Day trip from Varadero to Havana

3 Ways To Do An Amazing Day Trip From Varadero To Havana 2023!

Are you planning to stay in Varadero for your upcoming Cuba holiday but really don’t want to miss out on the infamous capital Havana? Wondering if a day trip from Varadero to Havana is a good idea?

Yes, it definitely is; Varadero is just over two hours away in a taxi that does not break down.

There are various ways to do this tour from Varadero to Havana; let me show you your options!

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Varadero To Havana Day Trip!

Day trip from Varadero to Havana - can it be done? Here a photo from the capitolio just before sunset.

When planning a day trip from Varadero to Havana, you should prepare for a long day in order to make the most of your day!

The first option for a day trip to Havana is to book a seat on an organized tour.

The second option is to book a taxi, either a taxi privado or a taxi collectivo (a seat in a taxi you share with other travelers).

The third option is taking the Viazul bus.

This is cheap and convenient, but not great for a day trip because of departure times. If you make it a two-day, one-night trip, it will work like a charm!

1. Organized Day Tour From Varadero To Havana

Start from these stunning Varadero beaches in the morning, and head for buzzing Havana.
Start from here in the morning and head for Havana!

If you opt for an organized day tour from Varadero to Havana, this day tour with Civitatis gets an overall high review for this short tour.

The ones that have “complaints” say that one day really is not enough to experience Havana.

And I could not agree more!

However, if you have limited time to visit the sizzling Cuban capital, Havana tours from Varadero for one day only will get you the city’s highlights in a flash and safely back to Varadero in the evening.

Pre-Booked Transport Round Trip Varadero – Havana

Streets and traffic in Old Havana
Streets and traffic in Old Havana

f you want more freedom to plan your day in Havana as you wish, you can also book a semi-organized tour, in a sense, a private transfer from Varadero – Havana – Varadero!

On this Varadero to Havana round trip, there are no organized activities in Havana, so you have to fix that yourself.

On the bright side, you can plan your perfect Havana day, be picked up at your preferred time in Varadero, and return from Havana at your decided time as well!

This pre-booked return trip in one day in a normal car with two passengers is around €260 (January 2023).

2. Taxi Trip From Varadero To Havana

Your taxi from Varadero to Havana could easily be one of the old classic american cars still roaming the streets of Havana, here in front of the Malecon.
An old classic American taxi car on the Malecon

If you go for a taxi transport from Varadero to Havana, a private taxi will be around €160-200 each way.

The price fluctuates a bit, as Cuba’s private services are weirdly based on strict capitalist principles.

A private taxi is really convenient if you are 3-4 people. This will be around €40-50 per person each way, and you are taken easily from door to door!

Your hotel or casa particular host or hotel staff can help you book this taxi trip, as everyone in Cuba knows someone who drives a taxi, either if it is a private one or a collectivo.

The price for a seat in a collectivo to Havana one way will be around €30-50 in January 2023; this price also fluctuates a bit.

The vehicle could be a normal car with room for four people, a Classic American car, or something bigger like a minibus.

A taxi colectivo will drive around in Varadero to pick up all the passengers before departure to Havana, so you will be given time to be ready to go – and probably have to wait a bit for your pick-up.

Plaza de la revolucion in Havana and the Jose Marti memorial tower!
Plaza de la revolucion in Havana

The same procedure will take place in Havana for drop-off and also for pick-up in the evening.

You might be able to book a return trip with the same driver and car; ask your hotel or casa in Varadero if that is possible if you prefer this option.

Remember that taxi drivers prefer to be paid in euros in cash, and you can read about why that is in this article explaining all about money in Cuba.

If you want to join one of the organized tours of Havana, there are a plethora of different tours to choose from in the capital of Cuba.

Check out this entire article about 8 top-rated tours that I recommend, with great reviews across the board, to make sure you get the best of Havana in a short visit.

3. Take The Viazul Bus To Havana And Stay The Night In A Casa Particular!

the narrow streets where indoors is outdoors, in Old and Central Havana! Make sure you have at least one day to experience it.
The narrow streets in Old Havana

Because of departure times, a day trip from Varadero to Havana and back in one day with the Viazul bus is really not a great option.

But, if you should choose to stay the night in a classic Havana casa particular, the Viazul bus suddenly is a great option!

