Travel Essentials womans edition
Pack smart without losing comfort

Unless you have unlimited luggage space or are heading directly to a one-stop destination for your travels you might want to be smart about the packing and gadget priorities. Check out this clever travel essentials woman edition list for 2023!

I have traveled full-time for the last three years (through the pandemic and all, great timing to start a traveler’s life). Now I want to share my best gadget and accessories travel tips so you can pack cleverly what suits your needs!

Here is what you need to travel both safely and comfortably, smartly, control your luggage size, and bring with you a touch of your homey facilities while on the road.

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Super Useful Travel Packing Accessories

Amazon Basics is a 4-wheeled hard-cased carry-on bestseller that will protect your belongings and is easy to roll along. The inside is divided into 50/50 packing space on both sides, and the size is airline approved so you can skip past all the people waiting for luggage!

A few months ago (spring 2023) I bought this BAGSMART Travel Duffle Bag as my carry-on medium bag completely disintegrated. And I love this one! It is spacious, and has dedicated space for a laptop and kit, room for my make-up, toiletries, 1-2 outfits (two for summer 😉 ) – and a book, magazine, chargers, and stuff! Great for an overnight, and the flight!

This delicate soft set Bagail travel packing cube set bestseller keeps your items organized in categories and fits any type of luggage. Makes both packing and unpacking easy, and coupled with the laundry bag below, your clothes are in great hands!

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Air Travel Essentials

A super compact when packed inflatable pillow kit with an eye mask and ear plugs is perfect! Works for long flights, train trips, or whenever you need to relax comfortably in an uncomfortable place.

The Bose noise-canceling headphones are simply amazing! I got mine via work, but I am such a fan I still want to recommend these for your journeys (or even listening to things at home).

For long flights, you might want to consider wearing compression stockings, as these are cheap, thin, and comfy. This is good for your blood flow, and also prevents a couple of days worth of swollen long-haul feet!

Eco-Travel Essentials

A filtered water bottle will make sure you have access to clean water wherever you are. It is convenient for travel in remote areas, and also environmentally friendly. I have the Life Straw that I use every day in Cuba to avoid buying expensive plastic bottles!

Eco-friendly toothbrush set! If you are serious about responsible living and traveling, this toothbrush is eco-friendly in itself, and also provides no harmful waste when it is time to throw it away!

Clever reusable, washable, and durable shopping bags for groceries at home or holiday shopping on the road. These will ensure that you don’t need to use harmful plastic bags on your journeys. Takes no space when empty, and can carry a lot!

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Travel Essentials Skin Care

A hydrating face mist is super both on long flights and also for a refresher during the day. I use this one from Clinique, super hydrating and not irritating for the skin, and it also comes in travel-friendly sizes!

When you spend holidays outdoors exploring, often in water, you need a really good face SPF! I use this one from Shiseido, which is water resistant, dries quickly, and covers perfectly (hardly any tan!). It also gets good reviews from others, so apparently, it is not just me!

If you want to avoid checking in luggage but still want to bring along your favorite skincare products, this travel kit with empty refillable bottles is great. Approved for carry-on luggage, in a neat see-through bag, squeezable and leakproof – and affordable!

Travel Pharmacy Essentials

When visiting unknown places, bringing a small pharmacy emergency kit can be a lifesaver. This travel pharmacy is compact, easy to organize (and see-through), contains the most necessary products, and can be refilled or adjusted to your needs!

Long Journeys Essentials

For longer journeys, it can be smart with luggage that you can pick up and carry. I have used the Osprey Farpoint 80 for over three years, and I love the design, quality, and space! If that is too big for you, Osprey Farpoint comes in smaller versions with the same smart design and great quality!

Bring laundry bags instead of lots of luggage on long journeys! These are washable, lightweight, and expandable laundry bags with drawstrings and zippers, take no space when empty, and delicately keep your clean stuff protected from dirties!

Solo Travel Essentials

For personal safety, the Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm is rated top 5 in 2022. It is not your traditional sounding alarm, but a device you can connect to a number of emergency contacts via your phone. Their alarm will sound immediately if you activate the SOS function on your device. It also details your location in real-time!

Beach & Summer Travel Essentials

A waterproof pouch for phones and valuables is incredibly handy if you are heading for warmer destinations. You never need to leave your phone, money, or valuables on the beach or poolside. Also great for fresh adventures like rafting, tubing, or canyoning!

For any journey, a compact travel-size microfiber towel is incredibly clever to bring! It dries in a flash, takes no space, and is great for the beach, mountains, or for a quick fresh-up on the road (like when your flight is delayed and you do your thing in an airport bathroom).

Sun visor for women that is neat and easily packable, and you can attach it to your handbag when you are out and about. This protects you from the sun on the heaviest days or hours of the day!

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Must-Have Tech Travel Essentials

I don’t know if you are an android person, but I love my iPhone 13 PRO! The main reason is the incredible photos it takes, most of the photos in my articles here are taken with the iPhone 13 PRO. Read an extensive review here, and see examples of some of my travel photos below!

If you know you are going to have long periods of transport, or without electricity, a power bank will come in very handy. The Mophie Powerstation XXL is a bit big, but it also will recharge your phone around 4 times! An excellent travel companion for our gadget-filled adventures.

For any travel when you will use unsecured networks, a VPN is smart to install. For Cuba, it is more like a necessity. While in Cuba, you will be blocked from a range of pages and services without a good VPN, so I highly recommend you get one! I use the Express VPN, which puts me where I want to be and helps me access the services I need.

Cuba Travel Essentials

If your holiday goes to Cuba next time, there are a few things that you will be very happy you brought with you!

In Cuba in 2022, there are a lot of things that are simply not available for purchase for domestic and external reasons.

For example, any pharmacy item you normally use, will not be available for purchase in Cuba. So make sure to bring your travel pharmacy, and lots of cash in Euro or Canadian dollars, and pretty much everything you need!

Read my best packing list tips for Cuba here.

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Wrap-Up Travel Essentials Woman Edition!

Hopefully, you have got a few tricks up your sleeve here to make your travels a breeze!

Now all you need to do is the actual travel planning, and that is just the fun part!

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