When you visit Havana, regardless of the time of year it will be hot. And busy. And lots to see and do. At the end of the day, you need a rooftop bar in Havana.

What could be better on super hot evenings after having worked through the Havana tour guide than taking a few hours lounging on one of Havana’s airy terraces!

Whether you want to stay up in the sky for lunch, dinner, or just hang out for drinks in the evening.

Cooling down and staring into the horizon away from the sizzling sun, with ice cubes and a fancy drink in your fancy glass. Enjoy the cool air, the view, culinary inspiration, and maybe a swim.

Rooftop bars Havana

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Guide To Rooftop Bars In Havana

This is where you can go in Havana to escape the city’s heat and noise. Read on for the top tips on airy roof-top lounging in Havana.

Clever tips; it is smart to call ahead and book a table. These Oases in the sky are super popular!

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Blue pool in the sun manzana kempinski
The pool at Manzana Kempinski rooftop bar & restaurant

The rooftop terrace bar and restaurant of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski on the border of Old Havana offers a stunning view of the city both day and night. 

The seating area is just beside the beautiful blue pool and offers tables both under the roof or in the sun if you prefer that. 

Also, the Gran Manzana rooftop bar is one of the very few places to sit down that has stayed open in the spring of 2021!

The hotel is located just across the street from Parque Central, between Old Havana and Central Havana. The terrace is on the 6th floor and offers an amazing view of more than half the city – the sea and the Capitolio.

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manzana food

Once you step out of the elevator, the first thing you see is the sunlit blue water from the pool merging with the blue skies behind it.

The poolside sunbeds look super inviting, but if you walk on you find the restaurant, bar, and rooftop seating area.

All airy and light with spectacular views of Havana. Dinner tables under the half-open ceiling, and lounge sofas under parasols to help you keep cool and comfy.

The menu offers both simple lunch courses and more gourmet-type dinner courses that will keep you occupied and happy for an evening.

What are you going to do in Havana?

Pop in here for a short break and a drink during your day, for lunch, or a nice long dinner in the evening.

This bar and restaurant are very popular, and the service is also good. It is smart to call ahead and book a table if you are not a resident of the hotel, especially on the weekends to make sure there is space for you and your company.

Sunset from the short end of the pool on the Manzana Roof Top Terrace

In normal times without pandemics, you can also book a poolside «Day Pass» on the rooftop of the Gran Manzana. 

For a non-resident price, you can spend the day chilling in the sun and water while listening to the city noise below that is barely noticeable.  

On the same floor, you also find the Gran Manzana Spa, where you can book treatments and enjoy the facilities as a non-resident at the hotel. The spa also offers access to a small but well-equipped gym.

So for a vacation from your city vacation, get up here, do some exercise, have a facial and then take your lunch on a sunbed with your toes in the dazzling blue pool. Hopefully, you can do all this by the summer of 2021.

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The Saratoga Boutique Hotel Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

saratoga lite

The Saratoga Boutique Hotel was where the devastating accident took place at the beginning of May 2022 when a lot of people sadly lost their lives in a split second. Life is precious guys! According to the authorities, the plan is to rebuild this beautiful building and restore it to its grand beauty.

The hotel is situated almost right across from the Parque de la Fraternidad. From the rooftop terrace, the hotel claims that you have no less than a 270 degrees view of Havana, including Old Havana, the bay, and the Caribbean Sea.

The terrace offers a wide view and in addition a pool, a bar, and a restaurant providing light lunch dishes and gourmet dinners from an international kitchen.

What are you going to do in Havana?

For a nice mid-day break and lunch, I have had the pleasure to enjoy both sandwiches and an occasional pizza with a view from this rooftop.  

On the 7th floor of Saratoga, you also find a spa center that offers treatments and a jacuzzi for sore city-walking feet.

If you happen to visit on a cloudy day or during hurricane season, it is nice to know that you can withdraw from the roof if need be to the indoor bar area as well!

Saratoga Havana Bar
Photo: Saratoga Hotel

Just inside the main entrance of the Saratoga, you find a wide stairway leading up to a bar that you just «have to see».

