Best Small Group Tours Cuba!


The Best Small Group Tours Cuba!

If you prefer to have someone help you out with the travel planning or travel solo (but want some company), small group tours in Cuba are perfect for you!

I have traveled extensively in Cuba since 2019 and have lived in Old Havana for over two years, so I know this island and all its destinations super well!

In this article, I will introduce you to my tried and trusted tour organizer for years on destinations and activities where going solo was not an option.

I have booked several small group tours with both G-Adventures and Civitatis, and can confidently recommend that you travel with them.

These companies will ensure you optimize your time and resources for your Cuba tours, using local qualified staff, fixing all transport legs (which is the reason things might be complicated in Cuba), and bringing you like-minded travel companions to share your experiences with!

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Map Overview | Small Group Tours Of Cuba

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Top Rated Small Group Tours Of Cuba With G-Adventures!

G-Adventures is a small-group adventure travel company that operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. They are focused on eco-friendly and sustainable travel, not exploiting the environment or culture, and use local guides and staff all across their many destinations.

I have walked the Inca Trail with G-Adventures, done the 4-day hike to The Lost City in the Columbian jungle, and explored Costa Rica for 2 weeks, among other things.

G-Adventures operates various tours to Cuba with different destinations, prices, and also durations, including all the fascinating and interesting destinations and adventures you don’t want to miss.

As part of the itinerary, G Adventure small group tours have some activities included in the plan and payment, while there also is a lot of flexibility and free time in the different destinations where you can do exactly what you want to!

šŸ“I completely trust and recommend booking your tour with G Adventures; traveling with them to Cuba, you will be in the best of hands! šŸ†

Flights are not included in these tours, but you can research a great price for flights and other services here!

Here is an overview of the most popular multi-day small group tours of Cuba with G Adventures.

1. The Cuba Explorer Tour With G Adventures 9 Days!

Itinerary: Havana – ViƱales – Cienfuegos – Trinidad – Santa Clara – Havana

Small group tours to Cuba will take you to see all the stunning colonial architecture in Trinidad!
Colonial houses in Trinidad
Take a detour to Cayo Levisa outside Vinales on your small group tour to Cuba!
Cayo Levisa outside ViƱales!

Explore all the unique sides of Cuba’s amazing culture and history on this nine-day Cuba Explorer Tour, starting with two days in Havana!


You will be cruising Havanaā€™s history-infused streets in a classic car, walking the historic old city, and having time to explore on your own. Maybe on a bike?

The 500 years of the colonial history of Cuba and its importance in the trade route between the Old and New World.

Its incredible mixture of old European, African, and Caribbean people and cultures makes the island a colorful melting pot.

Vinales Valley

Not all small group tours to Cuba includes the lush green UNESCO protected Vinales Valley. If yours does not, you can opt for a day trip here, to see the cigar making, taste the rum, and visit Cueva del Indio!
Vinales Valley

Then, you travel to the lush green ViƱales Valley to learn about the famous Cuban cigar, rum, and sugar production.

Tour a tobacco plantation, test the iconic Cuban cigars, and enjoy the view of the islandā€™s rolling western mogote hills.


Move on to Cienfuegos town, La Perla Del Sur, on the southern coast, and visit the museum of the infamous Bay of Pigs incident on Playa Giron on the way!

Trinidad & Santa Clara

Stroll along Trinidadā€™s unchanged colonial cobblestone streets in the heart of colonial Cuba before you return to Havana via a short stop in the revolutionary city of Santa Clara!

What’s included in this tour:

Arrival transfer to Havana, accommodation, a walking tour of Old Havana. Havana classic car tour, Revolution Square visit. Cigar tour in ViƱales, Trinidad orientation walk, and Bay of Pigs museum.

Guided tour and entry to historical sites in Santa Clara. Informal Spanish lesson. All transport, 8 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner.

You will travel in air-conditioned vehicles and stay in private casa particulares at all locations!

