How long is the flight from Toronto to Cuba

How Long Is The Flight From Toronto To Cuba (+10 other destinations) 2023!

It is no surprise that lots of Canadians travel to Cuba, after spending the majority of the last two years in Havana I meet Canadians traveling to and in Cuba “everywhere”. But I also discovered that around 500 people a month are searching online for “how long is the flight from Toronto to Cuba”!

It seems that Torontonians (is that the right name for someone living in Toronto?) in particular are looking for information about Cuba travel, and not just flying times!

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How Long Is The Flight From Toronto To Cuba?

How long is the flight from Toronto to Cuba and 10 other destinations.

The approximate duration of the flight from Toronto, Canada, to Varadero, Cuba, is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

However, the exact duration of the flight could be different depending on various factors such as the type of plane, its cruising speed, the route it takes, weather conditions, the number of passengers, stopovers, and other factors.

You can find direct flights from several Canadian airports to Varadero, Cuba.

There are no direct flights from Toronto to Havana, Cuba; if you want to fly into the Cuban capital you need to have at least one stop.

Flight Time To Cuba From Other Destinations

Below is a table of the lowest flight times to Cuba I have been able to find from a variety of international destinations.

Flight Time To Cuba

Flight time from Miami to Cuba 1 hour
Flight time from New York to Cuba3 h 45 min
Flight time from Los Angeles to Cuba8 h (1 stop)
Flight time from Vancouver to Cuba< 9h 45 min (1stop)
Flight time from Montreal to Cuba3 h 50 min
Flight time from Anchorage to Cuba23 h (2 stops)
Flight time from Oslo to Cuba15 h (1 stop)
Flight time from London to Cuba14 h (1 stop)
Flight time from Paris to Cuba10 hours
Flight time from Moscow to Cuba19 hours (1 stop)

Canadians Love To Travel To Cuba!

The view over Parque Central and the Capitolio in Havana
The view over Parque Central and the Capitolio in Havana

Around 4.3 million people visited Cuba in 2019, before the pandemic, of which the majority of the visitors to Cuba were from Canada.

A whopping 1.1 million Canadians visited Cuba annually before the pandemic; the numbers have been steadily increasing by almost 10% annually since 2007 but then dropped dramatically in 2020 and 2021.

Cuba receives visits from travelers around the world through scheduled and charter airlines that land in one of the islands’ ten international airports, of which resort haven Varadero is the most popular destination.

If or when the U.S. decides to lift travel restrictions to Cuba, it is expected that 1.5 million Americans will visit annually. This could potentially change Canadians’ standing as Cuba’s most frequent visitors!

Top Tours In Havana Cuba: 
Classic Car Tour Of Havana
Day Trip To Vinales Valley 
Classic Car Beach Day Trip

US Travelers To Cuba

A restaurant on Plaza Vieja in Old Havana
A restaurant on Plaza Vieja in Old Havana

US citizens can visit Cuba, but not for tourism purposes. A US citizen that wants to visit Cuba in 2023, needs to choose between 12 pre-approved reasons for travel to Cuba, where the most popular reason is “to help the Cuban people”:

In 2018, as a result of the thawing relationship between Cuba and the US, more than 600 000 Americans visited Cuba.

After the pandemic, and a tightening of sanctions under the Trump administration, the number of US citizens traveling to Cuba annually, plummeted to around 10% of that number.

American cruise lines were no longer permitted to dock in Cuban cruise ports, and the Trump administration also put Cuba on the list of states that sponsor terrorism which further complicated Cuba travel.

Europeans Travel To Cuba

There are no restrictions for Europeans to travel to Cuba.

However, after the US added Cuba to the support for terror list, Europeans who have visited Cuba after January 2021 will not be eligible for the electronic visa to the US; the ESTA.

Europeans can still visit Cuba and travel to the US, but they will need to apply for a US visa (like the B1B2) and conduct an interview at the US Embassy.

FAQs Cuba 2023

Traditional Ropa Vieja Pulled Pork in Cuba

Is Cuba Open For Tourism Right Now?

Yes, Cuba is open for tourism in 2023. The only exception, which is not a regulation set by Cuba, is that American citizens are not allowed to visit Cuba for tourism purposes.

American travelers are, however, able to visit Cuba under one of the pre-approved reasons to travel to Cuba determined by the US Government, of which the most popular one is “to help the Cuban people”.

Read more here about travel from Canada to Cuba, and travel from the US to Cuba, respectively, in 2023.

Jose Marti International Airport

Jose Marti International Airport is the airport of the Cuban capital Havana, situated around half an hour’s drive from Havana’s city center.

There are no buses or airport trains from Jose Marti airport, but there are plenty of taxis available outside arrivals, and you can also book private transport before your arrival if you prefer to have everything organized.

Where Is Varadero Airport?

Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport is the airport you will fly to if you decide to travel to Varadero, Cuba.

The airport is located on the main island, around 25 minutes drive from the center of Varadero town, on the Varadero peninsula.

How Safe Is Cuba?

Cuba is a very safe destination for travelers. The island is considered one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean region, and there is very little reported crime against tourists in Cuba.

Be normally vigilant to protect yourself from pickpockets and petty crime like you would anywhere, but rest assured you can feel safe traveling to and in Cuba.

Can I Travel To Cuba On My Own?

Yes, any traveler can travel to Cuba on their own. If you are a US citizen, you need to get a PINK tourist card to enter Cuba (other nationalities need the GREEN version).

US citizens also must choose one of the 12 pre-approved reasons for travel to Cuba, and can not stay in governmentally owned hotels or resorts.

How Much Cash Can You Bring To Cuba?

You can bring $5000 to Cuba without needing to register your money in customs. If you bring over $5000, you need to register your cash at customs in Cuba.

Wrap-Up How Long Is The Flight From Toronto To Cuba

There you have it, you can find a direct flight from Toronto to Varadero, which will take you to Cuba in only around three and a half hours, and from there, you are free to explore all the amazing Cuban destinations!

Hopefully, you also found the extra information helpful, and if you want more information about Cuba travel, feel free to explore the vast number of articles on Cuba travel on this website!

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