaimanitas

✔️Spend an afternoon at the Marina Hemingway in Miramar & Playa! Cuba’s main recreational port has a tranquil atmosphere, with leisure and sports boats docked around the canals.

There are several restaurants, cafés, shops, and watersports operators in the surrounding area, and you also can book trips like scuba diving or snorkeling from Marina Hemingway if you feel like exploring!

✔️ Spend an evening at the Fabrika de Arte Cubano! Possibly the best night venue in Havana for culture, where there is always a new play, jazz, contemporary dance show, concert, or exhibition. Fabrika de Arte is not just a club, it is a phenomenon of cultural diversity in Havana!

East Havana | Habana del Este

Habana del Este is a district where several little villages, or Cuban barrios, follow along the shoreline towards the east.

Habana del Este is in the suburbs of Havana, not a lot of tourists here, but there are several hotels and Casa Particulares for rent.

Of all the villages in East Havana, Guanabo is mainly where some tourists find their way.

In Guanabo, there are hotels, Casa Particulares for rent, and a variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs. None of which can be classified as luxurious, but with a pile of authenticity, if you want to experience that part of Cuba!

Where to stay in Havana for the authentic experience! Playas del Este in East Havana has more Cubans than tourists!
Santa Maria Beach in Habana del Este

Best Places To Stay In East Havana

Luxury option: Among the few high-end options in East Havana, the Luxury Villa with Pool, Jacuzzi & Sea View is among the top-rated properties. Amenities include barbecue grills, a picnic area, a private pool, and a rooftop private spa tub.

There are 4 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a dining area and the house is within walking distance of Guanabo beach!

▶️ Book your stay at Luxury Villa w/Pool, Jacuzzi & Sea View here!

Budget option: Among the top-rated budget stays in Guanabo, East Havana you find the V Royal Luxury Villas.

This is a private home rental, with a pool, WiFi, AC, kitchen, and outdoor space, very close to the beach Santa Maria del Mar!

▶️ Book your stay at V Royal Luxury Villas here!

Cheap option: In the heart of Guanabo you find the Villa with Oceanview Terrace, a nice budget option in East Havana. Here you have your own kitchen, outdoor space, and AC.

The property is close to Boca Ciega Beach, Guanabo Beach, and Casa Quinta (K5) nightclub which stays open until the last guest leaves!

▶️ Book your stay at Villa With Ocean View Guanabo here!

Things To Do In East Havana

  • Go clubbing in Casa Quinta (K5) in Guanabo with local Cubans until the morning hours!
  • Spend the day at one of the beaches along the Playas del Este beaches.

Plaza City District In Havana

Lastly, you have Plaza, where the only thing you are really close to is Plaza de la Revolucion, which is also between the airport and the city center.

You will be close to the revolutionary square, Plaza de la Revolucion, but also be dependent on taxis to go or do almost anything else.

I have never spent a lot of time in this area, but you will be able to find budget accommodation for your stay in Havana in this area.

Plaza de la Revolucion is where to stay in Havana if you want a round the clock view of the heros of Cuba! Here is Che Guevara covering an entire wall!
Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana Cuba | Che Guevara

Where To Stay In Havana Plaza District

Budget option: The Casa Vera casa particular right at the Plaza de la Revolucion is a budget accommodation option in the Plaza District.

From here you can walk to the University of Havana, and the property offers AC, laundry service, a small kitchen, and breakfast is available for a fee.

▶️ Book your stay at Plaza Vera Plaza de la Revolucion here!

Things To Do In Plaza District In Havana

✔️ In the Plaza district of Havana, you can visit the Plaza de la Revolucion and the Jose Marti Memorial Tower! The memorial tower is 142 meters high, which makes it the tallest structure in Havana.

The tower has a museum, and you can climb the 567-step staircase to enter the viewpoint for an unsurpassed view of Havana, or pay a small fee for the luxury of the elevator!

What are you going to do in Havana?
When you decide where to stay in Havana, you need to consider what you want to be close to! Here is the tallest structure in Havana, the Jose Marti memorial tower on the Plaza de la Revolucion!
The Jose Marti Memorial Tower at Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana

Where To Stay In Havana By Budget

You find places to stay in Havana of all categories and standards across the city in all districts.

If location is not that important to you, but standard, amenities or budget is dictating your accommodation, here are my tips.

The amazing rooftop terrace at the Manzana Kempinski Hotel in Old Havana!

Where To Stay In Havana: Super Cheap Accommodations!

The cheap options for where to stay in Havana are most easily found in Old and Central Havana as well as the outskirts of the city.

Remember that when you go all-in on the super cheap side, in Havana, the quality and standard will be accordingly.

This is for anyone who really just needs a bed for the night, and anything else is a positive surprise!

Night view from my Hostel Terraza in Lamparilla Street
Hostel Havana Nilda’s Backpackers

The absolute cheapest hostel option in Havana I have found is Hostel Havana Nilda’s Backpackers where you can book shared accommodation.

