Things to do alone in Miami

23 Brilliant Things To Do Alone In Miami From A Solo Traveler (2024)!

There is a myriad of things to do alone in Miami; your problem will not be boredom; it will be prioritizing!

Avid solo travelers will probably say that the solo travel experience is not so much about the destination but that you really enjoy exploring new places in your own company as a solo traveler.

I have traveled to and in Miami solo repeatedly and for long periods of time, and I love exploring the city on my own!

That said, of course, you must choose a destination that gives you the kind of experience you are looking for – which requires some planning and research.

Here is how to love Miami as a solo traveler!

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3 Top-Rated Miami Tours!

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17 Things To Do Alone In Miami!

South Beach Miami Boardwalk is one place you should visit when in Miami!
Lounge on South Beah Miami

There are enough things to do in Miami to last you a decade, and experiencing a new place as a solo traveler will always be different than if you go with a group.

Also, as the weather in Miami is super friendly all year around (except maybe in summer when the heat can be a bit much), whenever you want to visit, you will be able to have fun!

But no less amazing, I would argue quite the opposite! Here is a list of the best things to do in Miami alone, whether you are an introvert or extrovert traveler!

My Airy Favourite!

1. Embark On An Amazing Helicopter Flight Over Miami!

My most extravagant solo trip experience in a long time!

One of the things I did in Miami challenged my fears a little as I embarked on an airy helicopter tour over Fort Lauderdale and up toward Miami Beach!

You can book this tour in a small helicopter with only two seats – one for you and one for the pilot.

Flying with pilot Tracy, who had everything under control, we took off in the smallest helicopter I have ever seen!

At least half of it is the glass cockpit that allows you incredible views in all directions, so you won’t miss a thing and also be in the coolest instagrammable Miami moment ever!

Helicopter tour Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach!
Helicopter tour Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach!

You will take off from Fort Lauderdale, and during the tour, you will get “the grand tour” of the areas you are passing, and your pilot will tell you about everything through the headset.

On the way, you can make (mental) notes of the places you want to visit as soon as you are back on solid ground!

An incredible experience, and the helicopter is even a perfect size for things to do solo in Miami as it only has room for you and your pilot anyways!

I really loved it, and I am pretty sure you will, too. (And if you go with your significant other, you can even do a romantic sunset champagne flight!).

Check availability for the Helicopter Tour here!

2. “Fly” A Hovercraft In The Everglades!

Hovercraft`ing around the Everglades!

I have been fascinated by the Everglades since I was a little girl, seeing in movies how you can practically fly through the seagrass on the hovercrafts, super fast across what looks like land, searching for alligators!

The Everglades hovercraft experience was absolutely not disappointing on my first solo trip to Miami, although a bit noisier than I thought (but don’t worry – you get earplugs).

You get to admire the incredible scenery of tropical hardwood hammocks, moss-carpeted cypress domes, and soaring slash pine canopies atop limestone Rocklands (your guide will tell you all about this if you don’t know your flora and fauna).

Do you want the front row on the hovercraft in the Everglades in Miami looking for aligators?
Do you want the front row on the hovercraft?

This tour has been awarded a Badge Of Excellence, and any wildlife enthusiasts out there will be captivated by the array of wildlife roaming here.

On this tour, you will explore this unique area with your dedicated hovercraft captain, who is also a skilled tour guide and will tell you everything about the Everglades.

While looking for the famous alligators, you will stop here and there to observe the other wildlife in this area.

This is called a “subtropical wetland ecosystem,” spanning over a vast two million acres across central and south Florida!

Or A Full Day Everglades Tour For The Passionate!

The neverending Everglades

If this kind of nature experience is really a passion of yours, you might also like the Full Day Everglades Tour!

This day, you will explore the magnificent Big Cypress National Preserve with an experienced Florida Master Naturalist and identify exotic plants, animals, dolphins, manatees, and a variety of birds on a wet walk.

Afterward, you will continue on to a 1-hour boat tour to navigate through the Ten Thousand Islands in Everglades National Park.

You will also venture a bit into unknown territories on an airboat, making stops at Native American tree island villages!

3. Millionaire Row Cruise In Biscayne Bay

Millionaire Row Cruise in Biscayne Bay Miami
Millionaire Row Cruise in Biscayne Bay Miami

Seeing a few of the stunning mansions on the Biscayne Bay islands, you don’t need to be a celebrity stalker to enjoy the so-called “millionaire row cruise” in Biscayne Bay.

For this one-and-a-half-hour trip, you will slowly cruise around the artificial islands of Biscayne Bay.

