Conquer Your First Solo Travel With A Coach!

You know, we change, grow, and evolve into a lot of versions of ourselves during our lives and become a unique collection of skills, knowledge, and wisdom!

And sometimes, on our way, we could use a little help!

If you are a woman dreaming about becoming more independent, more self-confident, more courageous, more spontaneous, generally becoming more?

Maybe you want to learn how to travel solo or embark on another physical, mental, or emotional journey that is important for you.

I would love to help you with that!

Here is what you will get in Intrepid Female Solo Traveler Coaching with me!

  • Discover your why and systematically conquer your fears!
  • Make your solo bucket list
  • Down to detail, set up your budget
  • Determine your first destination
  • Research and plan your first solo trip
  • Click the book button!
  • Go rock your first solo trip, the first of many!
  • And I will be your guide and advisor in the process 🙂

As an ICF-certified coach and an avid, seasoned solo traveler, I love to help women who LONG for solo adventures but who struggle to find the courage and resolve to actually get going!

You can easily connect with me in the form below, I am happy to answer any questions and have a chat to see if we are a good fit working together!☺️

Traveling Digital Nomad Certified Coach
Hege Jacobsen Tedx Speaker The Power To Pivot Coaching
Hege jacobsen Army Officer and Veteran

We Can Always Become Bolder, Wiser & Stronger!

Today I am a confident solo traveler and travel writer, digital nomad, solopreneur, TEDx Speaker, and an ICF certified coach.

But before that, I have a foundation of over 20 years of experience in roles as mentor, coach, teacher, instructor, liaison, team leader, and more from my military service,

What I have actually been doing in these roles is working with education, leadership, personal growth, empowerment, communication, and culture building!

During this time, I have reached the rank of Major, and I have been deployed for over 5 years in total to conflict zones around the world.

So, I have also learned a lot about facilitating a climate and ambiance for communication across cultural differences, in conflict, and under difficult circumstances.

If you would like to speak with me as a coach for any reason, including or excluding travel, you can send me an email at post@theworldbyhege.

You can get to know me better here, or visit my transformational coaching website The Power To Pivot, and read more!

Talk soon,