2. Cuban Rhythms Beachfront & Havana Vibes Tour G-Adventures 8 Days

Itinerary: Havana – ViƱales – Playa Larga – Trinidad – Santa Clara – Havana

Even though you are on a small group tour to Cuba, you have plenty of time to explore on your own. Stroll the Prado avenue, and visit El Morro fortress!
El Morro across the bay at the end of the Prado
Local fishermen getting tonights dinner from the Malecon in Havana.
Locals fishing on the Malecon of Havana

The 8 days Cuban Rhythms Tour has many of the same destinations as the Explorer tour, but you have one day less to explore what you want to see and do and some less organized activities.

Also, the age requirement is between 18-39.

On this 8-day tour, you will still be able to dive into lots of the incredible Cuban history and culture, starting in Havana!

Many people know a bit about Fidel Castro and the revolution, salsa, and the Caribbean beaches of Cuba.

But Cuba is so much more, and although all Cubans don’t dance (like all Norwegians don’t ski), there is music everywhere!

When you have time to explore Havana, make sure to spend some time walking the Malecon boardwalk and feel the tiny salty drops from the Caribbean on your face!

Visit the Museum of the Revolution and the Revolutionary Square, but also remember to dive into the 500 years of motley history that came before that!

Walk the Avenida Prado, the Plaza Vieja, Plaza de Armas, and get a taxi over to El Morro, the city fortress!

With your extra time in ViƱales, be sure to not miss the stunning interior of Cueva del Indio. This is a huge majestic cave system with a small river inside, where you walk in and ride a boat back out into the sunlight!

Visit the Casa de la Musica in Trinidad, the mausoleum of Che Guevara in Santa Clara, and be swept away by the beauty at Playa Larga on the south coast!

What’s included:

Airport transfer to Havana, all transport, accommodation in casa particulares. Walking tour of Old Havana, Palacio del Valle visit, city walk in Trinidad and ViƱales, visit to the Manaca Iznaga community, salsa lesson, Che Guevara Mausoleum. 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner.

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šŸ“ I only recommend services I love and trust on this travel blog! šŸ†
If you use my affiliate links to do your bookings, the service provider will compensate me for my work, at no extra cost to you! Thank you!

3. Treasures Of Cuba Tour With G-Adventures 15 Days!

Itinerary: Havana, Sancti Spiritus, Bayamo, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba, Sierra Maestra mountain range, Camaguey, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Havana

Most small group tours of Cuba does not include dinner in the package. This is because there are so many great restaurants you can visit on your own (or with the group), like La Guarida in Havana!
Dining in Havana
Small group tours of Cuba normally will have stays in privately owned casa particulares which is a great experience. If you also want a bit of luxury, you can opt for a hotel with a rooftop terrace and pool like here; the Manzana Kempinski in Havana.
Rooftop sunset in Havana

The Treasures of Cuba Tour has mastered the art of fitting almost all the amazing sides to Cuba in a 15 days tour of the island!

You will start in Havana and then travel along all the northern shore destinations all the way to the east side of the island.

Here, you visit Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba before you turn back towards Havana along the southern coast!

This is in no shape or form slow travel, but you will get the absolute most out of your two-week holiday to Cuba with this itinerary.

You do not need to coordinate transport, accommodation, or activities yourself at any time if you don’t want to (which in Cuba can be a test of patience and grit).

Several places in Cuba you can join horseback riding tours to experience the Cuban countryside, like Vinales, or like her, in Trinidad!
Horseback riding in Trinidad

G-Adventure will provide you with suggestions for activities if you have not already done your own research and know what you want to do.

So rest assured, even in a group tour, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Caribbean beaches, nightlife, and off-the-itinerary adventures you are passionate about!

If you also really want to visit ViƱales (you may have noticed it is not on the itinerary), stay for another day and opt for a separate day trip!

What’s included:

Airport transfer in Havana, all transport, all accommodation.
Havana walking tour and vintage car tour, various orientation walks/sightseeings, salsa lesson, informal Spanish lesson, visiting G-Adventures supported projects.
Comandancia de la Plata Hike (to Fidel Castros Headquarter in Sierra Maestra), Che Guevara mausoleum.
14 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner!

4. Highlights of Cuba 6 Days Tour

Itinerary: Havana – Santa Clara – Trinidad – Havana.