Remember that you can not book things online from within Cuba without a VPN.

Therefore it is smart to make these bookings beforehand or download a good VPN before your trip, like ExpressVPN (my savior working online from Cuba).

Art along the Malecon with a view over to El Morro fortress in Havana Cuba.

If you catch the 12:55 bus in the early afternoon from Varadero (you have to be at the bus station one hour prior to departure), you will arrive in Havana just before 4 pm.

Fusterlandia art center east in Havana, a project that has been built over 30 years!
Fusterlandia art center in Havana – a neighborhood covered in mosaic!

Get a taxi from the bus station, and go to your (pre-booked) casa particuar in Old Havana (have the address and Cuban phone number available in case the taxi driver needs it).

Then, set out to explore the city; there are so many things to do in Havana you are going to have to prioritize hard for only 24 hours!

You can experience Havana in a done-for-you way with organized tours or just walk the streets and discover the plazas, parks, and fascinating details of the old city.

Find a rooftop terrace for an afternoon mojito, and get a taxi over to the old fortresses of Havana for the guard changing ceremony at 9 pm every night.

Or why not take a Kizomba or Salsa dance class before you hit the city night?

Parque Central as the night falls, with the Capitolio behind the Grand Theater

Take a walk up to the Parque Central, down to the Plaza Vieja and Plaza de Armas, and visit the Havana Cathedral and the lively district of the old city with a myriad of restaurants and bars to refresh yourself with a Cuban mojito!

Make sure you find the best places to have a quick snack and the best paladares (privately owned restaurants) for your Havana dinner experience!

The rooftop terrace at La Guarida in Central Havana
The rooftop terrace at La Guarida in Central Havana

Not to mention that you will also get to experience Havana by night and do not have to skip off just as the music pumps up the volume.

The following day, you can have a nice breakfast at your casa particular if you want an easy start to your day.

Or go out and find some of the best breakfast places in Havana before you still have hours to explore the city.

The viazul buses are quite comfy, and only three hours for a day trip from Varadero to Havana!

The bus back to Varadero leaves from the Omnibus station in Havana at 6:40 in the afternoon (remember to be there one hour before).

You’ll be back at your resort before the all-inclusive dinner closes!

You can book your return Viazul bus ticket online (unless you are American), and the best part – the return ticket is only $18 per person!

If you want to stay at a really nice hotel instead, my city escape when I need some peace and quiet in Havana is the Iberostar Grand Packard; check it out!

And here is how to get yourself from Havana to Vinales, if you want to add the Cuban cigar capital to your itinerary!

FAQs Day Trip From Varadero To Havana!

Can Tourists Go From Varadero To Havana?

Yes, tourists can easily go from Varadero to Havana, and there are several ways to do it. You can take the Viazul bus or book a private taxi or a taxi collective, a taxi that you can share with other travelers.

You can also book a private transfer from Varadero to Havana, which you can book online or through your casa particular or your hotel.

How Much Is The Bus From Varadero To Havana?

The Viazul bus from Varadero to Havana is 9 euros or just under 10 US dollars.

You can book the ticket online on the Viazul home page or on the bus station with a credit card. You can not pay for the Viazul bus in cash.

How Much Does It Cost To Get From Havana To Varadero?

The bus from Havana to Varadero is also 9 euros or just under 10 US dollars. A seat in a taxi collective from Havana to Varadero should be around 25 US dollars, but taxi drivers might try to ask for more.

Wrap-Up Day Trip From Varadero To Havana!

El Morro fortress across the Havana bay! From here  you have a perfect view of the old city, the Havana bay, and all the way over to Varadero!
The tower at El Morro across Havana Bay!

Here, you have a few different options on how to make a day trip from Varadero to Havana or even a one-and-a-half day trip, which you probably will not regret either!

Once in Havana, there is a myriad of activities, tours, and excursions to keep you busy and fascinated, and whether you like this city or not – you will not forget it any time soon!

If you decide to stay in Varadero and prioritize exploring the area here more thoroughly, there are plenty of tours and excursions in Varadero and the surroundings as well.

I wish you had more time to spend in Havana (and other Cuban destinations), but I get it – holidays are for relaxing as well and do not come with infinite time available.

So I am glad you at least want to experience Havana while you are visiting!

Happy Travel Planning,


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