As I normally live in a small apartment in busy Havana Vieja, there were two things I came to Villa Teresa for. Or three.

A bit of peace and quiet (the Scandinavian soul needs that), and the pool. I want to have a day by a pool. And there is free and wifi, a rare treat in Cuba.

The little B&B La Villa Teresa outside the center of Havana has almost everything, a great breakfast, free wifi, a pool, and an amazing interior.

Colonial Villa Teresa In La Vibora Havana

The neighborhood around the villa looks a little run-down like most places in Havana, a mixture of charming and worn-out. The taxista is driving carefully on the steep streets with broken asphalt trying to keep the car in one piece. 

The B&B slash Casa Particular Villa Teresa is situated in a quiet area called La Vibora about a ten-minute drive away from Vedado and Havana Vieja.

Coming through the gate and up the stairway towards the entrance of La Villa Teresa is like entering a secret temple.

Once inside the front door of Villa Teresa, the whole ambiance changes. Immediately there is a quietly elegant atmosphere, the interior is almost overwhelming, and there are colonial-style details everywhere. 

After checking in I take a stroll outside first, to check out the gardens (and the pool). The colonial villa facade is stunning, in a super-fresh light yellow, and surrounded by large plants and greenery everywhere. It really is the oasis I hoped for.

Bed And Breakfast In Havana Is Not Like Anywhere Else

Wherever you rest your eyes in the waiting area/lobby (which is a colonial/retro furnished living room) there are hundreds, if not thousands of things and artifacts to look at.

There are brightly colored red chairs and a screaming yellow velour sofa by the piano. There are instruments and lamps and artifacts stacked along the walls.

Everything is also very well kept; I am impressed with how they have managed to maintain everything to that standard and quality in a country where spare parts are scarce and house decor is not on the top of the priority list. 

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La Vibora Neighborhood Havana

La Vibora is a neighborhood in the Diez de Octubre municipality towards the inland a few miles south of Old Havana and downtown Vedado.

The area started out in the 17th Century as a small town, or suburb, a spot for changing the horses in the caravans traveling from Havana to Güines.

As it was a traveler’s stop, there was also a pharmacy in La Vibora with a sign outside of the classic medical profession insignia, the serpent. Because of this, people began referring to the area as “the serpent stop”, or “la parada de la vibora”.

The town grew quickly, and towards the end of the century, it began to appear in maps and chronicles as an independent, named, place! Today, La Vibora is a part of Havana, and home to medical, cultural, and political institutions, a 15 minutes drive from Old Havana.

Villa Teresa Amenities

The pool area is “fenced in” by palm leaves and roman pillars and there is NO city noise anywhere. Perfect for a few days!

The room is very nice as well, and I like the fact that they have a DUVET! Not just sheets like most Cuban places have, and being a Northerner I really do love my duvet.

The bathroom has a shower with really good pressure and hot water 24/7 – which is not something you are guaranteed in these parts. (And unlike my apartment, where the shower trickles).

La Villa Teresa, unfortunately, does not have a restaurant, and in this part of the city that would have been an advantage. But they do have a kitchen and they serve a complete, delicious breakfast to start your day.

There are also several restaurants within walking distance from the Casa if you do not want to travel to the city. 

I stayed for two nights and loved it. On my check-out day, the wind also left and the sun really hit! The staff was super nice and I could keep my room as long as I wanted. Greatly appreciated enjoying the last hours of the sunbed and blue pool.

The wifi worked ok during my stay, although for some periods it was really slow – which is also a case of “nothing to do about that” in Cuba.

The price for me was around $120 for the two days, plus breakfast at $8 each morning. Considering the amenities, service and the quality of everything this is a good price, for a good experience, in my view.

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Finding a Casa Particular in Cuba

if you want to stay in a Casa Particular in Havana, or throughout Cuba, there are literally thousands to choose from. 

You can find anything from super cheap to super luxurious Casas, and from a bed in a shared room to a large house all to yourself. 

A great place to look is Airbnb, where Cubans now are allowed to advertise accommodation in their private properties, as well as Also, a variety of hostels and B&B are available on, Expedia, or Hostelworld. 

A casa particular can be a bed & breakfast but does not have to be. You can choose to book with breakfast included, or not, if you prefer to find your own in a Cuban restaurant or paladar outside your casa.

It is normally safest to book in advance in Havana at least. Any hosts that are listed as super hosts on Airbnb, are vetted hosts and can be trusted. And even if something goes wrong AirBnB has a 24-hour refund policy after the agreed check-in time. 

If you feel adventurous you can also choose to walk the streets of your destination in Cuba with your backpack (if you have one) and just look for a place. You will find signs with rooms for rent on almost every city street. 

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Wrap-Up Bed And Breakfast Havana

Whether you call it a hostel, casa particular, or bed & breakfast, there are a number of options for accommodation in Havana outside the large luxurious hotels.

If you don’t mind staying in Central Havana’s authentic atmosphere, or a bit outside the city you will also find great budget options. But then, you will need to spend time and money on taxis to get around.

Every part of Havana has its characteristics though, so anywhere you choose, you will have some local peculiarities to enjoy!

Do you have any questions about Cuba? Leave a comment, or send me an e-mail! Happy to help!

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