The Nilda’s have parking, wifi, breakfast, laundry, toilet, bedding, towels, bicycle rental, and groceries, and at the lowest prices in Havana.

▶️ Book your stay at Havana Nildas Backpackers Here!

Hostel Corazon del Mundo Central Havana

The recently restored Hostel Corazon del Mundo in the Central Havana district has shared dorms and private ensuites with a minimum of 3 beds at super cheap prices.

Corazon del Mundo has a terrace, AC, and towels are provided, and you can walk from here to both Old Havana, the Vedado, and the Malecon.

▶️ Book your stay at Hostel Corazon Del Mundo Here!

Where To Stay In Havana: Mid-Range Accommodations

When looking for places to stay in Havana within the mid-range, you will probably find you get more value for the buck by choosing a casa particular rather than a hotel.

Even in Central Havana, you will find amazing places for a decent price, with great personal service, and amenities with a touch of luxury and splendor.

La Villa Teresa Casa Particular In La Vibora, Havana

In La Vibora in Municipality of Diez de Octubre, Havana, is an exeptional colonial style house called La Villa Teresa listed as a B&B.

The unique features and ancient greatness has been restored here, with beautiful details.

The eclectic interior is exquisite, each room with stunning details, and the gardens immaculate with plants, a patio, and a delicate pool. It is a bit out of the central parts of Havana, but La Vibora also offers sights, restaurants, and bars for visitors.

One of the salons in Villa Teresa

▶️ Book your stay at Villa Teresa In Vibora Here!

Vapor 156 Boutique Hotel In Central Havana

One of the hidden beauties of Central Havanas architecture is Vapor 156 Boutique Hotel right on the edge of Central Havana towards the Vedado walking distance from the Malecon.

The interior and the rooms are beautiful, and the Vapor 156 offers free breakfast, a stunning terrace and garden, spa services, free in-room wifi, and a coffee shop on-site!

▶️ Book your stay at 156 Boutique Hotel here!

Where To Stay In Havana: Luxury Accommodations

Some of the best luxury 5-star hotels in Havana have already been mentioned earlier, but the private market has a lot to offer on the luxury side as well.

For American travelers many of the high-end hotels are also not accessible, as they are on the US restricted list, and not in any of the 12 categories under which American citizens can travel to Cuba.

Private casa particulares and boutique hotels have a lot to offer, both with service and the extra personal touch on amenities and detail.

A rental mansion in Havana
Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel In The Vedado

In the heart of the entertainment district Vedado is a small boutique hotel called Paseo 206 that is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and truly provides a sense of private luxury.

All rooms here are individually furnished, there is 24 hours room sevice, hypo-allergenic bedding, Frette Italian sheets, Tempur-Pedic beds, and a pillow menu.

The Paseo 206 also has an onsite Italian restaurant, in-room wifi, and spa services. They will make you an included continental breakfast in the morning, and there is even an art gallery and a coffee shop on-site!

▶️ Book your stay at Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel Here!

Malecon Casa de Lujo

Walking distance from downtown Vedado, the beautiful vacation home Malecon Casa de Lujo has elegant standards, exquisite rooms, a lovely terrace for breakfast or aperitifs in the afternoon, and concierge service for guests.

On site you can enjoy a a jetted tub, rainfall shower, kitchen, and free WiFi.

A flat-screen TV with digital channels in your room, dry cleaning, and laundry facilities make your vacation life super easy!

▶️ Book your stay at Malecon Casa De Lujo Here!

Things To Do In Havana Province

What are you going to do in Havana?
What are you going to do in Havana?
Explore Hemingways Havana!

Get to know Hemingways Cuba! The Cuba Hemingway Tour includes visiting La Vigía, the house Hemingway bought in 1949, where you can see his boat Pilar, a name inspired by the Pilar Beach that he used in his famous novel The Old Man and the Sea.

You will also walk through Cojímar, a fishing village with protected coastal areas and the natural landscape of the Cojímar River Valley.

You’ll have a coffee and Cuban rum at Las Terrazas, see the Ambos Mundos Hotel where he used to live, and finally visit his regular places La Floridita and Bodeguita del Medio in Old Havana at the end of the day.

Hemingway in bronze still at the bar in Floridita

▶️ Book your Hemingway Tour In Havana Here!

Visit The Biosphere Las Terrazas

Take a private day trip to Las Terrazas, a scenic community in the heart of an unspoiled outland, designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

After a welcome cocktail upon arrival, you will visit a 19th-century coffee plantation farm before heading to the Hotel Moka where you can experiences the lovely gardens and historic Cuban architecture.

Then you can explore Las Terrazas, have lunch, and maybe do an exciting zip-line ride before a dip in the San Juan River?

▶️ Book Your Tour Of Las Terrazas Here!

Conclusion: Where To Stay In Havana

Hopefully, this article has given you a wide array of options on where to stay in Havana, so you can make an informed choice as to what is the perfect holiday home location for you!

If not, do not hesitate to contact me for any further information or advice. I am spending most of my time in Havana and traveling in Cuba frequently, and will be able to find out most things you might want to know, if not all!

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