How to extend your tourist card for Cuba, so you can enjoy these beaches for a little bit longer!

Are you traveling to Cuba, and planning to stay for the long haul?

Then you might need to know how you go about extending your tourist card for Cuba when you are in the country!

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Tourist Card For Cuba

You don’t need to apply for a tourist card for Cuba, also called a tourist visa for Cuba.

You simply need to buy one, as well as buy your ticket and get yourself a casa particular to stay in while in Cuba.

There are various ways to do that, from the Cuban embassy in your country, and online providers like Easy Tourist Card, or your airline might sell or provide you with the Cuban tourist card.

How Long Is A Tourist Card For Cuba Valid?

How to extend tourist card for Cuba
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From November 1st, 2022, one Cuban tourist card is valid for three months or 90 days.

While in Cuba, you will be able to extend the duration of the tourist card for another 90 days, to be able to stay a total of 180 days in Cuba.

After 180 days, you need to leave the country, but you do not need to stay out of the country for more than a minimum of one day.

As soon as you have bought a new tourist card for Cuba and a plane ticket, you can enter Cuba again and stay for another 90 + 90 days.

You can read all about how to buy a tourist card for Cuba here.

Extend Your Tourist Card For Cuba In Cuba

El Morro Fortress in Havana
El Morro Fortress in Havana

To extend your tourist card for Cuba, you need to personally go to an office of immigration in Cuba to get the extension.

In Havana, this office is in the Vedado, Calle (street) 19 between Calle J and K, on the corner of Calle K.

You do not need an appointment to do this, you just show up, present your mission, and wait in line for your turn.

Often you will be asked to submit your papers to the staff while you wait your turn until someone calls your name.

Note that the staff is unlikely to speak English, so be prepared to have the conversation in Spanish.

Be aware that the wait might be long, lines in Cuba take time, so make sure you are not in a hurry!

Scuba diving in Cuba

The papers and documentation you need to bring are:

  • Your passport
  • Your current tourist card
  • Stamps worth 625 Cuban pesos (CUP) that you need to buy beforehand at a post office (that is what you pay with)
  • Documentation of your accommodation with address and dates
  • Travel insurance that is valid up to and including your day of departure
  • You might be asked to show your plane ticket with the date of departure from the country

When you get into the office you might be asked some questions about your stay, your accommodation, your departure, etc. Don’t worry, and just answer them to the best of your ability.

Finding a place to print your documents in Cuba is difficult, but the immigration office will accept that you display your documentation electronically on your phone.

That includes plane tickets, travel insurance, and documentation of accommodation.

Make Sure You Bring Everything!

Cayo Santa Maria beach in Cuba
Cayo Santa Maria beach in Cuba

You will not be allowed to extend your tourist card until exactly 90 days have passed!

So if your tourist card for Cuba expires on a Saturday or Sunday, you need to show up at the immigration office on the following Monday.

If there is something wrong with the documentation you have brought, or you are missing something, you will not be able to get the extension of your tourist concluded.

You will be asked to fix what is wrong or missing, and come back later or on another day.

As soon as everything is submitted and correct, you can walk out with an extended tourist card to stay in Cuba for another 90 days!

Can I Enter Cuba Several Times On One Tourist Card?

The rooftop terrace at La Guarida in Havana

No, you can not enter Cuba several times on one tourist card for Cuba.

The tourist card is valid for only one entry.

When you leave the country, you need to buy a new tourist card to enter Cuba again even though you have “more time left” on the tourist card you already have.

Wrap-Up How To Extend Tourist Card For Cuba!

Now you should be able to head over to the immigration office to extend your tourist card in Cuba like a pro!

Just ensure you bring all the required documentation and a large dose of patience, and you will be on your way for more Cuban adventures in no time (or in a few hours).

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