Varadero to Havana bus service in Cuba.

How To Take The Varadero To Havana Bus 2023!

Even if you are enjoying a pampering holiday in the Cuban resort heaven Varadero, you can easily visit the infamous capital Havana for a day or two with the convenient Varadero to Havana bus service!

It can be hard to leave the beaches and pools for a long, sweaty journey on the highway, but that might be what you need to do to experience Havana!

You can take a private taxi or a taxi collectivo, a shared taxi from Varadero to Havana. But it is also super easy and super cheap to take the bus (and yes, there is air conditioning on the bus)!

After spending more than two years in Cuba, I feel confident in telling you that you really should not miss seeing this weird and extraordinary city even if you prefer to stay close to your resort pool most of the time!

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8 Reasons To Spend At Least One Day In Havana!

If you take the Varadero to Havana bus, you get to experience Havana and Parque Central which is this magnificent park, here right after sunset!

Here are the top eight things to do (and see) in Havana (or read about all 42 of them), which all are great reasons to go here for at least one day!

Make sure to visit Havana from your resort in Varadero one way or another; I’ll give you the transport tips up next!

  1. Stroll the historic colonial UNESCO-protected Old City either by yourself or with a guide
  2. Take a guided tour of the Capitolio (which looks exactly like The White House)
  3. Do a Classic Car tour in Havana which is an iconic bucket list thing
  4. Eat at the amazing San Cristobal restaurant in Central Havana, with excellent food, service, and ambiance (Obama was here)
  5. Walk the Malecon at sunset for an amazing view of the sea
  6. Go to the Havana fortress at 8 pm and watch the 1-hour guard ceremony
  7. Dance salsa at Casa de la Musica
  8. Have a nightcap at La Guarida rooftop bar for stunning city views

Bus Varadero To Havana With Viazul

The easiest and cheapest option to travel by bus Varadero to Havana is the Viazul bus company.

In 2023 you can book a Viazul ticket securely online and have it sent to your email, which is super convenient and requires no lines in Cuban bus stations!

(Unless you have an American credit card, which is not accepted in Cuba).

Bus Varadero To Havana Schedule

Daily departures from Varadero to Havana with the Viazul bus service 2023:

From VaraderoFrom Havana

The one-way ticket from Varadero to Havana bus fare is $9, which means $18 per person for a round trip!

And the bus takes around 3 hours or a little less on the distance. The bus also stops at Varadero International Airport in both directions.

Viazul Bus Station Varadero

The bus station in Varadero is in Varadero Town, so unless you are staying in a casa particular in Varadero Town, you probably need a taxi from your resort.

You need to be at the bus station to check in one hour before departure.

The Viazul also has routes to most destinations in Cuba that you might want to visit, like Vinales, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, and Santiago de Cuba!

Can Americans Use Viazul Bus Service?

The Cuban Viazul bus company is owned by the Cuban state.

In compliance with the US Cuba restricted list, Americans traveling in Cuba can not use services that are owned by the Cuban state.

Consequently, American travelers visiting Cuba can not legally use the Viazul bus service.

Excursions & Things To Do Havana

😎 Top Tours In & Around Havana!

πŸ“ Classic Car Tour of Havana
πŸ“ Day Trip to Vinales Valley
πŸ“ Classic Car Beach Day Trip

There are a plethora of things to do in Havana, a lot more than what you can cover in one day!

I have created a list of the top-rated organized tours you can take in Havana, as well as an overview of things to do, both excursions and activities you can do on your own.

If you decide to stay a while, check my overview of the best hotels to stay in Havana, I have tried and tested quite a few over the years!

If you want to have an authentic experience, you might prefer to stay in one of the best and highest-rated casa particulares in Old Havana instead!

Excursions & Things To Do Varadero

Outside the resort area in Varadero, there are a myriad of things to do!

Take the hop-on hop-off bus, stroll around in the Varadero center and market area, or book one of the organized tours in Varadero!

How To Get From Havana To Varadero By Other Means!

A classic car taxi in Varadero Cuba.

If you don’t want to take the bus because departure times don’t fit your plans, or for whatever reason, there are other options for the trip from Varadero to Havana!

If you are in a group, you can book a private taxi (taxi privado) for 4 people (sometimes even more than 4 fit in a taxi) and split the cost. This is still a bit more expensive than the bus, but it is not expensive!

A taxi privado one way from Varadero to Havana will cost around $130 in 2023 if you book online.

If you are really good at negotiating (in Spanish), you might be able to get a better price while on the ground, but I doubt it.

A seat in a taxi collectivo (a taxi you share with other travelers, you just buy a seat) will be around $35 one way in 2023, and the trip will be a little faster (just over 2 hours).

The taxi collectivo will also take you from your hotel and drop you wherever you want in Old Havana.

Organized Day Tour To Havana

If you want to visit Havana but don’t want the hassle of organizing things yourself, you can opt for an organized day tour.

This way, you will be picked up at your hotel and do a whirlwind tour of Havana, where you get to see the city’s highlights that one day allows!

If you also want to stay a while and want to experience a casa particular in any of the Cuban destinations, you will find top-rated ones here!

Wrap-Up Havana To Varadero Bus Service

Super easy, cheap, and convenient to take the bus from Varadero to Havana if the schedule fits your plans!

The current schedule is unfortunately not great for one-day trips, but you could always combine a taxi one way and a bus the other. Or, just stay in Havana for a night or two, in a casa particular?

Either way, I hope you find a way to visit Havana during your amazing resort holiday – or one of the other spectacular Cuban destinations!

Here is also the easy tutorial on how to travel from Havana to Vinales Valley in 2023.


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