“Narrator is funny and knowledgable!”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
The whole trip experience was amazing as well as the staff from the beginning to the end!

The whole trip is fun and entertaining, with a speaker that tells true and possibly true stories about the rich and famous living around these parts and the history of its development.

There is also a bar on board, and with or without a cocktail, you can enjoy the scenery, the stunning mansions, and the Miami skyline from the sea!

4. Take The Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Hop-on, hop-off tour of a sunny Miami!

Now, full disclosure: this hop-on hop-off tour gets around 3,5 stars, but I want to mention it anyway.

The reason is that I myself really appreciate hop-on hop-off tours in new destinations, simply because they give you a great overview of a new city.

In Miami, you can do this as a part of a multi-stop tour that takes you to different sights and destinations in the city.

The red double decker hop on hop off bus in Miami

Tourist-tourist on top of the bus!

Make sure you get a seat on the top floor, sit next to someone you don’t know, and strike up a conversation.

Bring sunscreen, be careful with your hat (it gets windy), and enjoy the ride (and the fun guide)!

The multi-stop tour I did will take you to Little Havana, out to the Everglades, and lastly to a sunny afternoon boat trip to the Millionaire Row and between all the islands of Biscayne Bay.

5. Little Havana Food & Walking Tour

The famous Domino Park in Little Havana Miami
The famous Domino Park in Little Havana Miami

Step into the vibrant Cuban culture of Little Havana and get ready to explore its captivating history with a guided food and walking tour.

Some travelers say you should even spend a full day here, as there is so much to explore about Cuban culture, view beautiful architecture, admire art, and discover the vibrant music scene.

On this tour, you will indulge in delicious food that will tantalize your taste buds.

Some of the best family-owned restaurants in town offer an array of delicious treats such as guava pastries, chicken plantain cups, and flan ice cream!

Clearly, you can see skilled cigar rollers demonstrate their artistry, listen to traditional Cuban music, or hang out with some friendly locals who know all about this unique district.

6. Kayak & SUP Wildlife Exploration

I loved kayaking in the mangroves in Florida!
From my own mangrove padling experience – LOVED IT!

If you know nothing about paddleboarding or the front and aft of a kayak, don’t worry!

You will get an introduction to how to do everything before you embark on this tour to the exuberant mangrove jungle.

Traverse through tight canals, looking for local wildlife such as majestic manatees, colorful iguanas, picturesque birds, amusing crabs, fish, and even dolphins if you have a lucky day!

You will spend a few zen hours immersed in nature before drifting to a tranquil island where you can splash around in the water or simply soak up some sun while indulging in fresh fruit snacks and beverages.

7. Catamaran Sunset Cruise Biscayne Bay

Miami skyline from Biscayne Bay on a day cruise!
Miami skyline from Biscayne Bay on a day cruise!

If you are more into a zen boat experience, nothing is more tropical paradise’ish than a tranquil catamaran cruise in the sunset!

Your evening will start from the bustling Bayside Marketplace, and once you have found your way to the boat, you head out for breathtaking views of iconic Miami destinations!

You can calmly admire South Beach from the waters, the glowing city skyline, and Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Glowing sunset over Miami Skyline Biscayne Bay
Glowing sunset over Miami Skyline Biscayne Bay

Sip away on your complimentary glass of sparkling wine while marveling at the sun setting over the magnificent bay!

As a solo traveler, this top-rated cruise is a perfect place to meet new people either to wind down after a long city day or to prepare for a night out!

8. Stroll The Miami Beach Boardwalk

Do you want Miami Beach Boardwalk to yourself?
Do you want Miami Beach Boardwalk to yourself?

Early in the morning, you might almost have the Miami Beach Boardwalk to yourself!

Take a nice scenic stroll on the Miami Beach Boardwalk anytime you want, but it is especially beautiful super early in the morning with the thin pink light as the sun rises!

Or in the lazy afternoon as the sun sets when the lighting is warm and calming.

Just take in the ambiance of the white beach and the waves, and everyone else on the boardwalk takes in the same scenic views as yourself.

9. Take A Free Yoga Class In South Beach

Morning yoga on Miami Beach for early risers!
Sunrise yoga on Miami Beach for early risers!

Unwind and lose all your stress amidst your busy FOMO traveler itinerary with a free yoga class in one of these three beautiful locations in South Beach, Miami.

On beautiful South Beach, you can join free sunrise or sunset yoga classes in Miami by the 3rd Street lifeguard tower!

