Whether or not you have breakfast included in your casa, you may want to try out one of the best places for breakfast in Havana Old City. 

A lot of restaurants in Havana open around lunchtime, and stay open long into the night and early morning serving dinner. 

In Old Havana, a few places are opening really early serving you breakfast as well. Or a Cuban brunch, or even a European or American version of the “most important meal of the day”.

Why not go out and enjoy your Havana breakfast and strong Cuban coffee while people-watching in the old colonial streets of Havana Vieja? Here are my top breakfast places in Old Havana that will help you start your day a perfect way! 

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In a tiny little alley at the edge of Old Havana are several little restaurants hidden away with seating both indoors and out.

One of them is Antojos, a super little place with bright red parasols on the outside and a funky interior on the inside.

Try Antojos for a great breakfast in Havana, Cuba!
Antojos in Old Havana

Antojos opens at 11 am, so it is not for the earliest risers, but they serve a brunch special between 11 and 12 noon every day, including fresh juice, and the coffee is extra.

The service is impeccable and the food delicious, so for a late breakfast or early lunch Antojos is a great choice to start your day.

The price for a brunch with coffee was 275 CUP (just under $12) in November 2021.

Address: Callejón de Espada e/ Cuarteles y Chacón, Old Havana

Outside of Antojos restaurant
Outside seating

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El Cafe

The almost impossible-to-find El Café was my first encounter with a café-café in Havana, with a stylish and elegant interior, really nice toast, super tasty, brewed coffee, and fresh juices that were untouched fruit just seconds ago.

Like any place in Europe or even New York, apart from the incredibly high ceiling and elegant details of the architecture and interior, telltales from colonial times.

El Cafe makes one of the best breakfasts in Havana Old city!

This place is not easy to spot when you come strolling down Amargura street if you even find the street.

The narrow Amargura street starting at Parque Cristo shows no signs of hosting an amazing coffee place as there are no signs of any kind outside.

If you accidentally look to your side as you pass, you will see the counter and tables through the windows or the narrow doorway.

El Cafe breakfast plate

That is why I am here to tell you to look up El Café when in Old Havana! Take a seat (coffee to go is not a thing in most places in Cuba) and enjoy a breakfast or a sandwich and a great coffee and fresh juice.

Address: Amargura #358 between street Villegas and street Aguacate

El Cafe breakfast and lunch place

La Vitrola

Right at the edge of Plaza Vieja, on a corner between Muralla and San Ignacio lies La Vitrola, a restaurant that is open most of the day 24 hours.

Officially it opens at 11 am, but if you are passing by around 9 am and are feeling hungry, they will let you in anyway, and get you a nice breakfast, coffee, and juice to start your day.

What are you going to do in Havana?

Here they keep going until 2 am in the morning, serving you through lunch, a snack in the afternoon, and dinner all night long with a side of mojito as the Havana night sets in.

La Vitrola is a buzzing place in the middle of the touristy area of Old Havana, which means that the (numerous) waiters speak quite well English.

Try breakfast in Havana at La Vitrola, on the corner of Plaza Vieja!
The eclectic interior of La Vitrola

They are with you in the wink of an eye, with menus on chalkboards, and make sure you get the attention you need throughout your visit.

The space is super open, with large doors that let the daylight and street life in, and has seating both inside and outside under large parasols.

This place is not the hidden-away Cuban gem kind of place, but it has great service, good food, and an interesting interior. There are bicycles, planes, and other weird stuff hanging from the ceiling while music boxes decorate several of the walls.

Decorative tiles throughout the floors like in most old buildings in Cuba, and wooden door and window frames. And of course, music.

Address: Plaza Vieja, San Ignacio/ esquina Muralla

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La Vitrola Restaurant colorful and eclectic interior.


Almost at top of Old Havana close to Parque Cristo is a shiny and colorful restaurant designed like an American burger joint or diner or something along those lines.

This place opens at 9 am and can serve you whatever breakfast you prefer. The American version with pancakes, or the fresh European version with fruit and juice. And of course, a Cuban-style breakfast if you`ll stick to that.

D-Next restaurant on the top of the old city gets you an American style breakfast in Havana, and looks like a diner from the 50ies!
American diner from the 50s vibe!

D`Next is a so-called Empresa particular, which means it is a privately owned and run restaurant in Cuba.

The interior is super-modern in Cuban terms, so this is not the place to go for the old-fashioned Cuban atmosphere.

But the food is great, the menu has a wide selection of courses, and the staff is super helpful and service-minded. And they speak English if that is important to you.

Address: Teniente Rey 512, e/Monserrate y Bernaza.

D-Next restaurant menu

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Kilometro Zero

On top of Calle Teniente Ray, just on the corner lies a colorful and eclectic restaurant with huge open windows and a great atmosphere. 

Paladar Kilometro Zero is a super nice not-so-big place with striking wall paintings and lots of ornaments in the interior, that stays open throughout the day and into the night. 

Breakfast  in Havana old city at Kilometro Zero

Kilometro Zero also open their doors already at 8 am, serving you a delicious breakfast with eggs and toast, along with a fresh juice of your choice and strong Cuban coffee on the side. 

Although situated along a busy street, the ambiance inside is still chill and quiet. The staff is super friendly, the service great and the breakfast, as well as the menu for the rest of the day, is delicious. 

Breakfast with juice and coffee is around $17 in November 2021. 

Address: Monserrate #437, Esquina de Teniente Rey, Havana Vieja

The tasty Kilometro Zero egg plate

Wrap-Up Best Breakfast In Havana Old City

This article is a work in progress, and is updated as I explore more places to have breakfast in Havana Old City, where I live myself!

I am sure you now have a handful of options you can successfully try out when you get here if you don’t want to go exploring on your own!

When you are ready for your Havana day, also check out the link below for a bunch of tours you might like to do if you don’t know the city! It is always a good idea to get some pro tips to get the best of everything!

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