Travel from Havana to the lush green Vinales valley in 2023.

If you have found your way to Havana in Cuba, that is really great! But while there, you are only a few hours away from the UNESCO-protected Vinales Valley as well! Read all about how to travel from Havana to Vinales in 2023 here!

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Vinales Valley In Cuba

Vinales Valley in Pinar del Rio province in Cuba is the home of Cuban cigars, rum production, and honey production as well as being one of the most beautiful and fertile places in the whole of Cuba!

The biggest characteristic of Vinales Valley is that the valley floor is scattered with mogotes, particular small steep limestone hills that seem to grow right up from the ground like green sugar tops!

Travel From Havana To Vinales 2023

Travel from Havana to Vinales in 2023, here is a windy day at the Malecon with the El Morro in the background across the water.

There are a variety of options to travel from Havana to Vinales, and also a variety of options on how to best experience what Vinales has to offer!

Bus From Havana To Vinales

The most popular and cost-effective way of traveling from Havana to Vinales is the Viazul bus!

Express buses leave daily from the main bus terminal in Havana right beside the Plaza de la Revolucion. The bus normally does the journey in less than four hours, depending on traffic and stops along the way.

Tickets can be purchased online in advance or directly at the station before departure. Remember that with Viazul bus transport, you need to be at the station one hour prior to departure for check in!

The bus fare from Havana to Vinales is €12 one way, €24 for a return ticket in 2023.

US Citizens are not at liberty to book the Viazul bus, as it is owned by the Cuban government and on the Cuba restricted list.

Bus Schedule Havana Vinales

From Havana To VinalesFrom Vinales To Havana
07:20 – 10:5511:55 – 15:10

Once onboard, enjoy the view as you make your way through the Cuban countryside!

Taxi From Havana To Vinales

Modern or classic car taxi, whatever you prefer, can take you from Havana to Vinales valley for a day, or three.

Traveling from Havana to Vinales by taxi is another popular option for visitors.

Booking and paying for a private taxi ride in advance will provide you with the convenience of door-to-door service from your accommodation in Havana directly to your destination in Vinales.

This is the fastest way of traveling and depending on the traffic can take between three to four hours. Prices for private taxi rides vary and should be agreed upon before departure.

It is also possible to book a shared taxi, which will cost less but take slightly longer as the driver may pick up other passengers along the way.

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Taxi Privado From Havana To Vinales

For those looking for a convenient and comfortable journey between Havana and Vinales, door to door, taking a private taxi is a good option.

Private taxis can be booked in advance with prices depending on the company or driver you choose.

In 2023, you can expect the prices to start at around €135 for a private taxi from Havana to Vinales, which normally includes up to four people and luggage.

The journey should take just under three hours, depending on the traffic and stops along the way. Private taxi drivers can also provide an enjoyable ride as they often share interesting stories about Cuban culture and history!

Your hotel or casa particular can help you book a private taxi for this journey, or you can book online yourself with a highly rated tour company.

Taxi Colectivo From Havana To Vinales

For budget travelers (or solo travelers) looking to save money on their journey from Havana to Vinales taking a shared taxi or taxi colectivo is a good option.

These taxis can sometimes be more spacious than private ones that might fit up to six people with luggage, or even a minibus.

The cost for a shared taxi ride in 2023 from Havana to Vinales is around $25 per person.

The drive will take just under three hours, but the whole journey might take longer as the driver is picking up the passengers and letting them off one by one.

For a solo traveler or a couple this option is cheaper than a private taxi, but departure time and arrival time might be a bit unsure with the colectivo as it makes lots of pick-ups and drop-offs.

Organized Tour From Havana To Vinales

Mural de la Prehistoria in Vinales Valley
Mural de la Prehistoria in Vinales Valley

For those looking for a more hassle-free journey, booking an organized day tour from Havana to Vinales can be a really good option.

Organized tours usually include pick up and drop off at your accommodation in Havana, as well as transfers between sites of interest during your stay in Vinales.

Most tours also provide lunch and snacks throughout the day, as well as cultural insights and activities. The cost of an organized tour from Havana to Vinales varies between companies, but you can get a day tour for down to €67 in 2023.

This is a great option for those looking for an easy and enjoyable way to discover the beautiful sights of Vinales.

FAQs Vinales Valley

Why Travel From Havana To Vinales 2023?

Traveling from Havana to Vinales is a great way to explore the beauty of Cuba!

As you leave the busy and loud city behind, you soon find yourself along the quiet winding roads that lead eastwards towards the Vinales Valley.

The journey out of the hustle and bustle of Havana, with its vibrant culture, unique architecture, and lively streets to the quiet valley of Vinales will leave you with lots of contrasting images.

What Is Vinales Valley Known For?

Vinales Valley is particularly known for its production of Cuban cigars, rum, and the small hills called mogotes in the valley, which are protected by UNESCO!

Rolling hills of green and lush vegetation will greet you with a stunning landscape, and a drive through this area allows you to experience rural Cuba in all its charm and tradition as you pass small villages along the way.

It is not unusual to come across locals traveling by horse and cart, as this is still a common form of transport around here! Reaching Vinales, you will also have some of the most spectacular views in Cuba.

If you decide to stay for a few days, you will not be bored, as there are a lot if tours and things to do in Vinales Valley!

How To Book A Casa Particular In Vinales Valley In Cuba?

A casa in Vinales can look like this!
A casa in Vinales can look like this

Booking a casa particular in Vinales Valley in Cuba is super easy.

You can book your casa online before your trip, you can ask your host in Havana (or wherever you possibly are before your trip to Vinales), or you can even just go there and find a place!

If you show up without pre-booked accommodation, be aware that the approved casas foreign tourists can stay at are identified by a white sign with a blue anchor on it, outside the casa.

Read about 7 of the top-rated casa particulares in Vinales 2023 here!

Wrap-Up Havana To Vinales

Lots of ways to travel to Vinales Valley from Havana!

You can also take a day trip all the way from Varadero, but that is going to be a really long day, so be prepared (that tour is not rated by anyone yet).

The day trip from Havana really covers a lot and is a good option, I have done that one myself. But if you have the time I would recommend you stay here a night or two to explore the valley and the Pinar del Rio province!

If you do your research, you will find out there are lots of fun things to do, from horseback riding, biking, rock climbing, hiking, and exploring caves, to mention just a few!

Happy Travel Planning!


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