The Highlights of Cuba is the shortest organized tour of Cuba you can get with G-Adventures, starting and ending in Havana.

You will get to see a bit of Havana before visiting Santa Clara, which is where Che Guevara is buried; there is a huge mausoleum there in his honor today.

This is also a very historically important town, as it is where the decisive battle of the Cuban Revolution was fought in 1958!

Then you visit Trinidad, an incredibly charming and well-kept colonial city, which was the wealthiest town in Cuba at one point when the Cuban sugar trade was at its peak!

Then it went downwards, and as Trinidad was priced out of the sugar trade, the town became completely forgotten in Cuba.

This is why it has hardly changed at all and why it today is on the UNESCO World Heritage List of protected places (Cuba has 9 of them).

It is kind of a whirlwind tour, and on the downside, it does not include the Cigar capital, Vinales Valley, which I recommend you visit, too. So the solution to that is to have a few days extra at the beginning or end of your tour and go by yourself.

Mural de la Prehistoria in Vinales Valley

To visit Vinales, you can either just get on the Viazul bus from Havana to Vinales and book a casa particular for a night or two there! Check this Vinales article for inspiration for what to do.

It is also possible to visit Vinales on a day trip, super stuffed with adventure from morning to night, but a day trip is better than not going, and it is a really well-organized tour with great guides that I have done myself.

You will like it!

About G-Adventures

With a focus on responsible travel and environmental protection, G-Adventures supports various local initiatives in all its destinations.

I have had nothing but great experiences with them, and based on the reviews, hundreds of other people agree!

The G-Adventures tours are a mixture of organized activities and free time to explore on your own. This gives you flexibility while also safely traveling with a group.

G-Adventures has various tours to Cuba, including all the fascinating and interesting destinations and adventures you don’t want to miss. Flights are not included in these tours, so research a great price here!

Small Group Tours Of Cuba With Civitatis

small group tours in Cuba
The garden of Hotel Nacional in Havana Cuba

Civitatis is a huge and renowned tour company working with the Spanish-speaking part of the world (guides are bilingual).

They currently work with a whooping 3270 destinations worldwide, and over 70,000 tours and activities!

Civitatis has tons of day trips, two- and multi-day trips, and also longer guided tour packages in the most popular destinations in the Spanish-speaking market, including Cuba.

As they are British-owned, Civitatis is not prohibited from offering services in Cuba, and are doing so legally.

I have checked with Civitatis, who says that American citizens can book tours with them within the US regulations for Cuba travel.

šŸ“I have personally done several tours with Civitatis in Cuba and can confidently recommend traveling with them for your Cuba adventure. A lot of reviews from other people say the same thing! šŸ†

5. 15-Day Tour Of Cuba With Civitatis

Itinerary: Havana – Cienfuegos – Santa Clara – Camaguey – Holguin – Baracoa – Santiago de Cuba – Bayamo – Trinidad – Havana

The vast mountains of the Sierra Maestra, stunning nature, and also the hiding place and headquarder of Fidel Castro in the 50eis when he was fighting against President Batistas rule.
Sierra Maestra has infinite mountains!
Most small group tours of Cuba has a stop in the small town of Santa Clara. This is where the decisive battle of the revolution took place, and is also where Che Guevara is buried in a huge mausoleum!
Mausoleum of Che Guevara

On this 15-day in Cuba tour with Civitatis, you will be picked up at the Havana airport, and after checking in to your casa, you have the day free.

Already the next morning, you will head off to the next destination, and in the first few days, you will visit La Perla del Sud; Cienfuegos, revolutionary Santa Clara with Che Guevara’s mausoleum, and Camaguey to experience Cuban folklore.

Camaguey city was built in the 17th century and was designed to disorient pirates, which is why it’s made up of narrow, intricate alleys where it’s easy to get lost! 

Then, in Holguin, you will walk the historic city and can hike to Loma de la Cruz for spectacular views! Then on to Baracoa, the first city that was founded in Cuba 500 years ago with tons of history to tell.

