Is Varadero worth visiting?

Is Varadero Worth Visiting 2023? (Spoiler Alert: Yezz! Here’s Why!)

When you are going to Cuba, where should you be going to in Cuba? Is Varadero worth visiting, or should you choose another destination as a base for your Cuba holiday?

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Is Varadero Worth It?

Is Varadero worth it? Definately, if you really like paradisiacal beaches!
This is the Hicacos Peninsula and Varadero

Yes, Varadero is worth it if you are a person who loves the Caribbean climate, beaches, water sports, pool lounging, and exploring a variety of fun activities!

Deciding whether Varadero is worth visiting for you, first, you need to decide what you want from your Cuba holiday!

Paradisiacal Varadero Cuba

In Varadero, you get to spend time on one of the world’s best beaches, all-inclusive resorts, all kinds of water sports, poolside lounge life, and also a bit of adventure if you want to.

Varadero is not a big city and will not get you great nightlife, but some decent clubs, especially on the weekends.

Varadero is not a great destination for a big-city holiday but then again, Havana is not too far away!

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Need To Know Varadero!

Resort life in Varadero Cuba.
Resort life in Varadero Cuba

Varadero is a peninsula, around 2,5 hours east of Havana, an area that exclusively exists only as a resort area.

In fact, Varadero is the largest resort area in the Caribbean!

5 Top-Rated Tours In Varadero Cuba

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of amazing water activities and tours to do in Varadero, Cuba, which is a peninsula stretching out into the Atlantic!

But that is not all there is to Varadero; here are 5 of the top-rated tours you can do in Varadero on your holiday!

Here are the most common questions about Varadero answered to help you decide on your holiday plans, itinerary, or whatever question you need enlightened about Varadero.

How far is Varadero from Havana?

Varadero is around 110 miles, 160 kilometers from Havana, a trip that takes a little over two hours in a car.

You can also take the Viazul bus between Varadero and Havana, which will take around 3,5 hours.

Viazul bus service in Cuba
Viazul bus service in Cuba

What is Varadero Cuba known for?

Varadero Cuba is known to be the largest resort area in the Caribbean!

A peninsula covered in all-inclusive resorts, and crispy white beaches scattered with palms and pools it is a Caribbean paradise for international travelers looking for the perfect getaway.

So if you want a pampering Caribbean holiday in Cuba, Varadero is perfect for you!

Pro Tip: Get a cute travel duffle bag that has room for your bikini, a pair of shoes, a change of clothes, and the necessities for your day trip! I love this one from Bagsmart!

Most Cubans, however, have never had the opportunity to set foot inside an all-inclusive resort in Varadero unless they work there. This is a place for foreigners, or extranjeros, in Cuban.

So if you want to get to know Cubans, their culture, and their way of life, Varadero is not the place for you.

Or you can choose to stay at a Cuban casa particular in Varadero town, and get a taste of the Cuban culture that way!

Pro Tip: Get yourself a water bottle with a filter before your Cuba holiday, and you can drink water from anywhere!

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Day Trips From Varadero

Day trip from Varadero to Havana?
Day trip from Varadero to Havana?

One good thing about Varadero is that it is “centrally” located in the western part of the main island of Cuba.

It is close to Havana but also to Santa Clara, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Vinales, and Cayo Santa Maria.

It is even possible to go for a day trip to Vinales from Varadero, although you have to get up really early, and that will be a really long day! But it is possible.

You can make day trips from Varadero in an organized manner, join a tour operator that will fix everything for you and get you back home by the end of the day, or embark on your own adventure.

There are also plenty of tours and excursions to do in Varadero and the surrounding province if you prefer to avoid the long transport distances, so you will not be bored!

Day Trip from Varadero to Vinales?
Day Trip from Varadero to Vinales?

If you choose the latter, I suggest you have a pre-planned and pre-paid trip with a taxista, a taxi driver.

Book a taxi privado or collectivo (if you are a group or several people doing the tour together), as finding transport on the go in Cuba probably will be a challenge.

Your hotel or casa particular host will help you find a taxi driver.

A taxi collectivo will have more or less fixed prices for the longer journeys, to Havana or Trinidad, and the driver will inform you of his price for a scheduled collectivo trip.

The casa host will probably not negotiate a price for you for a private taxi unless it is part of his negocio, side business, so prepare to negotiate the price yourself.

You can take a day tour just off the beach and into the sea too

Playa Varadero – Varadero Beach

Playa Varadero or Varadero Beach is long, following the whole length of the peninsula ending its stretch into the Atlantic Ocean on its way over to Key West and Florida.

Varadero Beach was voted the second most beautiful beach in the world on TripAdvisor in 2019, so it is just not any beach we are talking about!

You can access this beach without staying at fancy all-inclusive hotels, as most casa particulares in Varadero town will put you only a few minutes walk away from a beach entrance.

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The price awarded Varadero Beach!
The price awarded Varadero Beach

How Is The Varadero Nightlife?

Well, there is the nightlife in Varadero, but Varadero town is also a small town – a village almost.

And the Varadero nightlife is most vibrant on the weekends, not during the weekdays.

There are bars and clubs and shows in several of the all-inclusive resorts in Varadero, but these are not what you probably would call “nightlife” at all.

But they are a nice way to have some nightly vibes in the evenings, Monday through Friday.

For the weekends in Varadero, check out what travelers before you have had to say about the Varadero nightlife on TripAdvisor.

How Is The Varadero Nightlife?
How Is The Varadero Nightlife

Is Varadero Safe?

Yes, Varadero and Cuba are very safe for tourists.

That does not mean that nothing happens, but violent crimes, or crimes in general against tourists, are few and quite rare.

It is more likely that you will end up paying a little too much for something after a round of haggling than being robbed or assaulted, or worse.

Is Varadero safe? Yes, Varadero is very safe for tourists. Here from a sidewalk cafe in Varadero town
Boardwalk Cafe in Varadero Town

Is Varadero Open For Tourists?

Yes, Varadero has been open for tourism for a long time by December 2022.

Covid is no longer an issue in Cuba, although there still exists covid on the island.

You need to make sure you have travel insurance coverage that includes covid in case you should get sick while in Cuba and in need of isolation or treatment.

What To Do In Varadero City?

You can take a classic car tour around Varadero
You can take a classic car tour around Varadero

The small town of Varadero can hardly be called a city, but there are a few things to do if you are tired of the beach or the pools for a day.

You can visit the market, visit the Beatles bar, or the Casa del Ron.

How To Travel From Varadero To Havana?

You can take the Viazul bus from Varadero to Havana, which takes around 3,5-4 hours and costs around $12.

You book the ticket securely online, and your phone is your ticket!

The bus leaves Varadero daily around 1 pm and 5 pm, and you have to be at the station one hour before departure.

You can also get a taxi collectivo, a shared taxi, or a taxi privado (normal taxi), but that is pricier of course.

Or, you can take an organized tour from Varadero to Havana, if you only want to go for the day trip!

Wrap-Up Is Varadero Worth Visiting?

Is Varadero worth visiting? I would say yes, if you love Caribbean beaches, vibe and lounging under palm trees!
Is Varadero worth visiting then

Hopefully, this short and sweet article has given you some insight as to whether Varadero is worth visiting for you! It all depends on what you want for your holiday, really.

What I can tell you is that if you want a bit of everything and want your base to be zen and beautiful, Varadero can be a great base or starting point for your Cuba holiday.

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