The floor is tiled with black-and-white squares, the furniture is velvety burlesque, and palm trees are framing the bar that is encapsulated in colored lights. Way over the top, and fascinatingly beautiful.

FYI, The Saratoga also offers a business center, if you need to keep in touch with someone or have something done that you can not fix in the wifi park. The wifi price is higher, but the amenities definitely better than most other places.

Hotel Inglaterra Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

View from hotel Inglaterra

The Inglaterra is an «institution» in the crossing points between Old and Central Havana. 

Once considered one of the most famous hotels both in Cuba and the world, the Inglaterra attracted important people and famous people from all over the globe. 

It’s also the oldest hotel in the city, founded in 1875 and declared Nacional Monument in 1981. 

On the rooftop of Inglaterra, there is live music almost every night, and this is where locals and tourists alike go dancing, have a mojito, chat and enjoy the night and the ambiance.

What are you going to do in Havana?

You just go straight through the lobby and take the little elevator directly up to the bar area.

Some nights there may also be a little queue to get in here, but if your main objective for the evening is to dance it is very much worth the little wait.

The Inglaterra rooftop is also open during the daytime for light meals or a drink, but it is in the evening (rather late as well) that this terrace comes to life.

Hotel Inglaterra on Tripadvisor

Hotel Iberostar Parque Central Old Havana Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

The rooftop of the Iberostar Parque Central consists of white and light and shapes and bright life. 

It is conveniently divided into two parts. One that has lounge seating just for meals and drinks outside the restaurant, and one where you find the chill area with a pool and sunbeds.

The architecture of the whole rooftop is stunning, all in white or light colors, greenery, artsy details, and airy. The outside dining area could benefit from adding some parasols when I was there, as the sun is ferocious on Cuban rooftops in the summer!

Hotel Iberostar Roof Top Terrace Havana

Still, I enjoyed both my pizza and glass of cold white wine, and the waiter was super attentive and agreeable.

This rooftop is also on my list for a Day Pass to a poolside hang-out day after the pandemic releases its grip and rules lighten.

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Galeano 212 Bar Central Havana

The Galeano 212 bar in Central Havana is situated along Galeano Street, only a few blocks from the Malecon.

This bar has an indoor area that is more like a club, all red and dark, and with an elegant bar and a dance floor. But one floor up from this nightly den there is also an intimate but airy rooftop bar!

Reggaeton music playing, you can chill on one of the tables while the staff serves you right where you area. Although not really a dance floor here on the rooftop bar, you can definitely do a swing if you want to. This is Cuba, after all!

Rooftop bars in Havana
Galiano 212 rooftop bar

Malecon 663 Boutique Hotel Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Along the Malecon very close to the Parque Antonio Maceo is a little almost hidden gem of a place called Malecon 663. 

The door is small and anonymous, hidden behind a bright red stiletto shoe-shaped bici-taxi. Malecon 663 is both a hostel, a restaurant, and a rooftop bar that provides you with an unobstructed view of the sea almost all the way to the Florida Keys. 

Rooftop malecon663

It may be smart to book a table in advance at Malecon 663 as it is not very big, to be on the safe side. You can choose from different set menus to enjoy while losing yourself in the view.

I had a brunch when I was there, which was like a large breakfast with fruit, eggs, and a mojito to start it all off! The bar on the rooftop plays chill lounge music that completes the relaxed vibe.

While waiting for your meal you can even take your cocktail with you into the small glass jacuzzi on the roof!

On this super small but super cozy rooftop terrace bar, you can easily spend at least half a day – if not more!

Malecon663 rooftop terrace view
meg i vinden lite

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Hotel Ambos Mundos Old Havana

Hotel Ambos Mundos (Hotel Both Worlds) is both a hotel, bar, and restaurant situated on Obispo street, that used to be Hemingways home-away-from-home! It also has a lovely rooftop bar and restaurant to show for it. 

Check out cubadirect.co.uk or therooftopguide.com second opinions, and a few more places from other people. 

Wrap-Up Havana Rooftop Bars & Restaurants!

This overview of Havana rooftop bars and restaurants is a work in progress, and I am updating it every time I visit a new place in the city!

As I live in Old Havana, little by little you will find that the best places of the city is being mapped out here, so stay tuned!

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