Dominican Republic National Flower the Bayahibe Rose

Symbolic Bayahibe Rose: Dominican Republic National Flower! (2024)

The Dominican Republic is a rather small Caribbean island east of Cuba and west of Puerto Rico – with paradisiacal beaches like this on all sides of the island shores. And the Dominican Republic National Flower can only be found right here!

The Bayahibe Rose is a special type of flower that only lives here, it grows from the Leuenbergeria Quisqueyana cactus species, and it is also the Dominican Republic National Flower!

It is renowned for its bright pink color and was designated as the national flower of the Dominican Republic in 2011.

It’s formally named after the country, sometimes called “Quisqueyana,” but is more commonly known as the Bayahibe rose.

This plant can be found in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti but nowhere else.

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The Dominican Republic Island Nation

The Dominican REpublic is a rather small caribbean island east of Cuba and west of Puerto Rico - with paradisiacal beaches like this on all sides of the island shores!

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island nation situated on the Hispaniola island east of Cuba and west of Puerto Rico.

The country shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, although the two countries are super different!

The Dominican Republic covers the eastern side of the island, and even though it is small, the country has a diverse geography.

This includes large white sandy beaches, dense evergreen forests, lush, fertile valleys, and even sandy dunes in the desert areas!

The DR has a warm and humid tropical climate that provides a hospitable environment for various rare plant and animal species to thrive.

And among those are the Bayahibe rose, the national flower of the Dominican Republic!

Dominican Republic National flower

The Bayahibe rose (stock photo)

You can find the rare Bayahíbe Rose cactus exclusively in the Dominican Republic.

The only place where you can see this soft-pink flower in significant quantities is the Bayahíbe Rose Garden.

You can reach the garden conveniently with a chill stroll near Parroquia Divina Pastora, which is situated next to the waterfront area of the village!

The Bayahibe rose is a unique plant that resembles a shrub and has a trunk with spines that grow into branches.

Its branches are adorned with bright green leaves and bear bright pink flowers at their ends.

This cactus also yields yellow fruits containing black seeds.

It is a rare leaf-bearing cactus that exclusively grows on the island of Hispaniola, where you can admire the beauty of the gorgeous cactus flower in its natural environment.

Local people in the Dominican Republic refer to the Bayahibe rose as “mata de chele” or “palo de chele”.

This is because the flower was featured on the country’s currency notes in 2014, earning the nickname “money tree” in English.

The small islets, the cayos, sourrounding the DR main island are truly stunning! Take a boat trip here!
The islets or <em>cayos<em> around the DR main island are also lush green

A Rare Endangered Caribbean Rose

The Bayahibe rose is a rare species that is in danger of becoming extinct.

In 2011, a law was introduced requiring the Dominican Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Education, and National Botanical Garden to collaborate on safeguarding the plant and promoting its growth.

This action was taken because the rose was designated as the national flower.

FAQs for the DR

What Is The National Flower Of Punta Cana?

As the Punta Cana beach paradise is not a country but a part of the Dominican Republic, the national flower for the region of Punta Cana in the DR is also the Bayahibe Rose.

What Does The Rose Of Bayahibe Mean?

The direct translation of the Bayahibe Rose is “money tree” because the tree is wrapping up its seeds in a way that looks like money!

What Is The Gemstone Of Punta Cana?

The gemstone of Punta Cana is also the gemstone of the whole Dominican Republic, and it is called Larimar.

This stone was formed millions of years ago under the sea by volcanic activity.

What Is The Dominican Republic Known For?

The Dominican Republic is known for paradisiacal beaches, humpback whales mating between December and March, gemstones, and tasty cuisine, to mention a few things!

What Is Dominican Republic National Dish?

In the Dominican Republic, a meal called La Bandera is considered the national dish.

This is a dinner consisting of chicken or beef, white rice, and red beans with green salad and tostones on the side, and sometimes also avocado!

What Is The Legal Drinking Age In Dominican Republic?

The age limit to legally drink alcohol in the Dominican Republic is 18 years old.

Wrap-Up Dominican Republic National Flower

The Bayahibe rose is the national flower of the Dominican Republic, representing the country’s location, history, and people.

This flower species is unique because it only grows on the island of Hispaniola and is considered endangered by the government.

If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s simply because of its rare existence on one tiny island of the planet!

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