Santiago de Cuba is the island’s second-largest city, with a different ambiance than Havana. It was also originally the capital of Cuba for a while. Now, it is the Cuban capital of the carnival!

Some of the longer small group tours of Cuba will take you all the way to Santiago de Cuba! This is the second largest city on the island, and also the carnival capital of Cuba!
The Carnival of Santiago de Cuba

Experience the contrasting village life in Bayamo, and you can also do the really cool hike to Fidel Castro’s hideout and resistance headquarters in Sierra Maestra in the 50ies!

In this tour with Civitatis, they have saved the beach lounging for last, spending three days in Trinidad, where there are natural parks to explore, beach life and catamaran trips, museums, and history to take in!

Trinidad old city is protected by UNESCO, as it is still like a snapshot of what a colonial city in Cuba looked like hundreds of years ago, with remnants of sugar production, slave trade and traced of immense wealth.

On your last three Civitatis tour days, you can spend exploring sizzling Havana, my “hometown”, a beautiful, rundown, amazing city with a unique ambiance.

There is so much to see and do in Havana that you could easily have stayed here the whole time!

What’s included:

Airport pickup and return transfer, all transport, Englishā€“speaking guide, 14 nights accommodation with breakfast in private homes, 1 lunch and 1 dinner, activities mentioned in the itinerary.

5. 7-Days Tour In Cuba With Civitatis

Itinerary: Havana – ViƱales – Havana – Varadero – Havana

When you are in Vinales, makes sure to get a visit to the Cueva del Indio, a majestic cave structure with high ceilings with stalakites, and even an internal river where  you get to ride into the deep of the mountain!
The entrance area to the Cueva del Indio
In Vinales, you will also learn the process of growing and producing cigars, and afterwards you can test one (and buy some if you like)!
Cuban cigars before they are Cuban cigars in ViƱales!

On this seven-day Cuba tour with Civitatis, you get sizzling city life, the lush green fertile valley of Vinales with cigars and rum, and leisurely Caribbean beaches at Varadero! Less travel time and more exploring to do.

You arrive at Havana Jose Marti Airport and immediately set off to ViƱales Valley to check in and relax.

Day 2 you will explore ViƱales, where you will see the Mural of Prehistory (painted in the 60ies), the Cueva del Indio, test fresh Cuban coffee and visit local farmers. You also have some time to yourself.

On day 3, you return to Havana and spend two days exploring this amazing colonial capital city.

Walk the old city, visit the capitol building El Capitolio (that looked like the white house), walk El Prado and the Malecon (boardwalk), and opt for a classic car tour if you want to!

If you are stopping by in Varadero, there is not a lot of unique Cuban culture to explore (although some), but the beaches here in Varadero are among the most beautiful beachers in the world!
Beaches of Varadero Cuba

On day 5 you travel on to Varadero, the paradisiacal peninsula a few hours to the east, where you really can relax and unwind in a truly Caribbean-vibing beach paradise.

Spend a couple of days in an amazing all-inclusive resort (note: US citizens must adhere to the restrictions list for accommodation in Cuba).

The Varadero beach was actually voted second most beautiful beach in the world in 2019 on TripAdvisor!

Then, on the last day, you will have transport back to Havana to catch your flight home after your Cuba experience, which I promise will stay with you for a lot longer!

What’s included in this tour:

Pick up and drop off at Havana airport, English-speaking guide, all transport, 4-night stay in a private house with breakfast, 2 nights all-inclusive stay in a 4-star hotel in Varadero, 1 lunch in ViƱales. For private and exclusive tours, check the full itinerary.

Travel Tips Cuba | Before You Go!

Because of the situation between the US and Cuba, sanctions, internal factors, and political reforms, there are things you need to know and do before you set off to Cuba!

Tourist Visa / Tourist Card To Cuba

You need a tourist visa for Cuba, which will be valid for one month. You can order such a visa easily online; I use Easy Tourist Card every time I return to Havana.

US citizens (or those traveling via a US airport) must buy the PINK tourist card, other visitors need to order the GREEN one.

