Can you see Cuba from Key West? Here is the southernmost point of Key West towards Cuba!

Can You See Cuba From Key West? (And A Couple Of Other Cuba Questions Answered) 2023!

As an ex-pat living (well, staying, most of the time) in Havana, Cuba, I have to say that every now and then, I gaze out over the Malecon in the direction of the promised land and wonder if I might actually be able to see Key West from Cuba. Or, like a lot of other people wonder, can you see Cuba from Key West?

At least at night, with lots of light in the sky and atmospheric radiation and all that, you would think there might be some way, right?

Well, let’s check the facts once and for all thoroughly. Can you see Cuba from Key West or not?

Can You See Cuba From Key West, Or Not?

Well, unfortunately, you can’t. That’s a bummer, it is such a short distance, you know, it seems it should be possible!

The problem, apparently, is mostly the curve of the planet.

The so-called curvature of the Earth is pretty small mathematically, and for shorter distances (up to around 100 miles) a rule-of-thumb estimates it to be around 8 inches per mile.

This means that for every mile an object is from you, the curve will take away 8 inches of the height of the thing you are looking at.

Using this easy rule, with a bit of math, we can establish that the 106 miles distance as the crow flies (170 kilometers) x 8 inches puts Cuba 848 inches (or just over 21 meters) below the horizon when you find yourself at the southernmost point of Key West.

However, there are a lot of factors affecting this piece of math as the earth has LIGHT, and ATMOSPHERE, and things that are affecting how our eyes are able to see things far away on the planet (which is ridiculously huge, by the way).

Therefore, the rule-of-thumb is not accurate when the distances are longer, and the numbers start to deviate when distances are closing in on 100 miles.

Now, I am not able to explain all this to you, but this guy on YouTube is!

The short version is that, over distances over 100 miles (round number, just to make it graspable), the numbers deviate from the curvature rule-of-thumb because of a lot of things, and the number actually increases.

The math looks like this:

You only need to know two values: your eyesight level (in other words, the distance between your eyes and mean sea level – assuming you are looking out to sea) and the radius of the Earth.

Input these numbers into the following equation:

a = √[(r + h)² - r²]

a — Distance to the horizon;

h — Eyesight level above mean sea level; and

r — Earth’s radius is equal to 3959 miles or 6371 km.

(So, if your viewpoint is around 1.6 centimeters above ground (your height), the horizon would be around 3 miles (5 kilometers) away, which means that you are mathematically aligned to see a point that is 3 miles away out in the horizon.

You need to put that into the equation as well, although a small number).

You can actually check it yourself by using this Earth Curvature Calculator!

As we have established that you can not see Cuba from Key West, you have to visit if you want to walk the venerable El Prado, and see the El Morro across the bay!
A high point in Havana El Morro fortress as seen from El Prado Avenue in Havana

Now, according to Wikipedia, Solares Hill is the highest point of land on the Key West island, where the peak elevation of the hill is 18 feet (5.5 m) above sea level.

So there you go, far below the needed height to be seen!

An additional fun fact: Solares Hill got its name from Victorio Solares, born on 30 April 1849 in Coya, Asturias, Spain. He immigrated to Key West after Spanish military service in, you got it, Cuba!

If you want to come down to check for yourself, here are some great options for where you can stay in Key West!

Top-rated places to stay in Key West:

4 Top-Rated Tours in Key West:

Wait, What If You Stand On Something?

Exactly, what about infrastructure?

I discovered that La Concha Hotel is the tallest building in Key West, with seven floors.

A developer named Carl Aubuchon opened this super luxury hotel in 1926, the first of its kind in the keys, and it became THE hotel for dignitaries and celebrities!

In fact, author Tennessee Williams loved it so much that he made it his home for ten years.

Ernest Hemingway (who also had a house for decades in Havana) wrote one of his most depressive books there.

The hotel is still there and is still luxurious, so feel free to have a look!

Can you see Cuba from Key West? Regardless, there are so many reasons to visit anyways! The rooftop seating area of La Guarida restaurant in Central Havana, with amazing ambiance, views, food, and sometimes also live music!
Paladar La Guarida rooftop terrace in Havana

So, how tall are seven stories?

I was not able to find out exactly, but let’s say every floor is around three meters (that is not a stretch, I think); then you have 3×7, which should amount to 21 meters!

So, theoretically, you should be able to see Havana according to the rule-of-thumb math from the fitness room at La Concha (which is at the top and has views of the sea). Right?

