Do you want an unforgettable private day tour in Havana hosted by me, exploring and experiencing all the highlights of the city?

After your private day tour in Havana 2022, why not continue the tour into the sizzling Havana night?

I have lived in Old Havana for two years, and know the streets, bars, museums, restaurants, history, sights AND Cuban!

I will make sure you don’t miss anything even if you only have one day to spend in this magical and mesmerizing city!

This private day tour in Havana will take you through the old city, nicluding the Plaza Vieja oldest square in Havana!

Private Day Tour In Havana

  • Breakfast and introductions
  • Walking tour of Old Havana 1,5 hours
  • Cocktail stop 1 drink included
  • Bicycle taxi
  • Havana China Town and Avenida San Rafael
  • Lunch (alcoholic drinks excluded)
  • Museum Visit
  • Classic Car Tour of Havana 1 hour (2 hours €30 extra)
  • Rooftop Drinks 1 drink included

Details Day

  • We start our Havana day by meeting up for breakfast at 9 am, going through the plan for the day, and getting to know each other a bit!
  • Then we spend around one and a half hours walking the streets of Old Havana, visiting Plaza Vieja, Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Catedral, Obispo Street, Bodequita del Medio, and more.
  • On our way we will make a cocktail stop (after all, we are in the capital of cocktails, and it is 5 o’clock somewhere), before we hail a bici taxi to take us to the Havana China town.
  • From there, we will walk the Avenida San Rafael down to Parque Central, and head for a refreshing lunch for an hour or so.
  • After lunch we will visit a museum of your choice in the afternoon. You can choose between either Museo de Bella Arte, Museo de la Revolucion, Casa del Rum or El Capitolio.
  • As the sun is high in the sky, we’ll jump into a Classic American Car for a one hour tour around greater Havana. This is an amazing way to get an overview of ther city. If you also want to visit the unique art district Fusterlandia created by José Fuster over 30 years, we can extend the ride to two hours (€30 extra).
  • We will end the car tour back in Parque Central, and head for a refreshing drink on a rooftop to finish of our day around 5 pm! (Any meal not included)

Private Night Tour In Havana

  • Classic Car Tour 1 hour
  • Walking the Old City
  • Sunset cocktail at a rooftop bar 1 drink included
  • Visit the La Cabana Fortress on the other side of the bay for the 9 pm ceremony and cannon salute – taxi & entrance included
  • Dinner (a la carte – meal not included)
  • Night cap 1 drink included
  • Optional: Clubbing to Bar LM or Fabrika de Arte or Casa de la Musica Miramar

Details Night

  • We start the Havana night experience by meeting up in Parque Central at 4 pm where we head out for a Classic Car Tour for one hour (2 hours €30 extra).
  • Then we spend around one and a half hours walking the streets of Old Havana, visiting Plaza Vieja, Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Catedral, Obispo Street, Bodequita del Medio, and more.
  • After the walk you are going to need a breather, so we’ll go to a rooftop to enjoy the sunset over a Cuban cocktail.
  • Visit to the La Cabana fortress across the bay to see the ceremony that happens every night between 8 and 9 pm finishing off with a cannon salute!
  • Dinner at an amazing Central Havana paladar
  • Then we’ll head for a Cuban nightcap
  • I will leave you around midnight but feel free to continue your own Havana night clubbing! I am happy to recommend where to go, and how to get there!

Havana Day & Night Tour!

If you have the stamina, we can also do the day + night tour back to back!

You will get a full day & night tour guided by me, you get all the details of the day tour, and in addition, we will be heading into the sizzling Havana night together.

I will be with you the whole day, and guide you through all the sights and experiences, making sure there are no language troubles or transport issues and get us to the best places in the city!

I will leave you around midnight, but if you want to continue the night into the small hours, I have lots of advice on where you could go, and make sure you get a taxi to take you safely there and back!

Private Day Tour In Havana Prices

Havana Day Tour 2-3 personsPer person€150
Havana Day Tour 4-6 personsPer person€120
Havana Night Tour 2-3 personsPer person€110
Havana Night Tour 4-6 personsPer person€90
Havana Day & Night Tour 2-3 personsPer person€220
Havana Day & Night Tour 4-6 personsPer person€190

Perfectly Tailored Private Day Tour In Havana?

If you have any specific wishes or want to have a completely tailored experience, please contact me with your inquiry.

We will talk about your options making sure you get your perfect Havana one-day and night experience!

Check Availability!

Contact me with any questions you might have, or to check availability on the date and type of tour you are interested in!

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Please note that subject to holidays, extreme weather conditions, unexpected electricity outages, and changing opening hours in Cuba the details might change a bit. That will not reduce the quality of the tour you have booked, however, as I will find substitutes that offer the same quality and experience!