Inside the cathedral in Santiago de Cuba, stunning arhed ceilings filled with paintings and murals!
Santiago de Cuba Cathedral
All small group tours of Cuba has at least a couple of days in Havana. Here is where you will see the old meets the new, like this guy selling bread from his bike while connected to the internet (whicl only has been possoble since 2018).
Bicitaxi in Havana

Special Travel Requirements for US citizens

US citizens are not allowed to visit Cuba as tourists, but this is merely an administrative issue.

For Cuba tours from the US, you need to choose between 12 pre-approved reasons to visit, like “help the Cuban people,” and that is that.

You don’t need a written permit or document; this is simply your statement if anyone asks.

You also can not stay in hotels or casas that are associated with the Cuban state, as defined in a list drafted by the US government.

This seems like a lot, but there are thousands of casa particulares in Cuba, and you will have no problem finding one that is approved – most are.

To connect to the internet in Cuba, you need to buy a scratch card at Etecsa, and find an internet park where there is wifi to connect to!
Wifi park in Cienfuegos
Incredible centuries old structures in Old Havana in the middle of the city.
Old Havana Fortress by the bay

Cuba Packing List | What To Bring?

There are lots of amenities that are not available in Cuba. Expect to NOT be able to buy any over-the-counter medicine like painkillers, creams, and ointment. If you regularly use these, you need to bring them.

Also, there are no shops, kiosks or supermarkets in the way you are used to.

Getting a snack to go is not always easy, and often times, several dishes on the menu are not available. This is simply because foodstuffs are hard to come about in Cuba in 2022!

As a tourist you will not suffer, don’t worry. Just be aware that the abundance of food and any items you can shop for in your country probably is not available in Cuba.

It is also smart to bring a water bottle with a filter, as Cuba is HOT, and this way, you can drink the tap water anywhere and will not be dependent on searching for a shop that has water (sodas and beer are easier to find in Cuba than water).

Check out this extensive packing list for Cuba if you need more advice!

There are more and more high-end luxury hotels in Cuba, where you have nothing but stunning luxury and leisure. Enjoy the pampering while looking at the centureis old fortress across the bay!
Hotel Grand Packard with El Morro
The Avenida San Rafael in Central Havana, where there are quite a few nice shoops, some restaurants and a lot of life!
Avenida San Rafael in Havana

Internet In Cuba | Yes, There Is!

Wi-Fi in Cuba and the internet in Cuba generally are still scarce but a lot easier than before.

You will be able to buy scratch cards from state provider Etecsa and connect via routers in public Wi-Fi parks, hotels, and some casa particulares.

I advise you to download a VPN to your phone before you go so you will not be banned from entering sites and pages that do not accept a Cuban server. This will make your life a lot easier!

Read this article if you need more information about wifi in Cuba!

The majestic Hotel Nacional in The Vedado in Havana, where the rich and famous of the world used to come and party in the first half of the 20th century!
The venerable and famous Hotel Nacional at night

Money In Cuba | Cash Is King!

Cuba is still a cash society, although there are lots of ATMs, and you can use your credit card in several (and an increasing number of) places.

Note: US credit cards do NOT work in Cuba in 2022.

Still, I advise you to bring the amount of money you expect to spend in cash. Bring euro or Canadian dollars; US dollars are again officially illegal in Cuba after a tightening of sanctions from the US.

You will be able to exchange your cash (not US dollars) in official changing offices and also “on the street” or with any Cuban, as currency is “negocio” (business) for Cubans. If you do this, do it discreetly, and you will also get a better rate than in the official bureaus.

Read this article about money in Cuba if you need more information.

Not Booked Yet? Compare Flight Prices Here!

Wrap-Up Small Group Tours In Cuba!

For most people, Cuba is a once-in-a-lifetime destination, and going with a small group tour company will help you make the best of your time here!

You will feel that life in Cuba is immediate, filterless, and loud. Life is also very difficult for Cubans after the pandemic as well as the consequences of internal reforms and external sanctions.

So your visit is important for more than one reason, not just for your experience, you are truly helping the Cuban people when you travel to Cuba now.

There is incredible architecture, stunning beaches, remarkable history, and intriguing religious roots to explore, and the dining and nightlife are again soaring.

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