Start your day off super early with a 7 a.m. class, or join for one at 5 p.m. (if you like to sleep in) during winter and fall months (or 6 p.m. in spring/summer).

Close to Time Out Market in Miami, Ocean Life Studio hosts Free Yoga at 11 a.m. on Sundays, where you can go directly from the sun salute to a lazy brunch.

After you’ve found your zen, you can hang around for bottomless mimosas, champagne specials, and a smorgasbord (Swedish for a sandwich).

The City of Miami Beach also hosts free yoga throughout the week, with classes held at Collins Park at The Bass on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Or test your static endurance on the Miami Beach Bandshell on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Classes start at 6 pm at both places!

Some hotels also have yoga classes that you can join if you buy a day pass there, or book a treatment in the hotel spa!

10. Visit Vizkaya Museum and Gardens

Vizkaya Museum and Gardens in Miami
Vizkaya Museum and Gardens in Miami

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a place where you can get lost in floral beauty, a stunning estate on Biscayne Bay, which is open to visitors.

Make your way through ten acres of gardens, and explore the mangrove shoreline and rockland hammock – all while diving into the stories of Miami’s past.

This is a National Historic Landmark that will calm your senses with its serene atmosphere throughout (instead of morning yoga?)!

11. Explore Miamis MoMa

The Bass is Miami Beach’s modern art museum, which highlights globally renowned artists that embody the spirit of its international destination.

By integrating current design, fashion, and architecture components into their exhibitions alongside contemporary works of art.

The Bass intends to enhance our connection to this ever-changing sphere.

12. Institute Of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami (ICA) is a unique place for exploring the realm of contemporary art, knowledge, and research projects, intent on sharing ideas not just in Maimi but globally.

Devoted to supplying everyone with open, unrestricted access to the remarkable art of today, you will find an extensive schedule of events and programs in addition to the actual collection.

And it’s free!

13. The Wolfsonian Miami

The Wolfsonian Maim has an expansive, diverse range of items on display, from important household appliances to designs uniting cultures, ambitious architectural plans, and propaganda pieces that were pivotal in war.

With over 200 thousand pieces ranging from Europe and North America to Latin America, Asia, and Africa, it might take up your whole day!

14. Contemporary Art Freedom Tower

The magnificent Freedom Tower, designed by Schultze and Weaver, is home to a contemporary art museum as well as serves as an administrative center for Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus.

Here, you can experience the flagship museum along with three special collections, including the Cuban Legacy Gallery, Kislak Center, and Exile Experience.

The Freedom Tower is a majestic (and very tall) building that in 2008, was recognized by the U.S. National Historic Landmark Program for aiding Cuban refugees who fled from Cuba after the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

15. Basque In The Fruit & Spice Park

The Fruit & Spice Park outside Miami is a one-of-a-kind in the United States, situated in the Redland community around 35 miles south of the city.

An incredible oasis, these paradisiacal gardens are surrounded by thousands of acres of lush tropical agriculture.

It has over 500 varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, and herbs. The park is a place you can explore.

The farm has an impressive array of remarkable plants, fruits, and edibles from around the world and specializes in everything from mangos to bamboo!

16. Party Cycle Bar Crawl In Wynwood

Party Bike Bar Crawl illustration photo
Party Bike Bar Crawl illustration photo

What better way for a solo traveler to make friends than joining a group for a cycle bar crawl around the artsy Wynwood district in downtown Miami?

On this two and an hour tour, you will cruise through the vibrant streets of Miami’s artsy Wynwood district along with a small group of fellow party cyclists on this wild party bike bar crawl.

Your host and tour guide will entertain you with stories about local attractions, the many murals, and all the details you pass by on your journey to some of the best bars in town.

17. Explore Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls Miami
Wynwood Walls Miami

Wynwood Walls is the perfect destination for art lovers who love to explore urban and street art, and also a selfie-friendly part of Miami (for solo travelers wanting to share!).

The whole area boasts a myriad of galleries alongside vibrant murals that can be admired on the street.

So do the slow walk here to not miss any of the international contemporary art at this renowned hotspot!

Check availability for the Wynwood Walls Art tour here!

18. Do A Self-Guided Walk Of The Art Deco District

A fun thing to do on your own time is to stop by the Art Deco Welcome Center in South Beach and get their guide for a self-guided tour – completely free!

Another cheap but not completely free option is to get a ticket for the daily tours here to learn about all of the stunning Architectural styles in this historically distinct district.

You can study different styles like Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival, and Miami Modern, to mention a few.

