Hawaii is a trending destination in December USA

7 Reasons Why Hawaii Is A Trending December Destination

If you are one of the human beings who feel like December, snow, and slushy weather is overrated (apart from maybe on Christmas Day), I feel ya. Me too.

Born and raised in the polar part of the world, it is a bit strange that this pull towards warmth, white sands, and crystal-clear waters is so strong I have been traveling in the region full-time for three years. 

Or maybe that is exactly why! 

Luckily for the likes of us, it is possible to soothe the desire for palms and beaches, which is probably why Hawaii is trending as a travel destination in the last month of the year! 

So let us dig into why the island paradise of Hawaii is your perfect getaway from short cold days and winter coats. 

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Why Is December A Great Time To Visit Hawaii? 

Hawaii trending December destination: You will find wonderful beach and summer conditions in Hawaii in December

Truth be told, there are plenty of arguments as to why Hawaii is a great Pacific destination for sun and sea worshippers all year round, but that is hardly news to anyone. 

In December, though, the island is trending as a destination, offering a bright and welcoming contrast to large parts of the cooler world with lots of fun things to do

These are the 7 best reasons you need to choose Hawaii as your December destination!

1. The Hurricane Season Is Over

Finally, after six months’ish of an overhanging risk of hurricanes, from June through November (although the risk is highest in July, August, and September), the storm-free season in the region has arrived! 

That does not mean no rain, unfortunately. 

December is the rainiest month in Hawaii, but dont let that scare you! The rain often comes in short and refreshing afternoon showers, so most of the time, you can still enjoy the sunny, sweet weather. 

Temperatures are not as hot as in the summer, but still around a super-nice 82 on the high end and 67 on the low end on the Big Island. Maui and Oahu have slightly lower temperatures but are still in the realm of a nice summer ambiance. 

So the probability of lots of sun, flip-flop weather, and no natural disasters coming in is a great starting point! 

2 You Can Attend A Festive Holiday Luau

As Hawaii is still the United States, you can expect to find Christmas celebrations “almost like home” right in the middle of paradise, and one of the particular Hawaiian ways to celebrate is through a luau! 

A Luau is the Hawaiian way to celebrate big and small special occasions.

All positive events that call for honoring the gods are a great time to have a party with friends and family, and Christmas is exactly such a good reason! 

Eat Hawaiian laulau, papicaula, or the more familiar macaroni salad. Then treat yourself to a sweet kulolo for dessert. Food (and dance) is a big part of a luau with respect for itself. 

A famous Hawaiian luau for visitors is at Waikiki Starlight at the Hilton, where you can celebrate both Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the traditional way, with flowers, tropical drinks, and all! 

3 Join A Celebratory Holiday Event

Hawaii beaches in December are perfect for a winter getaway where lots of people enjoy the sun, sand, and surf!

In Hawaii in December, there is a lot going on for the coming holiday season, including unique festive events like the Honolulu City Lights

This is an annual light show celebrating the spirit of Christmas, where you are in the middle of incredible decorations and live music and can witness an amazing fireworks show! 

Partner this with no need for heavy boots, coats, and scarves to enjoy the spectacle; it is an awesome place to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. 

4 Expect To Find Lots Of Life And Fun Events Everywhere

Unless you are looking for a secluded holiday destination (in which case, Hawaii during Christmas might not be your favorite), you can expect there to be lots of people in high spirits and looking to have a good time for the holiday! 

To all you extroverts out there, this is a really good reason to go to Hawaii in December, as you will meet lots of like-minded people and possibly new friends.

There is a bit of difference between the start of the month and the end of the month, as peak season in Hawaii is nearing the holiday season around Christmas and New Year, while the first half of December is a bit quieter. 

Still, anyone who thrives and gets energy around people will love Hawaii during the holiday month!

5. Epic Hawaii Surfing Conditions Start In December

In December, the peak surfing season starts in Hawaii, and you can come here to find the big waves north on Oahu!

December is the natural kick-off for the peak surfing season in Hawaii. 

Launching the big-wave season along the northern shores of Oahu, you can come and watch world-class surfing competitions or challenge the waves yourself if you have the skills (and courage) to conquer the big waves!

6. Enjoy A Variety Of Cultural Events. 

The population of Hawaii is around 1,5 million people, of which just over 20% are native Hawaiians! 

This means that the population is very culturally diverse, which is reflected in the vast variety of cultural events you can attend in December. 

Experience Japanese Bon dancing, a dance that is meant to assure departed souls that among the living, all is well. Or go to a traditional hula dance performance, a “give-back” event, or just stroll along a local market. 

7 Spectacular New Year’s Eve In Hawaii 2024

A spectacular sunset over Oahu Hawaii with the glowing sun behind beautiful paml trees

The last day of the year is thoroughly celebrated in Hawaii, and you will find a variety of places to make sure the year ends in the best way possible. 

One of the most popular ways is to be at one of the best shows in Hawaii, Waikiki New Year’s Eve luau dinner and show. 

If you are a sailor at heart, you can also join an evening cruise, from where you have front-seat views of the Honolulu city lights, cocktail in hand, until midnight strikes, and 2023 will disappear in a cascade of lights and colors! 

If you stay on shore, the peak moment of the evening will be heading to Waikiki Beach at midnight, savoring the incredible fireworks show from the soft sands. 

Reflect on the year gone by, and welcome the brand new one in an atmosphere of gratitude, joy, and celebration beneath the fireworks!

Why Not To Go To Hawaii In December!

Could there be any reasons for not going to Hawaii in December? 

Well, you are not the only one who wants to get away from the cold this time of year. December is the start of peak season in Hawaii, which means it can be crowdy, and prices are on the rise. 

At the beginning of December, you may still be able to avoid the crowds, and prices have not started to rise yet as they will towards Christmas and New Year.

So, if you plan well ahead, you can get a non-crowdy budget holiday in Hawaii in the first half of December. 

The closer we get to the holiday season, though, expect the traveler population to increase dramatically, as well as prices. 

FAQs Hawaii Trending December Destination

Is it too cold to swim in Hawaii in December? 

The waters in Hawaii in December are not as warm as in the summer, but you will probably still enjoy a swim.

The sea temperatures around the island group generally stay at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What Hawaiian Island Is best to visit in December? 

The best Hawaiian island to visit in December is probably Maui, where there are calm oceans and little rain, and it is also a wonderful place for whale watching! 

Around 12,000 humpback whales come down from the cold waters of Alaska every year to mate and give birth in the warm waters around Hawaii. 

Oahu is the most popular island in Hawaii all year round, and this is still the case for December; this island is also where you have the best chance of finding budget accommodation. 

The Big Island is perfect for really warm weather, even during winter, especially if you decide to travel to the Kailua-Kona side. 

For amazing nature experiences, choose Kauai, the Garden Isle, which has an incredible landscape that will take your breath away. However, this is also where you have the highest probability of rain, so bring your raincoat to this island. 

Wrap-Up Why Hawaii Is A Trending December Destination! 

December is a wonderful time to visit Hawaii for a lot of reasons, and very few factors say that this is not a good idea. 

As the island group is exiting the hurricane season, the temperatures are nice for beach life and exploring, and the festive season is right around the corner, Hawaii has activities, events, and celebrations that will make any heart happy. 

Despite slightly cooler temperatures and the probability of afternoon showers, the Hawaiian islands will still provide a beautiful frame for your warm-weather getaway.

It has a close-to-perfect ambiance for holiday celebrations and getting ready to enter the brand-new year!

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