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Why Using A VPN In Cuba Is A Must For Any Traveler! (2023)

When you are heading for Cuba for a unique, one-of-a-kind holiday, you need to know that life online in Cuba is not like life online anywhere else. This is why I want to share with you why you need a VPN in Cuba, and the best VPN for Cuba, before you go!

So, why do you need a VPN in Cuba?

Well, due to sanctions that are still ongoing from the US, you will find that there are a lot of online services and web pages you will not be able to access from a Cuban server.

This is why you need to find a VPN that works in Cuba and can get you where you want to go online. After traveling in Cuba for four years, here is my advice!

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Why You Need A VPN In Cuba!

In Cuba there are public wifi parks as home wifi is not common
In Cuba there are public wifi parks as home wifi is not common

Wifi in Cuba is not like wifi anywhere else; it takes a bit of effort still to connect.

Most big resorts have wifi, and some casa particulares in Cuba, but often you need to get yourself to a wifi park or hotspot and log on with a wifi scratch card from Etecsa, the monopoly phone and internet provider in Cuba.

The sanctions against Cuba that have been in place for over 60 years do not only apply to the physical domain, like international trade and travel.

The sanctions, also referred to as the “blockade” (although it is not really a blockade) also very much affect the online sphere.

When you log onto the internet from a Cuban server, a lot of services will block your access to their pages.

This includes travel services for booking hotels and accommodations, tours, and certain social media like Snapchat and TikTok.

It might also hinder you from logging into your bank account (dependent on your bank), business pages, and online support pages.

If you think you are going to need (or just want) to be connected to such sites and services during your stay in Cuba, you should consider downloading a VPN before you go.

Best VPN In Cuba!

Etecsa is the name of the internet and phone provider in Cuba, selling their services from shops like this one.
Etecsa is the governmental phone and internet provider in Cuba

Having been based in Cuba for the majority of the last two years, working online, and naturally needing access to many online services.

I have tried a variety of VPN services to find the best one that will get me to the websites I need.

The one that has worked absolutely best in Cuba is ExpressVPN.

I tried both paid and a few free VPN services before I found ExpressVPN, but there were always some pages that were able to identify where I was physically situated despite connecting to these VPNs, hence, blocking the online accesses I needed.

When I found ExpressVPN, it was the first time I could access and log into all the online services and all the collaboration partners I use on the internet.


ExpressVPN works seamlessly with any online gadget.

You just install the app on all your devices, and you can enjoy up to five connections simultaneously with one subscription.

“Great app!”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
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5 star rating
“Use it constantly to protect my devices when traveling abroad for work and a fair price.”

Why Do You Need A VPN At All?

Whenever you are traveling and connecting to wifi that is not your private network or with a dedicated password just for you, you might want to consider having a VPN service to protect your gadgets and the content of your gadgets.

So what does a VPN do?

A VPN creates a secure connection between you and the world wide web, and it:

  • Hides your internet activity and location
  • Allows you to browse the internet without constraints
  • It creates an extra layer of anonymity and privacy

A really good VPN has advanced encryption that will secure your data.

This means that any website that receives your private data will not be able to trace those data.

So if you log into your bank from a public wifi network, for instance, the VPN will encrypt your data so that potential hackers can not get to them.

Also, a really nice bonus is that you can “place yourself” wherever you want in the world with a VPN.

As many online services and shops have different prices for different countries and regions, you might even save money from shopping from a “cheap” location!

How To Get A VPN In Cuba

An Etecsa scratch card to connect to the internet in Cuba
An Etecsa scratch card to connect to the internet in Cuba

If you did not download a VPN to your phone before you arrived in Cuba, you cannot sign up for VPN services while in Cuba due to domestic regulations.

Interestingly, in Cuba, you need a VPN to buy a VPN!

A solution to that is if you need a VPN while in Cuba, you can visit one of the mobile stores you find in the cities, and they will help you install a VPN service that will get you through your holiday.

Bring your phone or laptop to the store, and leave it to them to install the software that you need to get a VPN up and running.

If it is not a service you want to continue using, you just delete the app after your stay in Cuba is over.

VPNs That Works In Cuba

Any VPN service you install before entering Cuba will probably work in Cuba; it is not as if it is completely blocked from operating.

The problem is that some VPNs cannot convince all online services that you are not where you are – in Cuba.

So, if you connect to a server in Canada (that is not subject to sanctions), you might still experience that some pages and services will not accept your visit or log in if your VPN is not top-notch.

Wrap-Up VPN In Cuba

As you see, installing a VPN is a smart move for anyone who regularly needs to use public wifi in airports, hotels, restaurants, and other hotspots when on the move.

In Cuba, in particular, a VPN is also necessary to access online services you can easily access anywhere else, as many international websites will block a user identified as surfing from a Cuban server.

And lastly, wherever you are, you can choose to be somewhere else – and save money on bookings or shopping!

So, in conclusion, there are A LOT of really good reasons to invest in a quality VPN in general, and in particular, when you visit Cuba!

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