The Havana nightlife is not the only exciting nightlife in Cuba worth visiting. 

Exploring the Trinidad nightlife, there is a variety of little cozy bars, restaurants, and dance places in the city center. You can easily enjoy the city only a stroll away from your casa particular or hotel. Like at the Casa de la Musica Trinidad. 

But if you don’t mind a short walk (or taxi trip) about ten minutes uphill north of the city, and then five minutes walk down the long stairs into the center of the earth, there is a different experience waiting for you! 

La Cueva club, also known as Disco Ayala, is an underground dance club, situated far below ground in a natural cave. It is set by colorful lighting among ancient stalactites and rugged cave walls. 

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La Cueva Trinidad

La Cueva is a favorite weekend spot for locals and adventurous tourists that get wind of it by word of mouth. 

If it is not one of the best clubs in Cuba, it is most certainly one of the most spectacular ones!

La Cueva opens at 11 pm, and a very nice surprise is that there is hardly any queue to get in. The entry fee is $5, and that includes one drink when you reach the club area at the bottom of the long crooked stairway. 

Heading down into the cave structure the surroundings are astonishing, wide stares, high ceilings with stalactites hanging. 

Lots of colored lighting appear accompanying the growing sounds of Dance Hits from the bottom of the stares.

Although there are not too many signs of the traditional Cuban rhythms, it is an amazing location, and we get to shake both the booty and the feet for a few hours in this quite unique environment. 

Disco Ayala Bar And Dance Floor

In the main cave, the nightclub, there are different levels where you can either sit, stand, or dance, and the place was packed on Saturday we visited. 

It definitely has the large-night-club-vibe, super loud music, plastic cups for drinks and the music is a mix of reggaeton, Spanish lyrics of love, lust, and agony, and hits from the west although mostly from a few years back. 

The dance floor was pretty much packed all the time!

Ricky Martin is of course represented on the playlist, after all, we ARE in the Caribbean. 

Video Snippet From Disco Ayala

Click the video below to get a little impression of what it feels like being there.  The environment and lighting unfortunately are not video-friendly, but it will give you a feel of the ambiance!

Absolutely worth the night and the fee to get in. But don’t take my word for it, read what people on Tripadvisor have things to say about Disco Ayala

Photo Gallery La Cueva

stepping down to La Cueva
La Cueva seating area

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