On these tours, seating is limited so it is a good idea to be an early bird!

If you prefer to have a skilled professional tell you about the architecture and the history of South Beach, you can also choose a guided tour of the Art Deco district!

19. Key Biscayne Beaches

If you’re looking for the perfect beach day, you don’t need to look further than the stunning Key Biscayne off of mainland Miami!

Make your way down the three-mile-long Crandon Park Beach, where you’ll find plenty of trails for walking and biking.

If you feel sporty, there are beach volleyball nets, as well as cool shelters, and communal barbecue grills that will make your day here complete!

And don’t skip Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park at the tip of the island; its crispy beaches are matched only by its iconic lighthouse which adds a touch of history to your visit!

20. Lounge On Miami Beach

Head over to Miami Beach for a day!
Head over to Miami Beach for a day!

You can do it as simple as that, just head over to Miami Beach (if you don’t live there already), get yourself a beach chair and a parasol, and start people-watching or just doze off to the waves!

Miami Beach is wide and white and very calm, a great place to have a siesta in the middle of your exploring holiday.

Also, did you know that South Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida to metal-detect? Yep, quite a fun fact!

21. Explore Biscayne Bay National Park

With a spectacular range of flora and fauna, the Biscayne Bay National Park is home to more than 600 fish species, neo-tropical water birds, and around 20 endangered species that thrive in this environment.

And that is before mentioning sea turtles, pelicans, and manatees!

With its tremendous stretch of land, four different ecological systems are intertwined here, creating plentiful borderlands, or “ecotones.”

Florida is also home to the only living barrier-style coral reef in America – named The Florida Reef.

“Thanks” to this reef, the Biscayne National Park Maritime Heritage Trail has been gifted an unrivaled string of shipwrecks as one of its most important features!

You can volunteer here or join an event if there is one happening during your visit.

Fort Lauderdale and Miami from the air - a very flat area!
Fort Lauderdale and Miami are very flat areas!

What To Do In Miami Alone At Night?

If you are worried about getting a bit bored (or lonely) by yourself in Miami at night, you can just stop worrying immediately.

Firstly, people in Miami generally are very outgoing, and you might end up having nice little conversations while waiting for a green light or at your hotel by the pool or in the foyer!

And if you are not one for just striking up a conversation anywhere, you can also join a variety of social night tours in Miami!

Miami has a variety of nightlife!
Miami has a variety of nightlife!

22. Take A Party Boat Cruise

Spend a sensational night in Miami with a mix of people on an unforgettable 75-minute cruise aboard this 5-star pirate-themed party boat!

This one-of-a-kind pirate boat cruiser is the most incredible vessel you can find at Bayside Market Place.

The DJ on board makes sure you have a good time, mixing classic favorites with today’s hottest hits so everyone has something to enjoy.

Making new friends, though, is up to you. And if the complimentary beer is not enough, the bar is open for the whole cruise!

23. Join The Miami Nightlife Party Bus

Not sure if you want to go out clubbing alone in Miami?

You definitely can, but if you prefer something else, there are options among things to do for singles in Miami.

On the Miami Nightlife Party Bus, you’ll explore the nightlife of Miami’s Wynwood and Little Havana with a knowledgeable guide who can show you around town!

The DJ will keep you entertained all night, stopping at some of the city’s trendiest bars and clubs while beer and wine are served underway to enjoy during the ride.

If you are new to Miami and traveling alone, this round-trip solution is close to perfect. You will have pick-up at Bayside Marketplace and stop by Little Havana, which help you travel safely at night!

What is included:

  • Unlimited Beer and Wine
  • Music and Dancing
  • BYOB is allowed

Top-Rated Places To Stay In Miami

The Goodtime Hotel library, in South Beach Miami
The Goodtime Hotel library in South Beach Miami

Miami Beach

Wynwood Art District

Downtown Miami

Brickell Miami

Can You Have Fun In Miami Alone?

Downtown Miami

Yes, you definitely can!

Unless you really hate your own company (in which case you probably should not travel solo anywhere), you will absolutely be able to have a lot of fun in Miami alone.

Enjoy the big-city feel in Downtown Miami, artsy vibes in Wynwood, or chill on Miami Beach!

If you are a digital nomad and need to get some work done as well, don’t worry; there are plenty of laptop-friendly cafes to work or study in Miami!

All the tours I share with you here are either tours I have done or tours with a five-star rating from travelers visiting Miami before you, where you can choose to socialize exactly as much as you want!

Either way, in addition to doing organized tours, you can explore calmly on your own if you feel like it.

