The beautifully lit pool and lounge area at the Iberostar Grand Packard in Havana at night, right on the Prado Avenue.

Beautiful Iberostar Grand Packard Havana Review! (Cuba 2024)

In this Iberostar Grand Packard Havana review, I will tell you why this is one of my favorite hotels in Havana!

One of Havana’s newest, most modern, and most elegant hotels (and one of my absolute favorites) is the Iberostar Grand Packard!

I have stayed here several times, and I even spent New Year’s Eve here!

The atmosphere is modern, delicate, and tranquil, even though it is only a stone’s throw away from Old Havana and all the buzz.

Also, the lounge and pool area with the restaurant and bar that cuts through the building halfway and has spectacular views of the Malecon, the Prado, and El Morro fortress across the bay is magic!

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The Elegant Iberostar Grand Packard Havana Reveiw!

Iberostar Grand Packard Havana review. The Iberostar Grand Packard in Havana has it all! Here is the airy foyer decorated for Christmas!

The Hotel Packard La Habana (in Spanish) foyer is large and light, and airy, with an incredible distance from floor to ceiling!

The nice and helpful staff that have you checked in in a flash, and you can head for your room.

From the glass elevator, you can watch the foyer for several floors because of the incredible space in the lobby.

Iberostar Grand Packard Rooms

The light and elegant rooms at the Iberostar Grand Packard in Havana.
Your room at the Grand Packard

The rooms at Grand Packard are light, spacious, and incredibly elegant, with large windows and an amazing view of the entrance to the Havana harbor and the famous Prado Avenue!

Once in your room, I recommend you change into your bathing suit and spend a bit of time beside the stunning pool, just landing, before you start exploring the city.

The infinity pool is L-shaped, so you swim all the way to the end towards El Morro, then turn right and head in towards the inner Havana bay!

The view from the Iberostar Grand Packard is impeccable, right by the entrance to the Havana Bay with El Morro on the other side, sitting on the side of venerable El Prado Avenue!
Sunset from the pool over to El Morro Fortress

Iberostar Grand Packard Amenities

  • Pool & Jacuzzi
  • Spa & Gym
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Wifi
  • AC
  • Bilingual staff
  • Parking (public, free)

Iberostar Grand Packard Has A Perfect Location!

The view of the Iberostar Grand Packard from outside, with the Prado right there in front!
The hotel from the outside, with the Prado right in front and the Malecon behind me- the pool floor is where the classic architecture ends!

The Iberostar Grand Packard is perfectly situated in a modern building just at the end of the venerable avenue El Prado, which ends where the Malecon starts.

This is also where the open sea meets the narrow entrance to Havana Bay, guarded by fortifications on both sides of the bay!

It is almost a shame that you need to leave this hotel to explore all the things to do in Havana (of course, it is not really a shame, but this lounging area is just amazing!).

If you want to opt for booking one or more organized tours in Havana, this is also a great starting point.

On a normal day, the bar and restaurant here at the Grand Packard are not too crowded, but in the high season, it might be different.

Either way, the spaces are open and wide, so you can relax anyway!

Most people want to venture out into Havana at night and try out the amazing Havana restaurants and paladares (privately owned restaurants) throughout the city!

You absolutely should; there are amazing places to eat in Havana and also amazing places to go after dinner for either dancing or a quiet cocktail on a rooftop.

But you can have dinner in-house if you want to if you are super tired and exploring Havana seems daunting!

From the Grand Packard, you have walking distance to a myriad of famous and popular sights in Old Havana and Central Havana.

The Iberostar Grand Packard bar was exceptionally blue on New Year's Eve!
An extra blue bar on New Year’s Eve beside the pool!

If you want to get over to Vedado or Miramar, the western areas in Havana, it is easy to get a taxi to take you over there. Just remember to agree on the price before you get in!

Inhouse Bar & Restaurants (& Room Service)

Happy New Year at Iberostar Grand Packard!
Happy New Year from the Grand Packard

Also, when your Havana night outside the hotel is over, head up here for a nightcap and bring it with you to one of the lounging chairs by the pool!

In the daytime, these lounging chairs are PERFECT for a siesta, a light lunch at one of the small tables, or just snuggling with an audiobook behind the sunglasses.

The bar and restaurant staff are just a glance away for whatever assistance you might need.

This outdoor floor, which is actually halfway up the building, is an amazing oasis!

From here, you can enjoy the uninterrupted view of El Morro across the bay and do a bit of people-watching as the Prado and the Malecon are just below the terrace!

And A Spectacular Breakfast!

The breakfast restaurant is delicate and airy, and the buffet breakfast lacks nothing!

After a good night’s sleep (the beds are also amazing), you can stroll down here for your breakfast!

There is no shortage of anything here; you’ll be all fueled up to head out into the city, or day tour, or whatever your plan is!

Things To Do In Havana Outside Your Door!

Explore Havana and the streets of the old city withing walking distance from the Iberostar Grand Packard. Stilt dancers with colorful blue, red and purple clothing coming down the streets in the sunshine!

When you are staying at the Grand Packard, you are walking distance from “everything” in Old and Central Havana and the Malecon boardwalk!

If you decide to book organized tours in Havana during your stay, you will normally be picked up from your hotel as part of the itinerary, just at your doorstep.

Within walking distance in the old city, you find a plethora of stunning rooftop terraces, nice bars and cafes, historic sites, and dancing places.

There are even great dancing schools in Old Havana, where you can take classes in the various Cuban dance styles, like the beautiful Kizomba!

Read about 42 amazing things to do in Havana and start your city holiday planning!

Want To Explore More Of Cuba?

Plaza Mayor in Trinidad Cuba on a sunny summer day!
Plaza Mayor in Trinidad Cuba

Find out what you can do outside of sizzling Havana as well!

I have traveled around Cuba extensively, and here is all the information you need about these exciting destinations:

FAQs About Havana

Is Havana, Cuba, safe?

Yes, Havana, the capital of Cuba, is very safe for travelers.

Cuba is one of the safest destinations to visit in the Caribbean region.

What Are The Best Things To Do In Havana Cuba?

There are a myriad of things to do in Havana, Cuba, from exploring historic sights and culture, fun tours, dining experiences, beach lounging just outside the city, and a vibrant nightlife.

Check out this overview of the best things to do in Havana.

Are There Nice Restaurants In Havana Cuba?

Yes, there are a variety of really good restaurants in Havana, Cuba, in all price ranges.

You will find everything from small “hole in the wall” fast-food takeaway places to amazing high-end gourmet restaurants in Havana.

Best Hotels In Havana Cuba

There are a variety of hotels and accommodations to choose from in Havana, Cuba, in all price classes, apart from the Grand Packard.

Be aware that Americans can not stay in governmental-owned hotels in Cuba that are on the US-Cuba restricted list.

US citizens can find amazing accommodations in the many casa particuares for rent in Havana, as can other travelers who want a more authentic stay!

Wrap-Up Iberostar Grand Packard Havana Review

The venerable El Morro fortress at night, guarding the entrance to Havana Bay.

For the record, I have always paid for my stays here, so this review is not based on a sponsored stay!

I just really like this hotel; its location, amenities, ambiance, rooms, pool, breakfast, everything is really good if you want a pampered stay centrally in Havana with everything at your fingertips.

If you are ready to book, click the button below! Or check this overview of a variety of five-star hotels in Havana if you are not sure yet!

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