Well, the first problem is the complicated atmospheric stuff that kills the rule of thumb as soon as we are talking real distances.

Your Eyes Simply Cannot See Very Far!

The second problem is you also cannot see Cuba from Key West because it is too far away for the naked eye to detect.

Back in 1941, a vision scientist, Selig Hecht, discovered that with a clear, unobstructed view, the human eye could see a candlelight flickering around 30 miles away.

He also found that it depends on the amount of pollution and particles in the air, which usually restricts normal vision to less than 12 miles or 19 kilometers.

So again, there you go. Sorry, you can not see Cuba from Key West, but you know – don’t let it stop you from trying!

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FAQs About Cuba And Key West

A lot of people seem to have a lot of questions about Cuba, Key West, and the distance and travel between the two!

So here are the answers to the questions a lot of you want to know for one reason or another, I hope this helps!

Can You See Cuba From Key West At Night?

Well, the jury is still out on that one.

Now we have established that you cannot actually SEE Cuba from Key West; that’s impossible due to the curve of the planet (and your stupid eyes that are inadequate).

But what about at night and the lights of Key West hovering in the atmosphere over the land?

Although I have never tried gazing out over the ocean at midnight from the southernmost point at Key West, multiple sources agree on a massive maybe for this question.

Dependent on the atmospheric stuff, like how the light from the earth behaves in the lower parts of the atmosphere, the weather in general (which must be super clear), it is possibly possible!

Perhaps with a strong set of serious star-gazing binoculars, maybe you’ll be able to spot a few whisking rays!

How Far Is Cuba From Key West?

The ridiculously short distance between Cuba and Key West is just around 106 miles, you know, or around 170 kilometers. So it is not far at all!

But it is too far to see, and with the current political temperature, it is also a world away.

It’s too far to imagine. But that’s a whole other story.

Interestingly, Key West is actually closer to Cuba than to the mainland United States.

How Many Miles From Key West To Cuba?

The distance from Havana, Cuba, to Key West is, as we said, around 106 miles, while the distance from Key West to Miami is around 168!

How Long Is A Boat Ride From Key West To Havana Cuba?

The distance from Key West to Havana is around 106 miles, that is 92 nautical miles.

A large 30-meter-long yacht I checked out has a top speed of 20 knots (20 nautical miles per hour).

So let’s give her some slack and say 17 knots across the sea, shall we?

That would say 92 miles divided by 17 knots, so the travel time by (this type of) boat would be just over 5 hours.

In some places though, I have read that the travel time by boat is 4 hours, so it will depend, I guess.

I can tell you that the record time of boating from Key West to Havana was set in 2017, and two guys on a speedboat made the crossing in a crazy 1 hour and 18 minutes!

Can you swim from Cuba to Key West?

Considering the distance of 106 miles, technically, it is possible to swim the actual distance between Key West and Havana, Cuba.

The longest distance a human has been able to swim (so it is the world record), was when Pablo Fernandez, a Spanish guy, swam 250 km (155.34 miles) in Miami in July 2011, longer than the Key West – Havana distance.

Pablo beat the previous record, which had been unsurpassed for 15 years.

He also nailed the record for “farthest distance swam in 24 hours – open water (male)” in the same swim (shorter than the total distance, which took more than 24 hours).

There are a few issues, though, as the currents in the Florida Straits are super strong and possibly dangerous.

Throw into the mix the large ships that travel through the straits; the conclusion is that it is not recommended to attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get from Cuba to Key West, take a charted boat ride instead!

Can You Travel From Key West To Cuba?

Yes, you can travel from Key West to Cuba.

Currently, there are no commercial flights between Key West and Cuba, but there are chartered ones!

So, if you want to fly out from Key West to Havana, you need to spend some bucks on a private chartered plane.

If that is not an option, you need to get yourself over to Miami; there are daily flights from Miami International Airport to Havana, so that is an easier (and cheaper) option!

Right now, it is not possible to get a ferry, a cruise ship, or anything across the water commercially to get from Key West to Cuba.

This is because of the situation between Cuba and the United States of America (politically).

The Havana forest, or El Bosque de la Habana! I suspect you did not know the city has such lush green areas!
The Havana forest

One of the last things Trump did in his tenure was to tighten the US sanctions on Cuba, and he also put Cuba on the list of “states that support terrorism“.

This is not a good list to be on, as you can imagine, so the travel restrictions (and general relations) that had experienced somewhat of a sense of perestroika, got back towards freezing.

