In December 2021 after more than one and a half years Cuba again opened up its society. In May 2022 the mandatory face mask order was the last to go. Travel to Cuba in 2022 is in the clear!

You can now enter Cuba without a PCR test from your country of origin, and also without a corona certificate stating that you are fully vaccinated. Also, you no longer need to quarantine when arriving in Cuba. 

As of the 31st of May 2022, the Cuban government has also removed the mandatory face mask order, so now there are no serious Covid 19 measures in place in Cuba.

But is it currently safe to plan your holiday in Cuba in 2022, as versions of the coronavirus still touring the globe?

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Requirements To Visit Cuba Covid 19

The travel restrictions to Cuba 2021 have been severe, as there have been a lot of Covid 19 cases in the country in the last 12 months.

By May 2022, the vast majority of the Cuban population is vaccinated with three shots, and the covid case numbers have been decreasing since the end of 2021. Therefore the government has opened for the removal of many of the preventive and protective measures.

Although there is no mandatory PRC requirement, healthcare workers will be present at the airport and can conduct random PCR tests as well as test individuals showing symptoms. 

You still need to fill out a personal health declaration form at the airport. In this declaration, you will need to put down the address of where you are staying.

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Do You Need Travel Insurance For Cuba?

You do need travel insurance to enter Cuba, and as of May 2022, it also needs to cover Covid 19.

If immigration asks you to display your travel insurance confirmation in the passport control in Cuba (where they only do random checks, not always) and you do not have travel insurance, you will need to buy one at the airport before you can enter the country.

Should you get sick and test positive for Covid 19 while in Cuba, you may be required to go to a temporary Covid 19 hospital to isolate yourself.

This will normally be a hotel or resort, and you will need to cover the expenses for this stay yourself, hence the need for insurance. The duration will be until you have a negative PCR test.

I had Covid-19 in Cuba in July 2021 and was subsequently sent into isolation at a hotel-turned-hospital for foreigners. As I had travel insurance covering everything, I had no expenses connected to this. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment if you have any questions about that.

Hotels and resorts will still have a presence of healthcare workers, that may assist you if you should show symptoms of any illness, including Covid 19. 

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Can I travel To Cuba Now?

in November 2021 Cuba re-opened its most popular tourist destination, facilitating safe and secure holidays in Cuba 2022. This includes hotels, resorts, and services as the pandemic eases and vaccine coverage in the country is high.

These destinations include larger resorts in popular tourist places like Varadero and the Cuban Keys off the main island.

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The Cuban tourist industry has expanded its capacity and upgraded facilities during the pandemic and is able to facilitate more visitors than before.

You can also still book accommodation through Airbnb and Hostelworld in private homes, including a room in a Casa, or a whole place to yourself.

Connection to the internet is said to become more available, not only in five-star hotels but in lower-category hotels and other “extra-hotel” centers.

This will definitely make it easier for tourists to use common apps and online services than before, which has been a challenge with the current system.

Borders between provinces that have been closed for travel during the pandemic will also reopen, so tourists are able to move around the country to visit different destinations from November 2021.

Read my travel tips for more general information and tried-and-tested advice for your Cuba holiday!

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