Traveling Solo To Miami Like A Pro!

If you are fascinated by Miami (as you should be), finding the right things to do solo in Miami will absolutely give you a great experience in this vibrant city.

Even if you prefer to travel with other people, you still can find fun things to do traveling solo to Miami, joining one of the 5-star rated group tours presented here.

Or you can go places where you can socialize with others while exploring. And you will still have it all!

So plan well (like you are in the middle of right now), and curate for yourself your perfect Miami solo trip!

FAQ’s Miami

What Is The Best Time To Visit Miami?

As a traveler, you should take advantage of the idyllic Miami weather during springtime!

You won’t be disappointed as temperatures remain pleasant and range from a high in the 70s to mid-80s, with low humidity.

March through May is your perfect window for an unforgettable trip!

What Is The Cheapest Month To Visit Miami?

Searching for the most economical rates?

Take advantage of shoulder season (February to May, apart from spring break) or low season in summer – you will likely locate some great hotel bargains!

What Is The Off Season In Miami?

If you want to experience Miami without the hustle and bustle of endless tourists, then August is your ideal time!

During this month, hotel rates are surprisingly low, and airfare prices are slashed.

Plus, during Miami Spice Months in August, there will be discounts at around 200 restaurants, making it easier than ever to indulge in some truly delectable dishes from Greater Miami’s award-winning eateries.

Do I Need A Car In Miami?

If you are planning to stay mostly in Miami Beach or downtown and central Miami, a car is not necessary.

There are taxis, Uber, trolleys, bikes, and your own two feet to easily move you around the island!

However, if you want to explore farther afield or have the freedom to improvise, a car is can come in handy.

Parking in and around Miami can be a bit difficult and expensive, but not impossible.

Or, you can stick with Uber; it costs a bit more for the longer stretches, but you don’t need to worry about parking!

Is Miami Safe To Visit?

In general, Miami is a safe destination to visit. As a visitor, you are well advised to avoid some neighborhoods.

Stay alert when visiting crowded public beaches, major landmarks, and famous attractions.

Cases of pickpockets are rampant in these areas.

What Is The Rainy Season In Miami?

Marked from May 15th to October 15th, South Florida’s rainy season serves as the time of year when approximately 70% of its annual precipitation takes place.

The amount and frequency of rainfall during this period significantly influence groundwater levels throughout the remainder of the year.

What Season Is Hurricane Season In Miami?

October marks the middle of Miami’s hurricane season, which officially begins on June 1st and concludes at the end of November.

Homeowners should be extra vigilant during this time to make sure they have taken all necessary steps to safeguard their property from potential storms, and visitors should be aware!

How Many Days Do You Need In Miami?

For the full Miami experience, I suggest staying for at least three days in Miami to be able to enjoy South Beach, Wynwood Wall, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and more.

Three days allow you time to explore at least a handful of the highlights Miami has to offer.

That said, you can stay for weeks in Miami without being bored! Bot the city and the surrounding areas have infinite adventures and sights to explore!

Is Miami Good For Introverts?

Well, Miami is good for both introverts and extroverts!

If you prefer to be left alone and avoid someone contacting you, you can put music in your ears, bring a book, or anything that signals that you are not available for conversation.

Also, choose to explore places that are more tranquil and laid back. If you head out to a busy bar, someone probably will try to start a conversation!

Is It Hard To Make Friends In Miami?

In my experience, it is not hard to make friends in Miami, but it probably also depends on where you are staying and what activities you are doing!

If you think it is scary to initiate contact with someone, you can always join an organized tour in Miami. Most hotels or hostels can help you with that, or just check out Viator, I often book with them!

If you go out to a bar by yourself, you will probably easily find someone to talk to if you behave like a normal, polite, and approachable person 🙂

Getting Around Miami

  • Trolleys
  • Metromover
  • Ubers
  • Buses

Already Answered Questions

Lots of people also ask these questions, which I hope I have answered by now. If not, let me know in the comments below!

  • What to do on a solo trip to Miami? Should be answered above!
  • Is it worth going to Miami alone? (Yes!)
  • Is two days in Miami enough? Well, in two days in Miami, you get to do two days worth of things. There are loads more to do, so it depends on you and your time really!

Wrap-Up Things To Do Alone In Miami

I am pretty confident you will find enough of a variety of activities, alone or in organized groups, in this guide to things to do in Miami, Florida, for a solo traveler!

Visiting such a vibrant city really can hardly go wrong, so aim for happy planning and safe and fun travels coming your way!

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