That is on a national level, of course; I meet a lot of Americans who have discovered how to visit Cuba from the US (it is actually not that hard), and come here anyway!

On a personal level, the relationship is excellent.

But back to the subject, you can actually find a way, boat wise, and that is also to charter one!

You can charter a boat for a day trip to Havana from Key West, and you can also charter a sailboat to go for a Cuba holiday, but that obviously takes a bit more time.

And I nicer time, I would argue.

Can I Go From Cuba To Key West By Boat?

Yes, you can go from Cuba to Key West by boat, again, technically.

First and foremost, that would probably be the return trip of the one you already have taken from Key West to Havana in your chartered boat!

There is no similar service to take you from Cuba to Key West (and back) in 2022, but who knows, maybe that will change.

A lot of Cubans would be over the moon if that happened; I’ll tell you that.

The last year, due to inflation that has shot through the roof, a decline in tourism, and issues with importing enough food to the island (partly due to sanctions, party to Russia’s war with Ukraine), the situation in Cuba has been difficult.

Callejon de Hamel in Havana
The colorful place called Callejon de Hamel in Havana

So people are fleeing the island head over heels in the thousands these days, in any way they can.

And everyone says that they only want to leave because they need to leave.

No one really wants to leave, as they love dancing in the streets, hanging with family and friends over rum and salsa, and love their country.

How Far Is Cuba From Florida?

If you are wondering how far Cuba is from Florida, that will depend on where in Florida you are!

From Key West, the southernmost point in the US, you are closest to Cuba, with just around 100 miles across the sea.

From Orlando, Florida, the distance to Havana in Cuba is 382 miles.

The longest distance from Cuba to Florida is from Pensacola to Havana, and that is 595 miles in one straight line!

How Far Is Cuba From Florida Keys

The distance to Cuba from the end-key in the Florida Keys, Key West, is just over 100 miles.

The distance from Key Largo, the first of the Florida Keys just outside the mainland, to Cuba is 184 miles!

How Far Is Miami From Cuba?

Google Maps keeps telling me that distance is untravelable, and I think they probably don’t know how right they are at the moment!

Apart from flying, of course, the pilots probably have their own GPS.

In a straight line across the sea, the distance between Miami – Cuba is around 234 miles.

This is the remarkable Fusterlandia in Havana, a neighborhood that used to be a poor fishing village, but has been transformed into a piece of art over the last 30 years!
Fusterlandia art neighborhood in Jaimanitas Havana

The flight time from Miami to Cuba across the sea, the last time I made the journey, was around 50 minutes from take-off to landing, so hardly enough time to enjoy a Cuba Libre!

Just for fun, I also found the following description on the internet describing the driving time from Miami to Cuba:

The driving time from Miami to Cuba is about 26 hours. This does not include stops for food, gas, or rest”.

Right! I guess the moral is that you still cannot trust everything you read on the internet.

Can You See Cuba From Miami?

No, you can not see Cuba from Miami, which is both too far away and does not have a direct unobstructed view as it is situated further up the coast in a difficult angle!

How Far Is Key West From Havana?

According to Google Maps, Key West is 103 miles away from Havana, the capital of Cuba, in a straight line.

Can You See Florida From Cuba?

Nope, you can not see Florida from Cuba; the math works both ways. And also, I have tried!

No luck, unfortunately.

Finally: Can Americans Travel To Cuba?

Yes, Americans can travel to Cuba.

However, there are rules, and you need to know how to travel correctly to Cuba as a US citizen in order not to violate any rules and regulations!

If you want to read a bit about the rules and regulations, you can check out the details on the Cuba Restricted List issued by the US government.

Also, if you want to read more about how Americans can travel to Cuba, may I suggest this article about How To Travel To Cuba Hassle-Free From US 2022, where you find pretty much everything you need to know!

Wrap-Up Can You See Cuba From Key West?

Well, we have now scientifically proved and explained why you cannot see Cuba from Key West.

Also, how to get yourself over here to Havana by boat, sailboat, or a private jet from Key West or a commercial airline from Miami.

The distance between Havana and Key West is so short it normally would be a couple of hours’ drive if it was on land.

Or like 4-5 hours on a boat, but as the climate between the US and Cuba is the opposite of global warming, that is currently not an option.

But who knows, maybe someday? Stranger things have happened, you know, like the Berlin Wall and people strolling on the moon a while back.

We’ll just have to see!

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